Tuesday, 12 July 2011

21st Question

How would you describe yourself????????


  1. I would describe myself as someone who is loving, sensitive, honest, outgoing, intelligent, creative, ambitious, loyal, generous and brave and adventurous and…..

    Ok just kidding……but seriously this is a tough question.
    Even at interviews I would answer everything well but as soon as they ask this question I go all flustered and aem….errr…ummmm…all thru the answer;-(
    I guess I’d like to think I’m a balanced kinda person…but somebody who does not exert herself to her full potential. There is more to me but I don’t give myself a chance…….just content to go with the flow....I know, sounds awful doesn’t it;-)

  2. @RS....copied & pasted my answer this time....buhahahahaaaaaa;-D

  3. You ARE Intelligent, Nancy!! You ARE intelligent!!!

    I am still searching, I mean, an answer to your qn....Sometimes, I don't even know what to want from life. It is THAT difficult to answer this qn, Madamji...

  4. Tanku, tanku;-D!!!!
    I sooo get wht u mean but if u look at the question closely I asked u to describe urself and not wht u want from life;-D

    Come on, it can't be tht tough...if I can do it, U definitely CAN:-))

  5. omg! chech u r jus too much... u shd giv us a chance u know

  6. am still at office btw, kina arguing with my UK counterpart over a formula :P ;D

    am sure he is going to hate me now... its not even his area of work, but he was giving some suggestion, and i din agree at all :P finally, i said, i am still not convinced, i will ask the client :P he is really sweet, but if i am not convinced what will i do - teme :(

    anyway, office stuff aside...

  7. suloooooooooooooooo!12 July 2011 at 18:46

    Saw RS' comment, and got a doubt -

    she says, "You ARE Intelligent". People usually stress on you, or intelligent, right? Why is she stressing on are?

    yes, i am in a questioning mood today... gyan please...

  8. LOL Sulo....good question;-D

    About ur office doubt, lets ask Ramesh...he is our Guru in all business dealings;-D

    And dear girl, on this blog I'm asking the questions...so u just stop diverting my attention & give me a stright answer hmmmmphhhhfff;-/

  9. God's blessing to Mother earth, and Reflections' blog author, and followers :P ;D

    buhahahahaaaaaa :D

    PS. I really like this word, "buhahahahaaaaaa" :P

  10. Sulo aka The obedient girl12 July 2011 at 18:57

    ha ha...! now i did... You asked for it, dont blame me :P

  11. I picture myself as Raaavan with 10 heads from the Ramayana when I say tht;-D


  12. BTW, this Qn marathon ends tomorrow, is it?? :( :( :( Please Nancy, please extend this for atleast two more days, for the pleasure of spamming your space.....

  13. as always the darling of a gurl :P12 July 2011 at 20:20

    no chech, u can never be ravan... may be Ram with 10 heads ;)

    touchiten la :P

    yeah, chech, wen is it ending... warn me in advance... i need to know wen i will get stroke, so can take necsry precaution :P ;D

    @ RS, i think i asked u a quesn :P

  14. This is the most diff. qs Nance, and u knw that ;)

    We are allowed to pass one qs rt :P

  15. why should I describe myself? it is for others to find out ;-)

  16. Oh, Sulo, I thought you were kidding me...

    I have stressed on 'ARE' because I am ensuring with no room for doubt that Nancy is intelligent. OK?

  17. Oh RS, u r jus awesome ;) :P

  18. Cute things come in small packages ;)

  19. RS: Awwwwww.....u knw if anybody else said this[other than Sulo ie] my eyebrows wd have gone up & merged into my hair;-D
    Yes it ends today;-D

    Sulo: Yup the last question will up today. All good things come to an end sometime or the other sweetie;-D.
    And U my dear still havent answered the question;-/

    Swaram: Rules are rules...a question must be answered;-D

    Bindu: Smart way of side-stepping the question;-/

    RS, Sulo: Habbba glad tht doubt is cleared...last night I didnt sleep properly;-D

  20. Tan: LOL.....smart girl, u said many things in tht lil sentence;-D

  21. If I can answer today's question as well as keep the banter with sulo going at the same time

    @sulo - In response to your query from the previous post, since I am a dignified gentleman having seen many a summer, young lady, you are to henceforth address me as The Rt. Hon'ble Lord R Esq, Second Viscount of Marathahalli. If the proper salutation is too much of an exercise for your typing fingers, just "milord" will do.

    @Reflections - The is the self description :) Pompous, Verbose and Anglophile :)

  22. aaah...tough one!
    i am inclined to copy paste your answer nancy...

  23. Sulo aka The obedient girl13 July 2011 at 14:18

    lol chech, loved ur reply to RS... if that does happen, will u mail me a pic atleast then - so that i get to see the 8th wonder ;)

    sorry for the pj :P

    btw, i told na that i am god's blessing to mother earth n to you ;D isnt that enough :P if u still want me to, i will think abt it tonite :P

    @Ram: er... i mean pompous fellow... i mean.. second rt. fellow.. uff.. wat was it again ;D well, never mind!!! :P

  24. sulo - the upholder of truth!13 July 2011 at 14:22

    @Ram again: being the dignified gurl that i am, i must admit i really liked ur description... ;)

    i am an anglophile in the making, will reach ur level soon :P

  25. LOL @ Ramesh, and Sulo, if you haven't known Ramesh, yes, he is a class apart, holds S.U.C.H. credentials, wearing a warm heart. :)

    (I think reading his blog will give you an idea of who he is. If you are lazy, just read the comments by one 'Sandhya Sriram' on his posts, that alone will do!)

  26. I am a very striaghtforward and true person.cant tolerate liers and wrong doers.I am a very good manager..can manage anything, but very impatient.

  27. Watched HP???? I did ;D n loved it! :P

    cdnt say abt it in the recent post :( you know why :( bt i still wanted to say to you :P :)

  28. I'm Ramesh's friend..oh sorry. Am a friend of the Rt. Hon'ble Lord R Esq, Second Viscount of Marathahalli.

    :) :)


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