Monday, 18 July 2011

After the questions

After almost a month of asking questions I’m having trouble writing a post. I’m penning this but my mind is still on the questioning mode???

What did you guys do this weekend???
Me??? Oh dont ask, the bitter-half & I argued & I impressively arranged myself into a corner and sulked.

See I told u… mind is trying hard to focus on a post but my fingers are on their own trip. Or is it the other way around???

The post is primarily to thank all of you who played along with this marathon; which reminds me, I never asked the original question.

What did you have for breakfast today????
I made some sad looking pancakes today… idea why, but somedays it turns out an unhappy mess.

Ufff as I was saying, the marathon was a spur of the moment idea which didn’t take into consideration my kids exams which neatly fell inbetween and I had to devote a lot of time to that which meant I wasn’t able to reply to many of your comments.

Have you replied to all the comments which you have received on your blog till today????
Me???? Nope I haven't but can safely say that I have replied to atleast 97% of them.

I don’t mind telling you that I felt a bit let down when many of the regular bloggers carefully kept away from the whole marathon.

Have you experienced something like this????
Meeee??? nope, not up till now….maybe that’s why I was so disappointed.

When was the last time you snarled at your fingers to just shut up?????
Me???? Just NOW!!!!

The stats showed so many regulars who walked in & read the questions but did not comment on any of them…….not even a measly ONE.

Tears rolled down my cheeks in sorrow.

Oh alright I’m exaggerating but I want you to feel a little bad.

Like terribly guilty.

Like ‘how will I ever look into Nancy’s eyes ever again’ guilty;-/

On the other hand I never expected anybody to answer ALL the questions but SO MANY of you did. Thank You Bindu, RSRamesh, Sulo, Tan, Uma. You guys were fabulous….coz you didn’t have to but you entered into the spirit of the game and took it to the next level. Even when I wasn’t around you guys just had fun[most of it at my expense but I’ll magnanimously overlook it for now] in the comments section.

Everybody who commented in the marathon, Thank You guys.

I love you all so much muaaaah, muaaaahhh…..

Ok, ok I’ll knock it off.

But really THANK YOU:-))!!!!!

Now I’ve got some books for the bloggers who commented on ALL the questions[names mentioned above]. Please excuse me if the books take some time to reach you because I’m at present tangled[did u watch that movie??? Me??? Yup, liked it a lot, my girls loved it] in the logistics of getting the books autographed by the author herself.

Special eh…..well special gifts for special people;-D.

I also did an elaborate calculation on an Excel sheet[Do u know Excel???  Me??? Ofcourse learnt it all by mysemmmmffffhhh] and have to tell you that a total of 59 bloggers participated in the quiz.

I’ve taken the next 15 names whose comments were the highest…guys will you mail me your postal address within the next 2 days, I’d love to send you one of those jhinkichakka ‘Dooobaii Postcards’;-D.
The bloggers are Anusha, Anjuli, Elizabethforgottogrowup, hitch writer, Janelimenlemons, Maddy, Prabodh, Preethi, Renu, snow, SunshineSwaram, Vaidegi and WannabeWriter;-D.

Something just occurred to me…..some of you may not want to share your address for personal reasons. So I’ve specified a time limit, if I don’t get your address in the next 2 days I’ll totally understand :-)). And this way I can mail the postcards all at one go. So for goodness sakes don't delay if you are planning to send me ur address.

Do U have a tendency to procrastinate????
Me???? All the time...what do u think the bitter better-half was giving me a lecture abouktraaaaackkkkkkk*

*the sharp sound of Nancy rapping her fingers


  1. Oh; What a marathon its been
    The likes of which we rarely have seen
    21 questions , and each one a gem
    Wow; how we loved to answer them

    Lovely pictures and snappy trivia you shared
    And everything about us, we gleefully bared
    We fought over each other to be the first
    Even dislodging you, much to your disgust

    Never before were weekends such a bore
    Waiting and waiting; for, Yeh dil maange more
    From tomorrow , we know not what to do
    Without fourteen comments from suloooooo

    In the past month, so addicted we became
    Next month, alas, it just won’t be the same
    But for the joy and fun, we must say, I fancy
    Thank you, thank you, our very dear N____

  2. Awwwww......what a lovely spontaneous poem....I'm so overwhelmed tht I'm having trouble swallowing...thank U Ramesh, THANK U!!!!

  3. I'm reading it again & again.....gosh Ramesh aap mahaaan ho....seriously how do you do it?????

    p.s: did u read the last comment on the 21st question???? Teeeeheeee

  4. Awww Nancy, you are T.H.I.S fabulous.....Excel sheet and all, yeh????

    And do I have to say how much we looked forward to your marathon qns, everyday. Now I have one thing less to loook forward to...boohooo....

    But, please, please keep writing...

    Ooooh, Ramesh. Tipping offf the hat. You are excused for commenting first (;)), just for writing a fantabulous poem.......Rightfully commented first!!

  5. By the way, Nancy, where is the promised recipe for the cherry pie??????? (See we don't forget anything, ok?)

  6. oh Nancy, this is so painstaking took time to prepare for the questions with the trivia..we thoroughly enjoyed it.
    btw you skipped asking the last question i think?
    I understand when you say your regulars didnt comment. As a newbie, i know how tough it is and it thrills me to find some comments on my posts not to mention getting followers..
    Weekend was busy as usual meeting up with friends and doing some shopping..

    p.s. is the book thing for real? the book is on my must-read list. I have been following preeti shenoy's blog for a while now and enjoy her writing.
    should i mail u my address??

  7. hey...YAY!!... i am thrilled..:)..thanku thanku..i would be more than happy to recieve the postcards...:)

    i absolutely do not mind sharig my address...:)

  8. Hehe RS I had forgotten all about the recipe...ok let me go dig it up;-P.
    I'm still awestruck at how fast Ramesh came out with the poem...he's rhymed everyline with the next so perfectly;-o
    And Sulo gets a mention too;-D

    Uma: Yup skipped the last question;-).
    Ofcourse its for real...just mail me ur address. My mail id is on the profile page, anyways here it is: lexaxel[at]gmail[dot]com.

    forgottogrowup The pleasure is all mine girl:-))!!!

  9. awwwww... u r a sweetheart!!! bt i have both these books already :( n i gifted the 34 bubblegums to someone,...

    anyway, if you are giving me one - i will gift the 2nd book to somebody else too ;)

    you neednt give it you know, but if u do persist i will mail my address...

    provided u promise to write a letter - few lines also fine... with ur handwritin... n an autograph ;D ha ha...! i am ur ardent fan after all... wont u send me one :( pretty please!!! or else a family pic :P

    btw, what movie were u talkin about :O

    will comment again later...


  10. :))

    aww...written in true 'N' ishstyle!

    I'm sort of still getting my bearings and i hope you will understand!

  11. Hey, so is this the end of the marathon, was hoping to answer a few more fun questions. In fact intended to answer many of them, procrastinated and later didn't find time to do it as there was a new question to answer to. This was an novel idea and I enjoyed. Thank you for that.

  12. Sulo aka The obedient girl18 July 2011 at 17:25

    Qsn 1. I watched HP Finals... n still am smitten ;D

    Qsn 2. Curd rice :P Ram,??? you there?? :P

    qSN 3. Thanks for reminding that I do have a blog :P

    Qsn 4. Not applicable. I don't follow my own blog myself. When there are other places to spam, why strain ;D

    Qsn 5. Ha ha... you did?? seriously??? I ain't believing that :P I do all the time...

    Is there a movie called tangled :o I am so outdated, i tell you :o

    Did Preeti di sign it???? really??? wahooooooooooooo!!!

    Gawd!!! excel sheet n all ;) Chech..... ;D

    jhinckah post cards must be fun - i wont mind one :P kidding! am touched already ;( sniff! :P

    Yeah, u r right - shd i share my address with you ;D Leme meditate and think of any possible repurcussions... say you address it to my dad :o :o bachaoooooooooooooo!!! :P

    Not planning to answer the last quesn ;D

    PS. Gawd! I spam here big time :P

  13. sulo - the upholder of truth!18 July 2011 at 17:27

    @ my lord: lovely poem dude... ;)

    14 comments??? really??? in one post?? :P

  14. Sulo aka The obedient girl18 July 2011 at 17:33

    ps. obviously, Sulo gets a mention :P

    am honoured my lord, for thou hast had me on thy mind when thee thought of my favourite blogger's marathon ;D

    pps. Ram, if we do meet in person, do give plenty of chocolate bars for calling you thou, thee, and what not ;)

  15. Sulo: Haha when u said u already had them & didnt want me to send I was thinking to myself "looks like sulo hasnt read the post properly;-D"!!!!
    @HP- U lucky girl....hrd its totally worth it, planning to go for it sooon.
    'Tangled' is an animated movie for for it if u get the chance, its cute;-)
    U meditate all u want but just send me the address after tht;-P
    Ummm Sulo u've got it the other way around, when u guys meet u shd be giving Ram chocolates for creating a celebrity-like status for u thru his poem;-D

    Suma: U shifted again; tht case u r exempted from the list;-D

    Elizabeth: I'm glad u liked it. Thank U for joining in and the pleasure is all mine:-)).

  16. Sulo aka The obedient girl18 July 2011 at 18:10

    but i did read the post correctly, didnt I?? :o :P

    @ HP - its worth a gazillion times more than u can imagine ;D am seeing it again this july 30th... i might see it even a 3rd time :P not yet decided... :P

    oh! dont give ideas to Ram now.... :o puhleeez.... u r supposed to be my sistah... u shd support me :o

    will surely watch the movie ;)

    ha ha!!! i will... u can visit me too if you want ;D

  17. bt leme know in advance, i gotta clean the room ;D

  18. oooooo ooooooooooo ooooooooooo...

    i missed the marathon :(

    how will i ever come back and show my face on this blog again!! heehee..
    sorry i missed it Nancy! This new life-of-a-single-working-woman is driving me crazy! :| :D

  19. :) open heart-to-heart talk i guess!! ;) glad i did my bit while as many had said pleasure was all ours!

    ofcourse would be thrilled to get the dooobaii cards. will be in Trichy, leaving in couple of days. and yes the pie recipe too, wouldnt mind having it.
    shall mail to its fine?

  20. Hi Nancy,

    I really loved the marathon....your questions were wonderful and the presentation was awesome with the relevant pictures and all...that made me want to answer all your questions... I already have those two books by Preeti Shenoy...the books are awesome....but, you could consider sending me the postcards instead...I will mail you my address by this evening...
    Please dont quit blogging...I really love your pots and missed them badly when you were on BB..... I understand when you said the regulars did not participate in the marathon... Getting even one comment on my posts make me feel on top of the world... Looking forward to interacting with you more...

  21. Hey Nancy,
    Cheer-up . I keep getting the same kind of lectures from the other half :-)
    Whatever happens please please please do not stop blogging. I love your posts and they make my day :-).

    Btw how do I send you my id ? I need yours first.
    Lots of hugs ,

  22. Sulo: Nope no advance warnings, only surprise visits;-D!!!!!

    S: LOL I guess u forgot but I have records which say tht u have commented on 2 of the marathon questions, so jaao maaf kar diya busy single working woman ko;-D

    vaidegi: yup thts the address....i'll send u the cherry pie recipe also once I get ur mailid;-).

    Tan: Thank U so much so the nice words:-))!!!
    And not a problem at all, I'd love to send u a postcard from here:-)). Mail me ur address, you know the email id right.

    Preeti: Thank U....lovely comments like this one makes MY day:-)). My email id is lexaxel[at]gmail[dot]com.

  23. Phew!

    Thank God I participated in the marathon though I started late! I dread the thought of getting that lecture from you and going on that guilt trip! Nancy's regular 'old' readers...shame on you! ;)

  24. You have me laughing as usual!! Love your posts...even your post marathon one :) Sorry I wasn't able to answer ALL the questions- I did love reading the answers and answering the ones I was able to. What a surprise that I somehow made it on the list to receive something...YAY!!! :)

    my addy-

    3614 NE 7th Place,
    Renton WA 98056

  25. wow wow! I can't believe I made it to the list -- I don't even visit my *own* blog anymore lol and here I was loving each n every question, dropping by whenever I could :D it's been a really great marathon and Ramesh's poetry expresses it all beautifully! <3 ur blog!

  26. Yayy!!!!
    Thank you, Nancy!

    Address is in your mail and a request too :-)

  27. Wannabewriter: Hehe...coming in the last minute and answering all the questions at once saved u;-D. But jokes apart, I knw u dont blog now but still took the trouble to post ur comments, thanks girl:-))!!!!!!

    Anjuli: I know for a fact tht u r sooo busy with ur daughter' weddings & other matters but still take time out to comment whenever u can....I thank U!!!!!
    I already have ur address from 3 yrs back[gosh 3yrs already;-o], remember;-D

    Snow: Thank U!!! Now u better start blogging soon...otherwise I'll hound u for the treat u owe me;-D!!!

    Bindu: Thank YOU:-))!!!!! The pleasure is all mine!!!!

  28. Phew so you are finally back. The silly, phunny you :)

    And not fair, if you would've told me about the gifts, I would've answered all the questions... twice...

    And also the fact that I was on vacation !!!

    Not fair,

    I want a book for good intentions at least... at least a post card.

    Never mind, I'll remember this next time you ask a question :)


  29. I am happy to see I made it to the list in some way. In between my paper paper paper all over my desk I wanted a break and logged in here. Good that the deadline is not missed.

    I would like to receive it in hand ( Just trying to create a chance to meet your angels more than yourself)!! Common place if you wish to.Or else let me know I shall send my PO Box No.....Dubai!

  30. More about your Marathon and this post later in the evening. My nose dived into papers again!!

  31. Well then, thats at ur own risk :D

  32. Rakesh: Hahhahaaa....oh yes I already knew u were on vacation;-D....swaram had put up a post abt meeting u;-D

    Maddy: LOL u know wht my answer is.....but then again if ever there is a bloggers meet in Dubai u can be sure we'll definitely meet;-D. So do u want to wait till the bloggers meet or just mail me ur PO Box;-D????

    Sulo: Now I'm having doubts;-D!!!!

  33. Four digit number.

    First digit is double the time of third digit.
    Second digit is addtion of third and fourth digit.
    Third digit is...Anything divided by this number gives the same number as answer.
    Fourth digit is...Three times of the first digit.

    Hahahahah, If you crack this, thats my PO Box..... Write Madhavan as my name!

    You cant escape like this Nancy. I dont know any blogger(Blogpost) from Dubai.You must be having a few.So it is time to organize one soon.Take the initiative.

  34. Sulo aka The obedient girl21 July 2011 at 14:36

    why chechi.. :P


  35. Oh Nancy-- I saw the marathon almost 2 days before it was ending, so thought why to post...but really looked fun...
    since you had stopped posting for such a long time I rarely visited your blog(ur own fault u know :), for keeping away so long)
    anyway will now visit regularly and comment too


  36. Maddy: LOL its a coincidence I'm sure but my daughter is doing these kind of sums nowdays and I didnt have to think too much. And having a maths whiz like Sulo as a blog friend also helps;-D. So shall I send the postcard to tht PO box no;-D???

    Sulo: Thanks girl;-D!!!!!

    Horizon: Good to see U Seema:-))!!!!!

  37. sob sob sob! I seemed to have missed some major chunk of fun-sessions here :(. *cursing my dwindling interest in blogging! What visheshams otherwise, Nancykutty?? All well I hope!

  38. suloooooooooooooooo!22 July 2011 at 18:07

    am on my way to Bengalooru tonite... gonu meet my gals ;)

    and ogle at hrithik tomo in znmd :D TEE HEE!!!

  39. Deeps: Hah look who's here....where have u been?????
    The blog world seems so empty with so many bloggers on a break or losing interest;-(

    Sulo: 'Enjaaai maadi' like they say in Kannada;-D

  40. OMG! Sulo s accessin N's blog via phne! :o :P ps. As i travel twrds N's city, i hpe to bump into hr mum n reveal the 'dear mom' post. Buahaahaaaa! :D

  41. Yes for your question.

    But you have not answered mine.

  42. Sulo Have a blast girl;-)!!!!

    Maddy By telling u tht I'm posting the card I thot I answered all the questions;-D

  43. i want my postcard! have been on vacation and only just got back! will email u my address! :))

    loved the marathon btw; it was fun! sorry for not participating in the later half!

  44. Aiyo aiyo AYYYYYooooooooo I missed out on the jhinkichakka :o( sorry I was not regular. House hunting and severe power shortages kept me awaaaaay!

  45. I'm glad you're "back" Nancy. I've missed you. Bins too.


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