Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Have you ever seen/met anybody famous????

If you could choose to meet one face to face, who will it be????

p.s: Tomorrow is a religious holiday here. There is a good chance I may not post[everybody and their relatives will be there at home u see]. So please consider the above questions as the same[questions for tomorrow also] and come back and tell me about the celebrities u forgot to mention yesterday[ie today];-D. 


  1. The only note-worthy person I have seen[not met] at close quarters is the present ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum………purely by accident ofcourse; we just happened to be at the right place at the right time;-)

    Then the other celebrities I have seen are...the entire lot of Malayalam actors[except for Sreenivasan & Mamooty I think everybody was there;-D] & a few tamil actors[Prakash Raj was one] at a stage show.
    And then oh yes I have seen Lucky Ali at a college function. Then a few others like Mandira Bedi, Samir Soni, Neha Dhupia in malls.

    I don’t think I want to meet anybody famous face to face. I wouldn’t be able to think of a word to say and it will be so uncomfortable;-(.
    I’d like to have seen Mother Theresa and Princess Diana though…..from a [short]distance:-).

    p.s: My grandfather has seen Mahatma Gandhi:-)

    p.s: My husband has seen Dawood Ibrahim;-o

  2. I was fortunate enough to meet and talk to the ex-Chief Minister of Kerala, A.K Antony when I was in sixth standard. I met him at a cousin's wedding ceremony where he had come with many other ministers. When I saw him, I was so excited that I told my mom "Amma, see A.K Antony." I remember him coming to me when he heard me taking his name excitedly. He was kind enough to ask me lots of questions like my name, school, class etc.

    I have seen mallu actors like Mohanlal, Jyothirmayi, Jayaram/Parvathi, Sameera Reddy etc; but not had a chance to talk to them.

    I would like to meet a few of my favorite authors like Nicholas Sparks, Jeffrey Archer etc.

  3. cha... i jus missed it

  4. oh god... not fair... u wont come tomorrow.. i will miss you...

    am waitin for ur comment to the prev post...

  5. Tan: AK Antony huh....must have been interesting and a tale to tell all ur classmates;-D

    Sulo: Ooops I had forgotten for a moment, will go now & fix that:-)

  6. suloooooooooooooooo!29 June 2011 at 13:01

    i want to see you... you r my celebrity :)

    touchiten la :p

    I have seen a lot of people... cos many of them have come to meet sai baba in puttaparthi, and i studied in His university... politicians, actors, cricketers, singers...

    but me meetin you is in your hand...

    ps. I make u fly high, dont I? ;)

  7. Sulo.... u make me laugh so much and at the same time go awwww:-).
    ps. I make u fly high, dont I? ;)
    Girl u terrify me;-D

  8. Sulo aka The obedient girl29 June 2011 at 13:44

    but y is it terrifying??? :(

  9. You have to define famous. The filmy types in your list, I don't have a clue who they are !!! The only one remotely familiar is Mandira Bedi and only because of the awfulness she brought to cricket commentary !

    My list will contain lots of sports people you won't have heard of.

    Sulo has a point. Aren't there lots who would love to meet you (me included) ?

    And meet sulo too :)

  10. hmm..i met Meenakshi Sheshadri once at her dance recital..met her backstage to take her was the time after Damini was released...she looks breathtakingly beautiful even in person..

    and though i used to think i want to meet amitabh it feel its best to leave these stars where they seem good and not meet in person...

  11. Sulo: Awww....u r sad now...dont be...dont u knw by now I'm totally terrified when it comes to meeting people face to face. I'll be like tongue-tied and have nothing to say & whtever image u had of me will disappear 'poof';-).

    Ramesh: in well-known, doesnt matter which field they are from. Come to think of it I've seen the Indian cricket team also....they were playing a test match against the Aussies[Steve waugh was captain then] at Chinnaswamy Stadium.
    "Sulo has a point. Aren't there lots who would love to meet you (me included) ?"
    Now U r terrifying me;-D

    Uma: Exactly, when we finally meet them in person, are totally let down;-(

  12. Its okay Chech... that doesnt matter... am sure naina/nikita will fill the gaps when we meet...

    but am soooooo waiting to meet you... n wats with the picture thing? why cant you send me one? If you havent seen mine, you can go to fb and see - there are loads to choose from :P

    all you have is one yacht in ur profile... i dont even want to see that :P

  13. Thank you Ramesh...

    ps. am lovin this! ;)

    pps. am gonu mail you straight away Chech... er.. i mean once am back home...! do check... i even tagged u in my fb status last nite... not plannin to leave you, you see..!

  14. Since my life has been long...I've met quite a few famous people over the course of it...actors, ice skaters, president, senators, writers, movie producers, I did meet Shabana Azmi years and years ago. But I'm of the opinion that I still prefer to 'meet' people who I love and know very well- for they are the famous ones in my life...forinstance...would love to meet YOU coz you are famous in my opinion :)

  15. Sulo: I dont know in which field u work but have u ever considered a career in Sales and Marketing....u will make & break records there;-D

    Anjuli: Awwwww......awwwww....*blushing furiously*...totally lost for words:-))))).

  16. ur ardent spammer :P29 June 2011 at 20:11

    Chech.... jus want to know.. u check my mails, rt?????????????? pleaseeeeeeeeee dooooooooooooooo...

    am goin to write to you now :)will wait for your reply!

  17. sorry... typo... not my mails... just mails... :-D

  18. who else can that be??? :)29 June 2011 at 21:02

    ha ha... you think... even my friends keep saying that... may be i will become a marketing manager some day ;D

  19. The one meeting I'll never forget is interviewing Dr.U.R. Ananthamurthy for our college magazine.To one of my questions he said,"that was a good question" and I was in seventh heaven for days :-)

    Who would I like to meet now? you grow old and hopefully mature along with that, the rose tinted glasses fall off. I would just love to meet all my special blog friends - you, Swaram, Mathew, Alexis, Bikram, Chavi, Uma....
    Wouldn't that be fun?

  20. There I go anonymous again!
    Its me, Bindu, something is wrong :-(

  21. I have a very bad luck with celebrity, Nancy. Don't remember meeting any of them. And even if I chance to meet, I am sure I will not remember...

    We have THIS huge an image of a person based on what the media has projected them to be. But, when we get to see them, it is a HUGE disappointment when they don't fit into the image of what we perceive of them....(Had a similar experience with a few bloggers as well and vice-versa).

    PS: So, you won't be posting today? Ok, have a great time with your guests :)

  22. ive met rahul dravid, which then was soooo cool for me coz im huge fan!

    id love to meet federer one day...not just meet but like have a chat.

    as you can tell im a bit of a sports fan :)

    id love to meet u too one day ;)

  23. ive met rahul dravid, which then was soooo cool for me coz im huge fan!

    id love to meet federer one day...not just meet but like have a chat.

    as you can tell im a bit of a sports fan :)

    id love to meet u too one day ;)

  24. Yiour husband has seen Dawood Ibrahim!!!!....sounds thrilling!! Sharjah???..just guessing...:)
    I have seen quite a few poeple like Aishwarya, Abhishek, Anu Malik, Rahul Dravid etc frm a distance...however..i would want to meet Karan Johar on Cofee wid Karan..:D..yes ..:)..i want to be as famous as any of these film actors and then be invited to KWK some day...:)..heee....:)...

  25. Out of all the celebrities I have met (my dad used to work at a place where celebrities dropped by often), the most embarrassing one was when I met Amitabh Bachchan and had to sit on his lap for a photograph :( In my defense, I was only 4 at that time ;)

    Ohhh I would so love to meet my Johnny Depp and er won't even mind if I have to sit in his lap :) :)

    Ps: Dawood Ibrahim?? kadavalle now I will be careful in writing decent comments at your place :) What if you gave him supari in my name??

  26. ohhh i saw shah rukh khan! and posed for a photograph with his arms around me!!!! :D :D :D

  27. A few of them of course. Tamil Actor Sathyaraj was one of our Client( Who bought a villa in our Ooty Project). So used to see/chat with him often that time.

    Famous one: Thats you! Guess i have to be at right place and right time

  28. Have met Mother Teresa - as a part of a social awareness endeavour organised when I was in school Have seen Narasimha Rao from a distance :D

  29. I have met the famous Malayalam actor Mohanlal... Seen coupla other famous actors from South too...

    If I could meet someone....mmm... don't quite know.... Iam very star-struck... so anyone would do :D

  30. loooool @ "p.s: My grandfather has seen Mahatma Gandhi:-)
    p.s: My husband has seen Dawood Ibrahim;-o"

    it was just the sheer contrast that me lol :P

    when u say famous, i understand inspiring. i'm not at all crazy about any movie people, but sports, yeah the entire Indian cricket team!!! back in high school, when they were visiting Nairobi for some ICC games, got autographs from Sachin, Sourav, Rahul, Yuvraj and the rest of the gang! :D Also, last year met from a close distance Rafael Nadal!!! that was awesome :D

    needless to say, there are still tons of inspiring people out there who i'd love to meet, one of them being you!

  31. Sulo: @sales - So I'm not the only one who thinks tht abt u;-D.

    Bindu: Aww...I can imagine the feeling:-)).
    I'd love to see all of u at a blogmeet too....its just the thought of a one to one which scares me;-D
    @anon comment - I had the same problem....I think blogger is adding some new features which is creating these issues;-/.

    RS: Hmmm...totally get what u r trying to say....I fear the same but the other way around, do u get wht I'm saying;-D????
    Yeah the holidays were hectic but good:-).

    Limenlemons: Federer is totally me also when u do;-D

    Forgottogrowup: LOL not thrilling at all. He saw him at the airport and noticed him only becoz of the bodyguards who were hovering arnd him;-D I'll watching the episodes of KWK quite closely from the next season;-D

    Sakshi: LOL wht is so terrible abt if u were 34 & sitting on his lap, tht I wd say is embarrasing;-D.
    Supari's are only given for people whose blogspaces are not updated atleast once in a month;-D

    Sunshine: LOL highlight of ur life SIL once caught a basketball SRK threw at her from the stage & she has given it a place of honour in her house. How I rib her whenever I see it;-D

    Maddy: LOL

    Amrita: WOW.....u R soooo lucky...I had always wanted to see her and listen to her:-)

    Cocktail Party: Mohanlalnne kandoda mone dineshaaa;-D. Coool!!!

    Snow: LOL u saw it too, I was laughing out when I was typing it out;-D
    Wow Nadal.....awesome;-D
    Now u terrify me when u put inspiring & me and all in the same sentence;-D

  32. Balachandra Menon is a close have met and spoken to him several times. For his wedding to my aunt several years ago, lot of big names in Malayalam movie field were present. Have met Shobhana at one of her dance recitals..have seen Jayaram, Parvathy, Babu Antony etc at school and college functions..never spoken to anyone. Met Chitrachechi at the wedding of 'Colours' as she is her cousin.

    I would like to meet Lalettan and Dileep and Vineeth (am a big fan of his dance!)

    Other language...not really desperate to meet any one in particular. People I like to meet in Hindi film industry are all dead! :(((


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