Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Make hay while the sun shines...

My dear blog-friends,

How are you??? Doing better than me I hope.  I know you are wondering[atleast I like to think that] why I'm not posting all that much nowadays. Thats because there is nothing much to say really. Yes, really. How much can I go on about cooking, the kids exams and the weather. 

I'm particularly miffed with the weather;-/

They said it’s going to rain whole of this week and I’m still waiting…

..so far we have 1 huge cloud looking like it’s about to burst.
[and why do I make a noise about seeing a cloud?? Because in the middle east we rarely see big clouds....the sky is always very clear with tiny clouds scattered here and there. So when we see a ominously dark, cloudy one, we get excited:-P]

...gloomy weather

…thunderstorm forecasts

…after 4 days of waiting now, the weather forecasters are warning us to carry umbrellas cause it’s going to rain in 1 hour.

It’s been 3 hours and there's still no sign of it.

It rained in Abu Dhabi, it rained in Sharjah, it’s raining on & off in Fujairah but Dubai sees none of it.

It’s been 2 YEARS since it REALLY rained out here.

Can u blame me for getting hyper????

I know what u r thinking.

“N get a grip will u, there are worse things to worry about” is what u r thinking, right???

Well ofcourse there are worse things happening.

Did u know I sprained my leg 2 weeks back and was hobbling around for more than a week???

Have I complained about it to u till today???

Nobody thought much of it and kindly let me do all the work until they saw my feet swelling to double its size.

Even then I didn’t get much sympathy.

Instead the better-half was tight-lipped about the whole thing.

I knew he was bursting to tell me off.

It happened when I was in church and praying [now look, I hate to show off but facts are facts]. When I finished there was nobody around and I panicked. So I quickly rose to my feet while my feet were still numb. In that split second between numbness and pins-and–needles I tried to walk. 

So alright now I know that it was a stupid thing to do. I was supposed to wait for a minute[or two] till blood circulation resumed and then try to walk. Mistakes happen right?? Can’t we just be grateful I didn't break my leg. A cousin of ours fractured her foot trying to clean the ceiling fan. A friend’s son broke both his ankles falling from the 1st floor. Actually he didn’t fall, he jumped to avoid a friend who was chasing him. And here, all I was doing was minding my own business. See, what I’m trying to say is that problems come when we least expect it. Why can’t we just be thankful it isn't worse and make the best out of it.

I did

...I had a ball making everybody fetch and carry for me.

...I made loud owww and ouch sounds just for the heck of it.

...I propped up my feet and watched movies back-to-back.

..My children were very concerned & I lapped up all the attention.

...My friends and neighbours sympathised & suggested various remedies. Which reminds me….I tried all kinds of medicines like moov & massage but a simple home-remedy a friend suggested worked out best: 2 tsps pf turmeric pwdr, 1 tsp salt, 2 drops of oil mixed with enough water to make a thick paste….apply this to the affected area & bind it with cotton or cloth. Believe it or not it made an immediate difference[like in 4-5hrs][well after 2-3 days of pain 4-5hrs does feel like immediate] and the pain reduced drastically.

Just looked out of the window now and guess what....the ever-faithful sun is back in its favourite place.

Rain in 1 hour, my foot.

The weather forecasters better find themselves another job before I get at them;-/.

Anyways gotta go now….

I might as well go dry some clothes while the sun shines.

U guys takes care and thanks for listening:-)),

Lotso luv

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Life in the fat lane

Patient Name: N
Diagnosis: Overweight
Prescription: Need to lose weight ASAP

Now N has already confronted her problem...

...and 'gasp' found the solution too...

But nothing is as easy as it sounds...if that were the case N would have shed all the excess weight 10 years back. N is not motivated enough to address the problem seriously.

Medical experts say that the first step towards losing weight is accepting the fact that one is overweight.

Then we must try to understand what causes obesity...

 Also understand and accept that all what we have been doing till now has been just for the sake of it....

or are just quick-fix methods.....

The experts also say losing weight need not be stressful.
They shared a few of their weight-loss tips...

If that doesn't work...

Or use their specially-manufactured cutlery to eat meals...

But if our heart is not in it, there are always ways to get around these things....

And N will win 1st prize for excuses.....

N needs your valuable advice.

As well-wishers what clever tips do you have to offer her????

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Four, Two ka One

4 things I’m grateful for…

My family/food/clothing/roof over my head
My friends
The ‘no pets allowed in the apartment’ rule
The 10 minute run walk to/from the school bus stop
[the only exercise I get some days]

4 questions I often ask myself..…

What is the purpose of my life??
Is there any way I can avoid cooking today???
Now where did I keep my phone???
Why do I feel guilty for wanting more out of life???

4 I wasted a lot of time over the years pondering over…

I’m actually married!!!
I’ve got TWO kids!!!!!!
How do I get the dishes to wash themselves??
What goes on in the better-half’s mind???
[But now when he replies ‘Nothing’, I believe him]

4 things I want to do...

Lose weight
Climb a mountain.
Visit New Zealand.
Win a Piano
[since I don’t play, it doesn’t make sense to buy one]

4 I wish I knew earlier..

Marriage is not the destination, it’s just a shaky start.
My kids will grow up to be teenagers.
[somehow I thought they all grew directly into adults]
I’ll see my parents only once a year.
Freedom is a state of mind.

4 reasons for this post...

It’s Halloween
[honest it was when I started this post]
My sleep is precious to me.
I have to get it out of my system
I needed to post, period.

What are the 4 questions you often ask yourself???