Monday, 11 July 2011

Qstn Twenty

What's your guilty pleasure?????

Is it.....




Television & Movies



The Internet

Or is it something else?????


  1. Work used to be a guilty pleasure[I don’t think anybody looked forward to going to work on the days even when they were sick, quite like me;-D] but now that’s out of the way I’d say its blogging. Well nobody at home likes me blogging so…….;-P.

  2. RS u move at lightening speed;-o

  3. yuck,
    aaaha what bliss,
    sigh OK,
    once in a while,
    Oh my! so many shoes?,
    that's why I am here this regular :D

  4. LOL didnt get wht the yucking was all abt at first;-D
    So sleeping & the internet eh;-D

  5. The sigh is with an yearn for that kind of pleasure I derived out of work long ago.....When we age, when we have other priorities, we gradually get to slow down on that, do we?

  6. Chocolate,
    Television and Movies,
    Cheeeeeeeeseeeeeee :)

  7. Oh yes totally get wht u mean RS:-))

    LOL then u must be permanantly living in a state of guilt Anusha;-D. And cheese ofcourse, how cd I forget cheeese;-D

  8. chocolatesssssssssssssssssssssss all the way,,, yeah, even internet... :P

  9. None of the above.

    Teasing fair maidens, especially if they are as sporting as they are here - especially a dig at "lazy" N, or sulo who has some peculiar sporting interests, or RS whom I have to address with respect .......

  10. Cant say actually but yes Indian sweets are my weakness:)

  11. All these are my pleasures...the word guilty can be used b4 pleasure depending on the situation...for eg; watching TV during exams is a guilty pleasure, watching TV during holidays is a pleasure:)...Hope you got the drift ;)

  12. has to be blogging in the recent is addictive..
    and yes, i also have a sweet tooth though cant say i eat chocolates to the point of taking the guilt path.

  13. 1. Watching movies : I am mad about movies, got a huge collection and dreamt of having my own video library when I own a house...most freaking thing done watched 4 movies in one day :)

    2. Internet : If Air, water, fire and earth are 4 elements , the 5th for me is Internet. Can't live without.

    3. Sleeping : Love to core...wish humans where like polar bears and had the ability to hibernate.

  14. Chocolates (In fact Ice creams more than chocolates)



  15. Eating road side panipuri. No amount of hygienic panipuri can taste the same :-)

  16. Sulo: I thot as much;-D.
    What is Ramesh talking abt peculiar sporting interests u have...wht have u been telling him;-o?????

    Ramesh: For the 1st time I thk u got it wrong here. U've mentioned pleasure here...I asked about guilty pleasure;-D?????

    Renu: Ooooooooh yummy!!!!!

    Tan: exactly wht u meant.....but hard to believe even errr...gambling is included;-D

    Uma: Oh yes blogging;-(

    Prabodh: 4 a theatre????? I've watched upto 3 movies but on tv ofcourse;-D.
    And ur 3rd thought is brilliant....I just love the thought of not cooking for 6 months;-D

    WannabeWriter: Movies fan also eh...interesting;-D

    Preeti: No fair....savere, savere mooh mein paani aaa gaya;-(

    Ramesh: Hahahaaaa...just figured out the sporting activities u were referring to.....u r just too much, not going to let her forget it are u????
    Sulo darling, did u get it;-D?????

  17. Sulo darling, I perfectly got it the first time I read Ramesh's comment. Where are you hiding dear?? Come out, come out, no more blushing, OK?

  18. BTW, Ramesh, *Thunder, lightning, shock*, what respect and all??

  19. Very guilty needling fair, innocent, good hearted, simple, kind, genuine, non mischevous, girls. Not fair to do so.

    Hence the guilty pleasure :):)

  20. Desserts :(. In my unending and unsuccessful quest to lose weight I am truly guilty of indulging in them as often as I can.

  21. bug Rammmmmmmmmmmmmmm...! am gonu kill ya.................. would you ever forget it? :P

    @Chech: i din get at first, but got it when i saw yours... ;D :P

    @ RS: amnt blushing, just ha ha laughter :P Call me shy :P

    ps. Would you all allow me to go home? thats the pron with this page, i just cant come out of it *winks*

    chech, u r beating the FB record even ;)

  22. BTW, Ram - are u like too old n all... shd i call u Ram biah, or Ram uncle...? I need to know now, esply cos i called you bug... hope u dont mind :P

    so used to reactin lik that wid my frens u see :P

    ps. amnt so young by the way :P really really old... :)

  23. Chats, and ice-cream at times :P :P

  24. chocolates and ice cream at midnight :D

  25. All of the above excpet chocolates--oh wait..maybe that too :P :D


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