Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Question No.1

I'm going to start at the beginning......

In which city were you born?
Where do you live now??
Can you measure the distance between these 2 places, in kms or hours???


  1. Birthplace: Kerala, India.
    Present Location: Dubai, UAE
    Since I’m not too sure about the kms….
    Distance: About 4 hours of air travel + another 5 hrs by road.

  2. Birthplace: Ahmedabad
    Present Location: Bangalore
    Distance: Too far for my liking!!!

  3. Birthplace: Cochin, Kerala
    Present Location: Trivandrum, Kerala
    Distance: 4.5 to 5 hours of travel by Train/Bus

  4. Birthplace: Sunabeda,(A small township of H.A.L in Orissa,India.)

    Present Location: Chennai, India

    Distance: Around 700 kmts and 26 hrs of Train Journey(If ur travelling in the lousy train Allepy - Bakrao Express.)

  5. Birth place: Manchester of Tamilnadu(India)
    Present location: The city country known for its tourism and service industry...
    Distance: Lesser than the distance from the former to the capital of the country....About 15kms lesser than my year of birth....

  6. A small miscalculation, Nancy. The distance is 500 miles longer than the distance from Coimbatore to the capital of the country....

  7. Birthplace: Tamilnadu, India.
    Present Location: Dubai, UAE
    Km...5239!! ( You cant Challenge I know!!!!)
    Distance: About 4 hours of air travel + another 5 hrs by road.

  8. already 7 before me!!!

    Born in the city of dreams

    Currently in a city that used to be known as the Garden city.

    Distance: some 1000 kms approx, i think..takes 24 hrs by trains and 1 and half hrs by flight.

  9. live on a different continent all together :(

  10. Limenlemons: Missing home huh;-D!!!!

    Tan: Gods own country:-))!!!

    Prabodh: LOL at the lousy bit;-D.
    Needed to ask u something....I went to ur space but got confused with all the links there;-P. Can u post a link to UR blog???

    RS: U revealed everything without giving away anything;-D

    Maddy: Didnt at all cross my mind to challenge u....infact I was planning to use the info;-D

    Uma: I have to admit I'm totally stumped...the only garden city I know is B'lore but I knw for a fact u live in TN;-o

    Raam Pyari: Why so sad girl????

  11. @Uma....Sorry, sorry I confused U with UmaS from TN. But do tell me more abt City of dreams, it sounds like a lovely place:-)

  12. Nancy, thank you.Exactly that is what I wanted :D This was fun!!

  13. Born in a samall village in UP.presently in chennai, must be 2000km away from my home town

  14. Born Brought up and Living in Chennai. The best place in the whole wide world according to me :)

  15. :-)..City of dreams-Mumbai,..do I need to say more...

  16. suloooooooooooooooo!14 June 2011 at 17:36

    Awww.... Can I not answer to this? I don't have any interesting reply ;D for both are the same - the hot bed of the nation ;(

  17. Popped out at Singara Chennai. Somehow drifted 9033 kms east to Brisbane, Aus. About 12hrs of flying time.

  18. Born in Saharanpur UP, and staying in Guegaon- 5 hours by train, distacnce wud be some 200 odd kms..:)

  19. Born in Ranchi, Bihar
    Current location in US
    Distance: Saat samander paar :-( as my mom says it !!

  20. born-mangalore
    living -pondicherry
    distance-around 450kms

  21. I loved limenlemons response for distance- ha ha!!

    Birth place: Singapore

    Present location: Renton, WA, USA

    Distance inbetween- 12988 kilometers or 8071 miles...inotherwords a VERY long way! :(

  22. Birth place: Hassan, India
    Presently at: Chicago, USA

    24+ hrs journey

  23. Birthplace:-Delhi
    Presently:- Cary, NC, USA
    Distance:- 7000 miles
    16+ hour flying time.

  24. Birthplace - When I was born my birthplace was another country, but later it became independent !! Now, its become a nanny state.

    Presently in the city of Ragi balls, traffic jams, million coders, no power, solpa adjust maadi.

    Distance - 3163 km as the crow flies.

  25. Born in: "One of the 50 places that you should visit before you die" - source National Geographic

    Now at: A city that used be lined by trees everywhere, now lined by ugly looking buildings

    Distance between the two: A night's sleep

  26. Born in : Palakkad, Kerala
    Living in : Thrissur, Kerala
    Distance : I hour by car.

    That was easy.... :D

  27. I bet mine is the most complicated!

    Birthplace: Faridabad
    Brought up in: Malaysia & Indonesia
    Home in India is: Bombay
    Present Location: Singapore
    Distance: from where!?! :P

    home is everywhere! :)

  28. a bit late..but here goes..
    Trivandrum, Kerala
    London, United Kingdom
    About 10 hrs by flight!!!

  29. Born: Madras (yup, not Chennai) :P
    Present location: Bengalooru :D
    Distance: Too far - I love Chennai!!! Okay seriously, only about 6 hours by car!

    Sorry I am late.

  30. RS: Dont mention it...purely my pleasure:-)!!

    Renu: Its like u travelled from one end of the country to the other huh:-).

    Anusha: Spoken like a true Chennaite:-))!!!

    Uma: Aaaah ok Mumbai, makes sense now:-).

    Sulo: Hehe 'hot bed of the nation' huh...cool tag, u made it up or u guys generally refer to it like tht;-D???

    Sriram: Looong way to drift eh;-D

    Forgottogrowup: born in UP....can u see the himalayas from there?????

    Dil Se: Saat samandar paar makes it sound sooo faar away doesnt it;-o.

    Dr.Pratap: I've been wanting to visit both those places:-)).

    Anjuli: It seems like from 1 end of the world to another;-o

    Nilu: 4hrs of journey drives me crazy I shudder to think wht 24hrs on the go makes u feel like;-o.

    A: Good to see u after a long time:-)!!!

  31. Ramesh: I got the 2nd bit but which is this nanny state which was another county????
    And didnt u knw 'Swalpa Adjust Maadi' is 80's-90's lingo, now its SAM, like....
    ..aiyyyo SAM
    ..hogri, bidri SAM
    ..Yo SAM
    gehahahaaaa....I'm getting the CT's tht I taught the great Ramesh something new;-D

    Bindu: Hmmmm....Kerala I knw. I suppose somewhere near the Kumarakom side, right.
    The 2nd bit I already know;-D!!

    Juxtaposition: U lucky, lucky girl:-))!!!

    Sunshine: Gosh...I'm going all cross-eyed just reading it. Interesting really;-))!!!

    An Open Book: Oh didnt thk London was so far away...I thot maybe 7-8hrs;-o

    Jane: LOL just like u say Madras I too cant think beyond Bangalore;-D

    Elizabeth: Same Pinch;-D

  32. Born in Koraput, Orissa and now in Chennai.. around 20 hours by train.. :)

  33. Origin- Andhrapradesh
    Living in SimiValley, CA
    Travel-About 16+ hrs


  34. @Reflections - Yo Ho. Much educated. Thanks milady. SAM it is !!

    Singapore. When I was born, it was still Malaysia. So ancient :(

  35. Born in Mumbai !

    Living in Bharuch... ! I am more attached to Bharuch than any other soul can be though !!! :D

    350 kms... 6 hours..

    I ll tell you one more story although not totally related..

    One friend of ours had bad marks in 10th.. and his dad had an engineering factory and so his dad wanted him to go to some engineering college, so they went through the diploma route.. in Maharashtra some distant village was sought for admission... my friend would tell us... its 6 hours from mumbai... eventually his marks were so bad he didnt get admission and had to do engg from a private institue here in bharuch... and we would all joke... its still 6 hours from mumbai you know !!!!! :P

  36. Born in Mysore, now in hyderabad :)
    An hour long flight to Blr and then abt 2.5 hrs drive to Mysore! Awesome route btw :)

  37. me likey this -- simple question, simple answer approach :D Born in Delhi, currently in Tdot, and will keep moving till it's a full circle! it once took me 28 hours to fly from one home to the other.

  38. Forgive me my late replies....
    as u knw its been hectic past few days:-).
    Amusingveracity: U knw I have never even hrd of Koraput...or was it Korapur u were meaning to say.
    20hrs seem like a lifetime...so 2 full days out of ur holidays will will go for travelling itself;-o.

    Sindhu: Seems like travelling from 1 end of the world to the another, right and not to mention the time difference eh:-).

    Ramesh: Malaysia was called Malaya earlier right...coz my mum had a lot of uncles living there and even now she refers to it as Singapore-Malaya. And I have a lot of stamps[fr my mum] from Malaya to prove it:-D.

    Hitchwriter: LOL...6 hrs from whichever angle he looks at it huh;-D

    Swaram: Mysore....wow I love the place. So laid back & steeped in history:-).

    Snow: Thank U, come on join in...its fun. 28hrs...gosh feels like a lifetime for a poor traveller like me;-o

  39. OK!!! wasnt aware of this mela of questions going on!!! :) good going..so here goes

    Madurai, TN
    5.30 hrs to chennai and another 1 hr or 7 hrs depending on mode of transport!

  40. I made that up Chech ;) You like it, hanh? Now, I will flaunt for sure ;D

  41. Born-cuttack Orissa
    Present loc -UK
    time travel :) - hmmm 13 hours flight, 8 hours train journey / or another 2 hours flight :(


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