Saturday, 30 March 2013

Happy Easter

Wishing all of you an 'eggs'tra special Easter filled with
Love, Hope and Happiness. 

Sorry to be MIA, these hols have been really busy. Thank goodness school starts next week, will write a newsy post then. 

Naina made the above picture to wish us. She makes these cute pictures to mark every special occasion. I've posted a few of them below to show you:-).

Good Friday

My Family

She makes them in Paint btw. I never knew Paint was this good before this;-P

Best wishes again and take care,

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Kid Stuff

Last day of exams today.


At least I can stop feeling guilty about not doing anything about it.


I know I come across like an anxious, hassled mom very worried about her kids' exams. But the  opposite is true. And the guilt kills me. The blog ofcourse ends up getting the brunt of it.

The sad fact is that I leave them to their devices most of the time. I only bug them for Hindi, they do everything else by themselves. If they say they got 75% I give them a 'look' and mildly say they could have done better. But inwardly I'm totally satisfied because they did it all on their own. Now the guilt.....there's no escaping it. Round and round my mind will go...if they got 75% without me teaching them anything then imagine if I decided to help them.....

Take for example these exams.


There is nothing in the atmosphere to suggest that Final Exams are going on.

They still go out to to play everyday.

They still read books.

They are arguing & trying to score over eachother more than ever.

Nikita is still found working with clay everyday, added to which she has started quilling now.

You think this is bad???

Wait there’s more….

On the very first day of exam Nikita came back with details for a "Children’s Rights“ poster contest which had to be submitted the next day and she simply 'had to’ take part in it. So instead of studying for her computer exam the next day she spent the day working on this poster. Clueless mother that I am, un/willingly helped her.

Then a day before her Science exam she spent all her time making a clay model for Howard Jones.



Howard Jones is coming to our school to record for ‘Voices around the Worldl’ was a line heard countless times around the house in the past month. And for that project Nikita and her school friends were putting in lots of extra time at school practicing their song. We were initially reluctant as it fell smack in the middle of the exams but ultimately gave in to Nikita’s desperate pleas.

My mistake here was to google the man and event to see what the big deal was. And like an idiot pointed out that Howard Jones birthday fell so close to their meeting him. That’s it, Nikita immediately wanted to make something for him and instead of studying for her Science FINAL exam the next day she spent all afternoon shaping clay.

[Ignore this part for it doesn't gel with the tone of the rest of the post]

Very pleased with her efforts Nikita was in the highest of spirits. Just before leaving for school I told her gently not to get so excited. I hated doing that to her but I didn't want her getting disappointed if things didn’t go the way she visualized it. Anyways to cut the story short, everything went off well…. Mr. Howard Jones was very touched to receive his present….he shook hands with her[seems like he didn’t shake hands with anybody else*shock*] and took a picture alone with her [it seems he didn't take a picture alone with anybody else*shock shock shock;-P*] and don’t ask what else. She was over the moon. I sent a silent thanks across to Mr. Howard Jones for transforming my child’s day.

[back to ranting]

Can you blame me for going crazy????

All around me I can see parents busy quizzing their kids and helping them with their revisions for the exams. I too have the same intentions but somehow never get it right.

The one and only time I sat down to help them I ended up giving them lines.

Naina was not the only one.

Nikita had to write ‘I must not make Naina wail’ a 100 times.

It was either this or sic them out of the house. Nowadays even that is not an option….there’s a whole army of kids lying in wait outside my door just for these two to finish exams.

Speaking of which, you know none of the kids in the neighborhood like me.

They think my kids have a sad life.

And worse, they all blame me for corrupting their mothers. Seems like, all their mothers now make them study first and clean up their rooms before they let them out to play. Now what did I doooo????

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Good...good...all good at my end

I've been lying low…

…because of exams.


But that doesn't mean I don’t have news to share.

Lots of news actually.

Now that’s funny isn't it, because I sit at home the whole day and look forward to the return of the better-half from work because I’m eager to know whats going on outside my well.

What well????

You know…frog….. in the well……yup, that 'well'. 

So as soon as he comes back from work, I ask brightly “How was work??”

I get a world-weary look for my efforts.

‘That bad’ I sympathize.

‘Good.’ comes a mumbled response.

I try another track.

‘You are late???’ I gently insert into the silence.

No answer.

‘Traffic???’ I probe further.

No answer.

‘TRAFFIC’ I’m now determined to get a response.


I give up and march back to the….to the comfort zone I was in before he came.

His head and world weary tiredness miraculously clears[I’m assuming it cleared because he hastily follows me into the kitchen]

Now the shoe is on the other foot.

I'm attacking a pan with a scrub and detergent.

“My day was good….



.....and no traffic” The better-half offers expansively hoping not to sound like he is trying to get into my good books.

The silence is thick.

‘How was your day???’ He asks tentatively.

I look sharply at him trying to gauge his sincerity.

He looks adequately penitent and is very interested in my answer.

I decide to forgive him.

I then launch into the details of the interesting day I had.

Now this is precisely what I don’t understand….how is it possible that I who stay at home, have so much to say but the better-half who goes out into the world, meets so many people, has nothing much to relate at the end of the day.

Good, good, goood my aaaa…….erm my kidneys.

Anyways had started this post with all the stuff I wanted to share but got side-tracked.

The originally intended post coming soon as it's ready.

I soooo like to act like all of you are waiting with bated breath for my posts.

Do spare a thought for me when you pray, I need all the help I can get for the Hindi exam.

The kids....oh they are good that it doesn't at all seem like they are in the midst of their FINAL exams.

I'll stop here before I lose it completely.