Monday, 13 January 2014

Up and Running

After being away for more than a month I’ve forgotten how to blog. Seriously I have. I wasted a whole morning trying to put together one paragraph.

Going to take refuge under bullet points till I get my rhythm back..
  •  My Christmas and New Year's Day was GOOD. We had 2 families visiting us at the same time. My friends were like wtf until they found out it was my sister and sister-in-law’s family;-D. It was organised chaos and lots of fun for 2 weeks straight. Itinerary for each day and menu was planned before-hand to make it easier. We never managed to get out of the house before 11am how much ever we tried. And never came back home before 11pm. And never slept before 1.30am. Having a sister-in-law who took charge of the meals HELPED. Eating 1 or 2 meals outside everyday ALSO helped. And having a sister who didn’t mind washing a mountain of dishes helped. A LOT.
  • Naina celebrated her 10th birthday a few days back. She managed to keep her birthday celebrations going on for a record 3 days[don’t ask].  She had too many expectations which we realise does not bode well for the future. She also refused to help around the house claiming it was her birthday tomorrow/today/yesterday. And here’s some gyaan about the occasion ‘Everybody's so nice to you on your birthday but the very next day you are treated like dirt’ says the birthday girl bitterly;-P.
  • We are hoping to relocate back to Bangalore this year. The problem is that nobody believes us. While it is true that we've been trying to go back for the past 5 years and not succeeding very well, this year we are very serious. We are looking at schools & admission details very minutely. If any of you have any recommendations to make, please feel free. And if any of you and your have influence/own/work/deal with schools please do tell us. We need every help we can get.
  • I’m hoping to post more often on the picture blog this year. I have a DSLR but don’t use it all that much. I know:-(. My phone camera is my latest fancy.  Click, click, click & post a 100 pictures on my picture blog is my this year's resolution. Do take a look when you have the time. 
  • The Dubai Shopping Festival is going on. Crazy sales all around town. You’ll think shops are giving things away for free the way the people are trampling over each other to get at the stuff;-/. Better-half got me a pair of adidas running shoes amongst other gear. They are a dream to wear…so light and fit around my feet instead of the other way around. Never again will I look at branded stuff with prejudice. Simply awesome. With this I've run out of excuses to not exercise;-(

What's news at your end??? Once again wishing all of you a wonderful year ahead:-)).