Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Four, Two ka One

4 things I’m grateful for…

My family/food/clothing/roof over my head
My friends
The ‘no pets allowed in the apartment’ rule
The 10 minute run walk to/from the school bus stop
[the only exercise I get some days]

4 questions I often ask myself..…

What is the purpose of my life??
Is there any way I can avoid cooking today???
Now where did I keep my phone???
Why do I feel guilty for wanting more out of life???

4 I wasted a lot of time over the years pondering over…

I’m actually married!!!
I’ve got TWO kids!!!!!!
How do I get the dishes to wash themselves??
What goes on in the better-half’s mind???
[But now when he replies ‘Nothing’, I believe him]

4 things I want to do...

Lose weight
Climb a mountain.
Visit New Zealand.
Win a Piano
[since I don’t play, it doesn’t make sense to buy one]

4 I wish I knew earlier..

Marriage is not the destination, it’s just a shaky start.
My kids will grow up to be teenagers.
[somehow I thought they all grew directly into adults]
I’ll see my parents only once a year.
Freedom is a state of mind.

4 reasons for this post...

It’s Halloween
[honest it was when I started this post]
My sleep is precious to me.
I have to get it out of my system
I needed to post, period.

What are the 4 questions you often ask yourself???


  1. 1. How is N so talented to make a nice post even with a mundane theme
    2. Why do women want to know what goes on in the poor husband's mind [ the right answer is mostly nothing and sometimes matters not disclosable to wives :) ]
    3. Why does N want to lose weight when she is pencil thin ( see evidence in previous post)
    4. Now, what was the fourth question I had in mind ?? ......

    1. 1. Beauty is in the eye of the beerholder...err beholder.
      2. Let by gones be bygones
      3. Camera's do not lie eh;-D
      4. To wait or not to wait, that is the question

  2. "Freedom is a state of mind" - EXTREME PHILOSOPHY. I never knew that you had such a profound philosopher inside you.

    Four questions I have in mind:

    1. What is the meaning & purpose of life?
    2. Has any great person figured that out in the past?
    3. Will any great person figure it out in the future?
    4. If no one has or will, is the responsibility to figure it out totally on me? What a great task lies ahead... hmmm... :D

    Destination Infinity

    1. 1. I already asked the same question
      2. A few of them supposedly figured out some of it.
      3. I can't give you any guarantee.
      4. U have ur whole life ahead;-D

  3. Inspired by you and Ramesh,

    1. Why do I have to stress so much about always being on time for everything?
    2. What will I cook tonight?
    3. Will I ever go back to my 48 kg self?
    4. Why doesn't Nancy post more often? ;)

    1. 1. Because u know 'Time & Tide waits for no man'
      2. U must have already finished cooking so I'll keep my suggestions for next time.
      3. Dreams are better than reality;-D
      4. A Leopard cannot change its spot;-P

  4. 1. I often wonder how N looks!! You on FB?
    2. Whenever I read you I feel why doesn't she write more often?
    3. Why do u hate cooking so much?
    4. Will N like my questions? :D

    1. 1. Appearances can be deceptive. Am on FB but login once in 2-3 months.
      2. Compliments will get u everywhere.
      3. I don't mind baking but routine cooking bores me.
      4. Ask a silly question and you'll get a silly answer.

  5. 1. How can I start writing like N does - simple clear and more like talking to the reader directly?
    2. How did N raise her children to be good readers ?
    3. How come N says she is 35 plus and writes like an 18 year old?
    4. Why do I get this weird feeling that N's cooking is to die for?

    1. 1. N is not a very complicated person
      2. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree
      3. Thank U, N is ecstatic to hear this....once long back she took a popular quiz which rated the material in her blog for 5th graders.
      4. One must not blow one's own trumpet.


  6. Is this year really going to end??

    When did I turn from this carefree little girl to an emotional idiot

    When something really happened, is it possible to pretend that something really never happened??

    When will I get to meet Nancy?

    1. 1. Every end is a new beginning.
      2. Do not regret growing older, it is a privilege denied to many.
      3. U mean like the water which leaked in ur house and u pretended it never happened and went to sleep....see I havent forgotten;-D
      4. Inshaallah...nothing can stop us.

  7. can you write such lovable posts one after another?

  8. nice concept and interesting answers! I love pets so I dislike such rules, reading thoughts is the superpower i really wanna have!


    1. I love them too but I feel they need space, it's a crime to keep them cooped up in apartments, no:-).
      Reading thoughts sounds like fun but in hindsight it's better to not know whats going on in another's mind;-P.
      Thanks for commenting Ankita and do visit again:-)).

  9. 1) When do I meet N?
    2) Where do I meet her?
    3) What do we eat when we meet?
    4) The above three questions again

    1. 1. There's no time like the present.
      2. Anywhere as long as it's not between a rock and a hard place.
      3. Life is short...we'll eat dessert first.
      4. Time will tell.

  10. OMG -- I laughed out loud on the reason for Winning a Piano and when I read the first reason for this post I was wondering if Dubai celebrates Halloween at a different time than rest of the world until I read the reason.

    Gr8 as usual.

    1. So sorry I forgot to reply Seema...I dont know how to play the piano but simply love watching others draw music out of those keys. I do know to fumble thru do rae mi...;-D

  11. Nancy, Only you can make such hilarious posts out of such simple things in life.. keep going girl...
    take care


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