Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Qstn Sixteen

Think baaaack……now tell me which is the earliest song you remember???

What memories do you associate with it????


  1. It is “Brown Girl in the Ring” without a doubt.
    I must have been 6 yrs old when I participated in a dance at school and the song was the above. I remember practicing & practicing even though I was somewhere at the back. There was a sentence in the song ‘she looks like a sugar in a plum’ which never made any sense to me at that time. The lil me used to wonder how she could look like that;-D. Actually it doesn’t make any sense to me even now;-P.
    Another song which comes to mind is from a movie I watched almost 8 yrs later on our B&W tv. Rajesh Khanna’s ‘Zindagi, kaisi hai paheli’ from Anand;-D

    p.s: there was some problem with the Internet this side of town and so was not able to login the whole day, sorry to keep you waiting:-).

  2. Must have been 3-4 years old. My grandfather took the whole family in our boat (yes , we had our own boat, the same way you have a car :-) ) to a theater, it was more of a shack, to see the movie 'Nellu'
    The songs goes 'Kadali Chenkadali'(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rh2djsTR9hI) and I think it is the only malayalam song sung by Lata Mangeshkar

  3. It was all Rajesh Khanna mania those days and me taken to Sangam by a bevy of giggling pretty teenagers - me little boy, teenagers, well, teenagers. My movie ignoramus traditions where set then - after watching the movie, I asked a particularly pretty thing - Who is Rajesh Khanna :)

    Aradhna songs are the earliest songs I can remember.

    Imagining 6 year old N dancing to Brown girl in the ring. Video, Video ....

  4. If rhymes can also be included, the earliest memory is of me sitting with stretched legs enacting the rhyme, 'one, two, buckle my shoe....'

    During my Std I, grandpa had just entered the home (He used to spend alternate nights at the house in the town), was damn tired and seated on the sofa (we didnot have a TV then). All of a sudden, I popped up before him and danced singing, "Enga mudhalaali, nalla mudhalaali....(Our master is a good master :P)", then I forgot the lyrics, so tailored a lyrics of another song to it: 'Anne, anne, sippai anne, namma ooru nalla ooru ippo romba kettu pochu ney (Brother, brother, soldier brother, our place is a nice place, but it is rotting now..). He almost collapsed of embarassment and laughter.

  5. ha ha ha @ RS's comment...

    oh yeah, would love a video as Ramesh says - i am game! :)

    @ Chech: yes, apology accepted ;-D

    you ask all tough questions :o

    i have been very bad with movies even from childhood - i remem i used to get confused bw MGR/Shivaji for a long time... even if ppl teme who is who, the next film i watch, i will cal 'em wid wrong names :P

    that reminds me you shd ask about what was the weirdest doubt you had in ur childhood... cos when i was young (am gonu embarass myself) i used to wonder - if the earth is round, how will they launch space ships - i mean wd it pierce the outer surface n go... :D ha ha... if u kno wat i mean... i used to think this way, till i studied abt the solar system n gravity... call me genius :D

    anyway, comin to the quesn - i really dont remem this bit in my life, but i hear from my family that i used to sing kamal's "raja kaya vecha adhu wronga ponadhile" song almost everyday... i guess i ws in prekg or sumthng.. :P

  6. I can't remember a song like that
    But, I can remember a lot of nursery rhymes :), the oldest being "Ring a ring a roses".

    As far is song is concerned, I remember singing and performing on stage when I was in second standard to the song "How much is that doggy at the window".

  7. Baa baa black sheep :D LOL

  8. The earliest song that I can remember is my Bro singing " Kurbani kurbani kurbani Avalakki pyaara hai kurbaani" .. The orginal lyrics were "Allah ko pyaari hai kurbaani. But since Bro and I understood very little hindi and we happened to love avalakki ( parched rice) this is the way we sang the song :-).

  9. Bindu: Such a beautiful memory....I can imagine ur whole family[esp the kids jumping up & down in excitement;-D] sitting on the boat on their way:-)).
    Really LM's sung a mal song;-o, thanks for the link:-).

    Ramesh: LOL I did the same and everybody looked at me goggle-eyed;-D. And then got a 1 hr lecture on exactly WHO RK was;-P.
    No video, no photographs even;-(....just memories:-)).

    RS: LOL Savi tht was hilarious. All your grandfather's weariness wd have vanished;-D.

    Sulo: Nope no videos;-(...huh how tough can this be...all I asked is for a song...doesnt particularly have to be from the movies...anything u enjoyed singing or hearing or just remembered fr ur childhood:-).
    Aaaah ok Kamal hassan phaaan huh;-D.

    Tan: 'Ring a ring a roses' is like sacred....one of the 1st kiddy games song played enthusiatically, another I remember is 'Oranges & lemon, all for a penny'...u remember tht;-D

    Elegantchic: LOL;-D

  10. hmm...it cannot be just one song am sure. My mom used to sing lullabies, so has to be one of those for sure..

    many songs hold special memories to them. You keep listening to them during a phase of your life and then the song fades away from your memory. Yet when you listen to the song again later, the memories of that phase come back...

    hope i wasnt rambling here...

  11. Preeti: LOL that must have been funny for the others to listen;-D. This reminds me of another song "आप जैसा कोई मेरी ज़िंदगी में आये / तो बात बन जाये, हाँ हाँ बात बन जाये . ..." I used to sing Baap instead of baat;-D

  12. Uma: Not at all Uma...know exactly wht u are saying and thts why I specifically asked abt the memories in the question:-).
    There was this song 'Sandese aatae hai' from the movie Border. I bought the tape[was in college then] when my mom left for her native place for 2 weeks. I used to play the song every morning while doing my chores. Even today when I hear the songs memories come back so clearly...I can actually smell the curries I made;-D

  13. So true...My hubby gifted me an Mp3 player with some of his fav (tamil) songs stored after our engagement. I used to listen to them while travelling to office. Whenever I listen to those songs now, they transport me to those days...

  14. my first memory of a song i will not forget is 'Rasputin' from Boney M. it was one of my dad's favourite albums and in fact i remember all the songs from it like 'Daddy Cool', 'Brown Girl in the Ring', 'Rivers of Babylon', 'No Woman No Cry'!! even tho i honestly did not have any idea what half of the lyrics meant!

    Still love those songs actually and associate them to memories of a Saturday evening where i would dance around on these songs while dad listened & was forced to watch! :P

  15. Ooooohhhhh Rasputin was a fav song with me too;-o....there were only 2 english tapes with us then...one was 'Boney M' & the other 'Abba'. We knew all the songs & lyrics by heart.
    Ur memories sound so wonderful...I'm sure ur dad must be as nostalgic abt it as U:-).

  16. the earliest song which i remember is "shayad meri shaadi ka khayal dil mein aaya hai...isisliye mummy ne meri tujhe chhai pe bulaya hai..."....lol..yes..i must have been 4-5 years old then..we use to stay in a rented one room set ..this song reminds me of relaxed sunday mornings..when dad use to go about finishing his sunday morning activities humming this song...:)

  17. Its a toss up between "Joh waada kiya, woh nibhaana padega" (Tajmahal) and "Shankupushpum kannezhudhumbol" (Shakunthala). I was around 5 yrs old - staying with a cousin, who is already married, in Rourkela!

    The song from Tajmahal always brings a tear to my eye ... its nostalgia!

  18. There are several old hindi songs because my Dad had an amazing collection.

    But the song that is linked to a memory is a song that goes 'Onnaanaam kunninmel koodu koottum thathamme...'...it is a cute song..have you heard?

    When I was 5 years old, had a neighbour called Jeeja who was also my classmate and best friend...she had a little sister Anuja (a.k.a Kunjaava) who was about 2 or 3. She used to keep singing this with her own lyrics and it was a major entertainment for all of us!


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