Friday, 1 July 2011

Question 4teen

What sport have you/do you play(ed)????

Which sport would you like to learn if you get the chance???


  1. It is a question which makes me feel very guilty… school & college days I burned a lot of calories; throwball, hockey, badminton at school[was house captain in the 10th], a bit of cricket, kabbadi, kho-kho with the neighbourhood kids.
    And cycling…..the amount of cycling I’ve done I doubt any one of you can compete with me in that category;-D.
    Indoor games[not exactly sport but still] were also popular. From snakes & ladders, scrabble, chinese checkers, carroms, Uno, to trivial pursuit all of them were my favourites.
    I almost forgot, in college a friend opened a café which had a snooker table; I got pretty good at it;-D.
    And now except for a odd game of badminton and the brisk walks I go for when the weather is cool, it is a very sedentary life-style;-(.
    I’d love to go for martial-art[any] classes. Always wanted to…never got the opportunity:-).

  2. suloooooooooooooooo!1 July 2011 at 12:38

    ha hah haaaaaaaa ;-D I posted 2nd :-P

    Will go n read the post now...

    RS....?? ;-)

  3. Sulo aka The obedient girl1 July 2011 at 12:44

    Apart from the usual growin-up games that we all play indoor/outdoor - I hve played cricket most of my childhood... Till my 9th grade to be exact...

    As much less girlish I was (am even today) after certain age you really cant go out and play with boys, can you?? :-P atleast, i couldnt...

    However, truth to be told - i am not a sportie though.... I watch - i play for the fun of it... n have never been a player of sorts as i had wheezin almost till high school...

    Havent been getting it in recent years, but i cant play now, can I? :P
    I do though with my nephew - a lot of stuff - yes, incl cricket... :)

    PS. Uff that was a big comment, wasnt it :-D

  4. Wandered off somewhere, and then realised I dint reply fully...

    I would like to learn - yes, marital arts!!! :) (same pinch)

    I think I still can try to learn one - lets see... Fingers crossed!

    I will name my videos as kung fu panda (3) or karate Gurl (4) and post it online ;D ha ha... (no, i wouldnt)

  5. I am spoilt sport, but not too good at sports :D

    All my growing up years, I have played kho-kho to my hearts content. And kabadi. When we got a new P.E.T. in my IX grade, he seriously tried to train me athletics, but then it went in vain as I had to appear for board exams the next year. I have also played a little bit of Volleyball.
    Indoor games: Carrom, and chinese checker.

    Since you mentioned house captain: I was too good at Yoga while at school (I can stand upright :P), so, was the house captain for the blue house of the school for a year. (What reasons to be the house captain? :O)

    On an unrelated note: Nancy, do you remember the game of pallanguzhi? And thaayam? And the game we used to play with pebbles, throwing them up and catching them etc?

    I'd love to learn butterfly stroke swimming and karate.

    PS: Since we missed two qns through this week, I request two posts this weekend :D

  6. am not a sports was never into playing big time sports baring the usual games- lagori, kho-kho, sakli, etc (if you call these sports..;-)) while growing up..

    would like to learn karate...

  7. ur darlin sulo ;-D (ha ha)1 July 2011 at 19:48


    waitin for your comment chech... Friday evenings always make me happy, but this link is an exception -_-

    he hee... kiddin...

    PS. I will be waiting, but not patiently though ;D

    PPS. U know ur comments are pending even in other posts... so sad for ur blog followers who commented late... will they get a reply at all :-P

    PPPS. Dont sue me :) *am not installing ideas in their heads - promise*

  8. Wow N - you're a true sportswoman. Bravo !

    Me played most sports under the sun. Cricket, football, hockey, baddy, TT, squash, snooker, basketball, volleyball ...... Total sports nut

    Sport I would love to learn is ice skating. Alas, not much chance in India .

    @Sulo - You really want to learn marital arts ?? Note the spelling :)

  9. Ho ho! I ws like the Jill of all trades ;) Volley ball, throw ball, hockey, kho-kho and some basket ball too :P

    I only play shuttle now ;)

    I am noticing how creatively u r writing the numbers differently in every title :) Good job Nance!

  10. And ditto like u - cycling too :) But that is something I do well even now :)

  11. oops... did i jus say marital???????? :P

    am embarrassed...

    Thanks Ramesh, or not so much :D

  12. @sulo - Only because you're such a good sport. Its cool .....

  13. During school days I was playing Basket ball. Seeing my playing all the Sports walkedover and dint come to me.

    Since my Wife is a Tabletennis and Chess coach, I play with the kids just to give them the satisfation of winning a grown up man I do play with them. We have a TT Board at home. Invited if you are a TT player

  14. Not a sporty person :( I try to sell myself as an intelluctual :P
    Learnt swimming some years back which I still brag about. (Did you just hear me ? ) :) Would love to learn tennis. (Is this Wimbledon speaking?) But honestly those tennis players look seriously toned!

  15. I have never been a sports person. I like cycling but I haven't done much of it... One thing which I have alsways wanted to learn is swimming :)

  16. @Ramesh: tee hee (blushes) :P

  17. I loveeee sports. All kinds of them... I watch them all...While in school I played badminton, ball badminton, volley ball and throw ball. Have represented the school team in regional badminton and ball badminton competitions a couple of times. But then couldn't actively pursue it as studies came in the way and I went on to an engineering college where sports was not given even a second glance. I was extremely good in shot put and discuss throw and have won medals consecutively for three to four years. But then again school was the end of it all.

    As RS had pointed out I cannot help but remember all the games I used to play as kids. Chess, badminton, street cricket with a bunch of neighborhood boys, playing in the sand that was used for construction in the neighborhood, cycling till the skin gets burnt in the heat, pallankuzhi, thayam, trade, chinese checkers, skipping, cards, hide and seek, climbing on trees, 7 stones, running crazily till the knees are scrapped while playing catch, playing in the beach... O my god the list is endless. It's kinda nostalgic when I think of those days where playing was part and parcel of life. I wonder what kids do now???

  18. I have not been answering ur qstns regularly.. so i wil go back and answer as much as I can...

    Sports - never played with so much enthu... Volleyball is the only thing I was even remotely good at..

    Would like to learn tennis tho..

  19. wow sounds like you were very active in school with the sports- I did play badminton- table tennis- occasionally 'football' (soccer)- but other than that I was not that into sports...what sport would I like to learn??? hmmmm.....LIKE to learn??? hmmm....ha ha!!

  20. Interesting question.

    As a young person I played many games. Since I stayed in the housing colony of a large industrial house, we were fortunate to get a club house and lot of facilities.

    The games I played well were Table tennis and Tennis.

    And the game I never played in my life is a game I would like to learn to play - Golf.


  21. sulo awaits ur arrival..!3 July 2011 at 08:28

    Chechiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii... sunday is offical workin day there na??? so, can i expect u today... cmon - make my sunday ;D

  22. Sulo: Ur sister is older to u[u've mentioned nephew]....I was under the impression u had a younger sister;-).
    Wheezing as in asthma???

    RS: LOL they also made me captain of green house for another vague reason like tht;-D
    Nope I dont know any games like tht...maybe I played them but we could have called them by another name. Chk Anusha's answers...she says she remembers them;-D
    p.s: this weekend was a killer; tho it ended on sat night I was down with a terrible headache yesterday;-P

    Uma: I remember them tooo but cant for the life of me remember the rules of the games now;-o.

    Sulo: I know, I know I too was planning to work on the comment section this weekend but had a miserable headache whole of yesterday. The kids have exams going on which means tht once they come back fr school I'm occupied with them. Dont ask its been hectic, hopefully once the exams end I'll have more time.

    Ramesh: LOL not really....I dont remmeber excelling in anything, just participated whole-heartedly;-D.
    Squash huh...I kinda like the game & wd love to learn;-D. And ice-skating is coool...u knw there is a rink in Dubai Mall and we spend a lot of time watching people skate there. Some of them are professionals & I can watch them for hours:-)).

    Swaram: LOL@Jill of all trades;-D. Same here...badminton is only game I can play now;-(.
    U cycle even lucky...I mean u get the chance to:-)).

    Sulo & Ramesh: LOL, Sulo, watch ur p's & q's Ramesh's got really sharp eyes;-D. I noticed he was really kind to u, if it were me he wd have pulled my leg so baad;-P.

    Maddy: haha u r fooling me huh, if ur wife is a coach then u must be expert;-D. I've played TT with friends lot of times but not consistantly so I'm not going to touch tht offer with a bargepole;-D
    Now I was a whizz at checkers.....;-D

    Amrita: Heheee...this is like me talking abt the times I played snooker....;-D.
    Do u think the tennis players look toned...maybe some do but many like V & S williams look muscle-packed.

    Tan: Swimming is something I wanted to learn come u havent....I've noticed most of them in Kerala knw how to coz they all have splashed abt in some puzha at sometime or the other;-D

  23. Anusha: Enjoyed ur imagine u having fun especially the neighbourhood bit:-)). And good question....taking my kids as example I wd say they havent had half the fun I had...but here its too HOT[for atleast 9 months in ayear] to let them out, so we send them for art classes or to learn an intrument, some go for karate, basketball...

    Cocktail Party: Volleyball used to hurt my hands so badly:-).

    Anjuli: Football huh...must have been fun;-D.

    Vivek Patwardhan: Even my husband keeps saying he want to learn Golf:-).

    Sulo: So sorry girl...was totally zonked out yeaterday;-(

  24. No, I am the youngest of the lot... though i dont feel like one... they dont treat me like one... :( :P

    yes... asthma... it did haunt me for half my life, but not recently ;)

    Uff... i know.. teme about it... i will once in a while ask my sis for a favour, but only then my nephew will have some xams... i totally understand...

    @ Ramesh's comment: Ooooooo is it.?? that was really sweet - thanks Ram... :) psst... i have changed his name to Ram, esh was too big for me :P

    ps. looks lik u teach me a lot of patience than i wd have ever wanted to learn... God save me ;D ha ha...

    pps. u guessed it right ;) (d mail one)

  25. Aww, I just saw the replies. Hope you are fine now??

  26. Sulo aka The obedient girl5 July 2011 at 13:46

    oh I am fine now RS - Thank you. I will surely post today (yup that was N's mind voice that I got in telepathy) :P ;D

  27. btw, y did u think tht i was havin a younger sister... don tel me i am soundin old :D i dont wana grow old :(

  28. The only sport I have played is running away from sports :D

    Would like to learn Taekwondo (husband says first I have to learn to lift my feet off the ground for that);-)

  29. You know who I am (Bindu sighs in desperation)

  30. so sad for this Bindu person.. y she becomes anonymous i wonder :P

  31. I have played Throw ball, basket ball, (something we used to call Dodge ball), Badminton etc..while at school. Did play throw ball again for couple of office tournaments some time back...but no games now. Would love to play any of these any time if I get a chance. Do practice throw, catch and dribbling with my daughter at home still ;) I am glad I studied in my school because otherwise I wouldn't have got a chance to learn/play any of these games.

    I would like to learn/play Tennis!


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