Saturday, 23 July 2011

Its that time of the year again

The summer hols are upon us. Two whole months. The kids are ecstatic and I’m walking around in 2 minds. Ofcourse I’m glad that the exams are over, I can now get up at 7.30 instead of 5.30am, no freaking lunch-boxes to be prepared[I waste so much time thinking what to send;-(] and NO homework yaayyyyy.

On the other hand having 2 kids under my feet for 2 WHOLE MONTHS is not my idea of fun. I have children who act like teenagers already, squabble like jackdaws[you have to hear it to believe it;-/] and are forever hungry but complain about the quality of the food when it comes to them. By the end of the day I’m all ready to run out of the front door. Thank goodness for vacations.

Went over to the neighbour’s house today and asked her tentatively if she could look after my plants when I’m traveling. She moved in last year but I met her for the 1st time just 3 weeks back. She graciously invited me in. Nothing prepared me for the vision before my eyes.

Her living room looked like something out of an interiors magazine. I was slack jawed. The whole room was done in pure white with splashes of red and green[plants] and minimum wood work. The rest of the apartment looked even better. I hastily told her I’ll find some other house to keep my plants. She looked at me puzzled. I was like ‘my plants are going to ruin your decor’. Honestly my plants were going to look like country-bumpkins besides her designer flora. She started laughing and told me that her husband was an architect and it was he who designed their interiors.

Came back home and spent an hour sprucing my greens; cutting away all the dried foliage, wiping the dust off the leaves and spraying them with plant shine and even scrubbing the pots . Hah they look so good now;-D.

The better-half is sooo amused;-P

As I prepare to go home I realize that unlike earlier where all of us used to rush back to home country, most of us now take off to other destinations. The urge to see our parents and family members and bask in that warmth is no longer that compelling. Times sure are changing.

Anyways came here to tell you that I’ll be out of the blog circuit for a month or so. You guys take care and wish me luck.

For what????

My sanity, remember!!!!!

Monday, 18 July 2011

After the questions

After almost a month of asking questions I’m having trouble writing a post. I’m penning this but my mind is still on the questioning mode???

What did you guys do this weekend???
Me??? Oh dont ask, the bitter-half & I argued & I impressively arranged myself into a corner and sulked.

See I told u… mind is trying hard to focus on a post but my fingers are on their own trip. Or is it the other way around???

The post is primarily to thank all of you who played along with this marathon; which reminds me, I never asked the original question.

What did you have for breakfast today????
I made some sad looking pancakes today… idea why, but somedays it turns out an unhappy mess.

Ufff as I was saying, the marathon was a spur of the moment idea which didn’t take into consideration my kids exams which neatly fell inbetween and I had to devote a lot of time to that which meant I wasn’t able to reply to many of your comments.

Have you replied to all the comments which you have received on your blog till today????
Me???? Nope I haven't but can safely say that I have replied to atleast 97% of them.

I don’t mind telling you that I felt a bit let down when many of the regular bloggers carefully kept away from the whole marathon.

Have you experienced something like this????
Meeee??? nope, not up till now….maybe that’s why I was so disappointed.

When was the last time you snarled at your fingers to just shut up?????
Me???? Just NOW!!!!

The stats showed so many regulars who walked in & read the questions but did not comment on any of them…….not even a measly ONE.

Tears rolled down my cheeks in sorrow.

Oh alright I’m exaggerating but I want you to feel a little bad.

Like terribly guilty.

Like ‘how will I ever look into Nancy’s eyes ever again’ guilty;-/

On the other hand I never expected anybody to answer ALL the questions but SO MANY of you did. Thank You Bindu, RSRamesh, Sulo, Tan, Uma. You guys were fabulous….coz you didn’t have to but you entered into the spirit of the game and took it to the next level. Even when I wasn’t around you guys just had fun[most of it at my expense but I’ll magnanimously overlook it for now] in the comments section.

Everybody who commented in the marathon, Thank You guys.

I love you all so much muaaaah, muaaaahhh…..

Ok, ok I’ll knock it off.

But really THANK YOU:-))!!!!!

Now I’ve got some books for the bloggers who commented on ALL the questions[names mentioned above]. Please excuse me if the books take some time to reach you because I’m at present tangled[did u watch that movie??? Me??? Yup, liked it a lot, my girls loved it] in the logistics of getting the books autographed by the author herself.

Special eh…..well special gifts for special people;-D.

I also did an elaborate calculation on an Excel sheet[Do u know Excel???  Me??? Ofcourse learnt it all by mysemmmmffffhhh] and have to tell you that a total of 59 bloggers participated in the quiz.

I’ve taken the next 15 names whose comments were the highest…guys will you mail me your postal address within the next 2 days, I’d love to send you one of those jhinkichakka ‘Dooobaii Postcards’;-D.
The bloggers are Anusha, Anjuli, Elizabethforgottogrowup, hitch writer, Janelimenlemons, Maddy, Prabodh, Preethi, Renu, snow, SunshineSwaram, Vaidegi and WannabeWriter;-D.

Something just occurred to me…..some of you may not want to share your address for personal reasons. So I’ve specified a time limit, if I don’t get your address in the next 2 days I’ll totally understand :-)). And this way I can mail the postcards all at one go. So for goodness sakes don't delay if you are planning to send me ur address.

Do U have a tendency to procrastinate????
Me???? All the time...what do u think the bitter better-half was giving me a lecture abouktraaaaackkkkkkk*

*the sharp sound of Nancy rapping her fingers

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

I'm just praying...

I was just about to post the last question when I heard about the serial blasts in Mumbai. The familiar feeling of fear & dread creeped in, everything else suddenly seemed superfluous.

My brothers & sisters in & from Mumbai, keep your calm; the entire nation is with you!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

21st Question

How would you describe yourself????????

Monday, 11 July 2011

Qstn Twenty

What's your guilty pleasure?????

Is it.....




Television & Movies



The Internet

Or is it something else?????

Friday, 8 July 2011

Questn 19

If you could open your own business what would it be?
[Money no object]

Thursday, 7 July 2011


Have you ever been mentioned in the newspaper????

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

17 Questions

Are you more…

01) Uptown or downtown?

02) Country or rock and roll?

03) Extrovert or introvert?

04) A cool cucumber or a hot pepper?

05) Pitcher or catcher?

06) Prone to bark or meow?

07) Spider-Man or Wolverine?

08) A bowler or a golfer?

You prefer......

09) Chocolate or vanilla?

10) Catch of the day or the house specialty?

11) Letter or Email

12) History or Geography

13) Boredom or Suffering

14) Stairs or Escalator

15) Blogging or Tweeting

16) Angelina Jolie or Meg Ryan

17) Childhood or Retirement

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Qstn Sixteen

Think baaaack……now tell me which is the earliest song you remember???

What memories do you associate with it????

Monday, 4 July 2011

Qstn Fifteen

Do you read books????

What kind of books do you prefer????

Name one book which you’ve read and think everybody must read it atleast once….not because it teaches you something or has broken any records…..only because it pulled at YOUR insides.

A few funny Book titles I came across......

Friday, 1 July 2011

Question 4teen

What sport have you/do you play(ed)????

Which sport would you like to learn if you get the chance???