Thursday, 20 December 2012

A simple question

All I asked in my last post was a simple question…

I had posted a picture of this bird and asked “Nice picture????”


The picture was either nice or not nice.
How difficult was it to answer that???

But nobody…
Not a single person….I tell you, said anything.

Can u imagine how it made me feel????
Especially since I sent that same picture to a photo contest and….


It didn’t get selected.

But there’s another picture which got selected through the preliminaries.
I even won a small prize for it.

If you are nice to me I’ll put up the picture & details in my next post.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Alphabetically Yours

A blogger going by the name of N has been pulled up for tardiness by her blog-mates. N feels they really need get themselves another hobby;-/

Basketball is the new keyword in the N household. Except for the better-half, nobody knows how to play but that doesn’t stop us from hogging the basketball court. We are improving by leaps and bounds…..note play of words here.

Cheesecake….I finally made one. And if I can, anybody can….all u need to do is buy a packet of Betty Crocker’s awesome Blueberry Cheesecake pack and follow instructions;-D. Yum.

Did u know Betty Crocker the person does not exist??? She's not a person,"  said Marcia Copeland, the General Mills executive in Minneapolis who directs Betty Crocker matters for the company. "I repeat--there is no human Betty Crocker.I found out just yesterday and was crushed;-(((((.

Early this morning the kids & I witnessed the death of a cat[hit by a car]. I was so upset & concerned how the children will take it but they surprised me with their resilience. Finally they ended up consoling me.

Fruits & peels for the Christmas fruitcake have been soaked in Brandy. Yesterday. Finally.

Go away, shoooo, shooo…..sorry about that but had to warn away the pigeons. Just washed the balcony squeaky clean a week back and fully intend to keep it that way for another 3 weeks.

Hairfall is a big problem. Have mercy and suggest solutions please?

'I’m so beautiful' phrase is now chanted all day long by Naina. Nikita finds it really silly;-D.

Jaare….jaare udd jaare panchi ….anybody ever heard of this song by Lata Mangeshkar. One of my favourites, listening to it now:-).

Kitchen door is temporarily sporting our front door plaque making better-half smirk at me meaningfully.  Ha ha very funny;-/. The peace message was removed to make way for seasons greeting.

Library books have been extended for one more week; thank goodness they let us do it over the phone. Lazy-bums that’s what we are;-P

My Mother-in-law is my favourite person these days. Last week I received 4 packets of delicious duck roast and other mouth-watering edibles. Not to mention the masalas, pickles and fresh picks from the vegetable garden. 3 cheers for Mothers Hip, Hip…..

Nikita is on a clay modelling spree these days. She makes cute little things no doubt but I’m not too happy about picking up & scraping off bits & pieces of clay from all around the house.

Olmost all the news I give here is 100% true…maybe with a few spelling mishtakes but olmost olways true.

Picture of pretty birdie I clicked last week. Nice????

Quick, look out of the window while I sneak off to do the next letter;-D.

Rabba Ve goodbye….my favourite serial on Star Plus got axed because the lead actor quit to try his luck in Bollywood. While I’m happy for the actor I’m so sad the only serial I watched is no more. I’ll miss u Arnav Singh Raizada and Khushi Kumari Gupta. 

Special day note: 12/12/12….had grand plans to publish the post at 12:12:12secs but it didn’t happen. Then I made elaborate plans to publish it at 2:12:12 and that also didn’t….then I thought I’ll do it at 2:21:12 but ofcourse….now I’m just hoping to post it sometime before midnight;-/

Tests are going on. Enough said!!!!

Units tests for the kids incase the above sentence didn’t make sense. U can sit far away at Ur laptop and shake Ur head and waggle Ur fingers and say “Not fair N, U are not conforming to rUles” but spare a thoUght for this hapless blogger who has run oUt of stuff to say and wants to complete this post anyway she can.

Vill the world end in another 9 days??? is the question I’m pondering over whenever I’m washing dishes. It’s sooo worth it if I never have to wash another dish again.

Would YOU like to take this up as a tag. Just thought of it now. No rules except all details you mention must be about what's happening in your life right now....alright current 2 weeks. Alphabetically, goes without saying. And with pictures;-D. Anybody can take it up. Do let me know if u do, I'd love to read it:-)).

Xmas tree is up. Papa put the tree up, mama hung the decorations, kids came just in time to check if their stocking was up. And every morning they casually walk past the tree & pat the stocking stealthily to check if Santa has already dropped off their gift;-D. 

Yet another year has flown past and I feel the familiar fluttering in the heart……like as if time is running out on me……like a bird looking at the vast blue sky but unable to fly. My wings may not be clipped but my own doubts overwhelm me…..and to top it I have no sense of direction whatsoever….unbeatable combination I tell you.

Zank U, zank zo much in advanze all of you zuper cool peoplez for reading and commenting on this pozt;-D.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

National Day Colours

UAE celebrated her 41st National today. Celebrations began almost two weeks back and will continue most probably for another 3 weeks:-)). There is a carnival-like atmosphere throughout UAE; below are a few pictures I captured through my lens....

At the Creek

Near a Metro Station

City Centre

The Creek

Lamcy Plaza

IceCream Parlour:-)

At the Bank

Wishing everybody in UAE a very Happy National Day:-))!!!!!