Monday, 9 December 2013

It's a long story

I picked up 2 Stitch kits from Bangalore when I went for vacation last August. When Nikita saw it she also expressed interest. So everyday after lunch we both sat together and worked on it for an hour or so.

If it was just me I would have listened to music while stitching. But since my offspring’s taste in music didn’t match mine I had to give way to audiobooks. Audiobooks are recordings of books being read aloud. Nikita is a big fan of audiobooks. Other than when she is studying, having her meals or sleeping, audiobooks is ALWAYS on. She listens to audiobooks when she is art/crafting, she listens to audio-books when she is cleaning her room…the list goes on. I don't put up too much of a fuss because she gets to catch up with the old classics in Literature something she'd never get to do otherwise.

We were half-way thru a book by Eleanor Porter when Nikita lost her needle. It fell through the narrow gap on the side of the sofa & could not be retrieved. Then we decided I would work on my piece in the morning and she would use the same needle to work on hers after lunch.

After a week or so she lost my needle the same way she lost hers. Since no other needle could be used[the needle eye is large as the thread is thick] we lost 2-3 weeks until I hunted around and found almost the same kind of needles from the super-market. Back we went to our old routine & finished the book[22 chapters] we were listening to.

Then Nikita lost her needle again. The same way. She got a nice shelling from me this time;-/. And I forbade her to touch my needle until I finished my piece.But it was no fun doing it alone. And I had to finish it soon. By now Audiobooks kind of grew on me and I started listening to ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ by Alexandre Dumas which I last read during my school days and had forgotten much of. Somehow listening to a story being read does not give me the kind of satisfaction I get when I hold a book, turn pages and follow the plot with my eyes. But all the same I continued listening and am hooked to the story now. 

The above is Nikita's unfinished work. She is planning to frame hers as soon as it's finished and hang it in her room. I'm planning to frame mine and gift it to my sister when she comes to spend her Christmas with me:-)).

I completed my picture today[yaayyy] but I still have around 40-45 chapters[there were 119 altogether] of the book to go. I want to complete the story but cant see myself listening to audiobooks just like that. Any suggestions???