Wednesday, 13 July 2011

I'm just praying...

I was just about to post the last question when I heard about the serial blasts in Mumbai. The familiar feeling of fear & dread creeped in, everything else suddenly seemed superfluous.

My brothers & sisters in & from Mumbai, keep your calm; the entire nation is with you!!!!!!!


  1. well, honestly that was unexpected...

    yeah.... these things... THESE things r jus beyond me... Coincidentally, I was thinkin to myself about terrorism this morning...

    My life kina has a big tragic element in it... am not sure if tragic is the rt word, but yeah nt a moment passes in my life when i dont think abt it... its just tht i pretend all of those din happen... anywy, i thot then even if i get a shot gun, i will never shoot those ppl, bcos i jus cant kill ppl.... u know... n then i was thinkin abt y ppl actly end up killin others.... one must have hardcore hatred, zero empathy, intense agony... or i dono wat to do such things i guess.... i kina feel bad even for those who commit such murders... to be born a human, n still not be one at heart... i think thts the worst of all...

    well, i can only pray for peace... peace be to all... Amen!


  3. Alas, we live in a world where there i much evil and much that is inhuman. Bombay has had a disproportionate share of these tragedies unfortunately.

  4. Let me shut up and remain silent, Nancy.

    BTW, they have been keeping calm ever since we know (1993, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2008, 2011). I think it's high time we learnt from them.......Because our leaders WILL never learn and going at this rate, we can always speculate anything, in any part of the country! Shame on us!!

    We cannot afford to fight back because we believe in non-violence, we cannot afford to secure because we lack the technology and are less bothered, all that we can afford is the lives of people or their organs, because that is what we have in abundance!!

  5. People talk about the resilience of Mumbaikers. Honestly, do they have any choice?
    Praying for peace that lasts..

  6. Agree with Bindu...talking about resilience is liking rubbing salt on the wounds.
    High time this govt is thrown off and high time we rebel against such shameless acts..


  7. Have been watching the news on and heart bleeds for the victims. But the media coverage is just putting me off; some of the press are so unaffected; they are more interested in covering their if they've got their teeth on some juicy piece of meat after a long time.

  8. i heard about it from a friend -- didn't dare google much about it -- cuz i hate the way Indian media sensationalizes everything -- tried TOI website with nothing really described well... it SUCKS!!! what's worse is that it's become such a common thing, everyone moves on with their life the next day -- that's what sucks the most.

  9. Agree with Bindu . I hate it when everyone talks about the Mumbai spirit. What do you expect them to do ? Most of them have to work to survive .

  10. Although many days have passed- everyone is still in my prayers!!! It is when the dust settles and people begin to forget that the real trauma sets in- in the quietness of the aftermath- we need to keep them in our prayers!!!


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