Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Rule of Symbolism

I’m a great believer in symbolism.

When I see 2 flowers coyly brushing against each other in a movie I nod understandingly because I know the flowers represent the reel-life couple who are supposedly ‘doing it’.

If I’m driving and I see a multi-coloured ball rolling innocuously across the road, I’ll stand on my brakes & screech to a halt to avoid hitting the child, who I know will be dashing after the ball nano-seconds later.

The same way I firmly believe that whatever happens on Jan 1st sets a precedent for the rest of the year. 

What do you mean you don’t see the connection between the 3 instances I mentioned above???

May I remind you are reading the blog of an ordinary, overworked, underpaid[what pay???], harassed homemaker and not one of Einstein’s theories?

Jan 1st did not at all go the way I envisioned it.

We got up in the morning at………

Nope, not going to tell you the time.

Let's just leave it at...we had a LATE breakfast

The kids who were instructed to do some ‘symbolic’ studying vanished right after breakfast to play hang out with their friends.

Better-half also disappeared with a friend half-way thru.

Leaving me all alone contemplate where it all started to go wrong. 

Lunch when it finally happened was at 4pm.

Now take a wild guess how I felt when I found myself still in the kitchen at 6pm on New Years Day clearing away lunch while the family and friends were in the living room, heatedly discussing a highly improbable takeover of Kingfisher Airlines by Etihad Airways.

I was soooo tired and raging inwardly.

And knew there was no hope for me for the next 365 days.

2013 was going to be screwed, I just knew it.

I know you are wondering what you could possibly comment without hurting my feelings, without letting me know how big a non-issue you find the whole issue.

And me, I just hate myself when I put my favourite people in such sticky situations.

So  just for you I’ll try to recall if there was anything positive about the whole day.



How about this….

On Jan 1st I ate some sinfully rich & scrumptious birthday cake. 

We had sizzlers for dinner.

Yes I've already realized I’ll be eating my way thru 2013:-S

My birthday was good though.

I don’t want to bore you with all the details. So will just give you the jist of it.

Better-half fixed an English breakfast for us.

A LATE English breakfast[CAPS helpfully added so that you don’t miss the symbolism].

The ONLY day in the whole year he makes a meal. 

I played patriotic songs on the laptop while I waited to be served.

I would rather have watched the Republic Day parade but we don't have Doordarshan.

It was GOOD.

The breakfast I mean. 

A meal fit for a Queen & her entourage.

We didn't behave like Royalty though.

We stuffed ourselves so much it was not funny.

Half an hour later when I loudly deliberated over the lunch menu; the family clamped their hands over their ears & made gagging sounds.

I mentally rubbed my hands in glee.

Because it meant I was free for the rest of the day.

Then in the evening in a surprise move they took me out and I got a DSLR for a birthday gift.

A Nikon D5200.

Now that was a wonderful surprise;-D.

I thought they were going to get me this gorgeous stooopid bag I was staring at earlier in the month.

In short a SUPER birthday.

Which brings me back to my rock-steady belief in symbolism.

After much delibration, I've decided to take the whole month into consideration[one day is too less to judge a whole year right] and have come to the conclusion that it is going to be a year of highs and lows.

It seems like the first half of every month I’ll be in the depths of despair and the next 15 days will see me as high as a kite.

Will keep you in the loop ofcourse, whether you like it or not, goes without saying.


p.s: If my post didn’t make you laugh then read this one…it's DI's tutorial on how to get a free postcard from Dubai. 

p.p.s: And if you want to laugh some more then read this New Year post I wrote 2 years back. I'm determined that you laugh atleast once before you leave here.

p.p.p.s: I’ll post the much-hyped photograph in my next post. I wanted to post it today but somehow found myself typing this out.

Rule of Symbolism: It's considered deep and profound for some, dumb & pretentious for others.

Monday, 28 January 2013

I'm upset

What do you mean you didn't know????

If you had just asked I would have told you;-/.

If I don't get atleast 500 likes & 200 happybudday wishing comments, I'm not putting up my prize-winning photograph like I said I would.

Apologies are also accepted.

Monday, 7 January 2013

New Year Resolutions

I make them every year and try hard to keep them. To make sure I don't break them I keep them very simple.  This year my resolutions are....


to say Grace before a meal!!!!

What's yours????