Saturday, 23 July 2011

Its that time of the year again

The summer hols are upon us. Two whole months. The kids are ecstatic and I’m walking around in 2 minds. Ofcourse I’m glad that the exams are over, I can now get up at 7.30 instead of 5.30am, no freaking lunch-boxes to be prepared[I waste so much time thinking what to send;-(] and NO homework yaayyyyy.

On the other hand having 2 kids under my feet for 2 WHOLE MONTHS is not my idea of fun. I have children who act like teenagers already, squabble like jackdaws[you have to hear it to believe it;-/] and are forever hungry but complain about the quality of the food when it comes to them. By the end of the day I’m all ready to run out of the front door. Thank goodness for vacations.

Went over to the neighbour’s house today and asked her tentatively if she could look after my plants when I’m traveling. She moved in last year but I met her for the 1st time just 3 weeks back. She graciously invited me in. Nothing prepared me for the vision before my eyes.

Her living room looked like something out of an interiors magazine. I was slack jawed. The whole room was done in pure white with splashes of red and green[plants] and minimum wood work. The rest of the apartment looked even better. I hastily told her I’ll find some other house to keep my plants. She looked at me puzzled. I was like ‘my plants are going to ruin your decor’. Honestly my plants were going to look like country-bumpkins besides her designer flora. She started laughing and told me that her husband was an architect and it was he who designed their interiors.

Came back home and spent an hour sprucing my greens; cutting away all the dried foliage, wiping the dust off the leaves and spraying them with plant shine and even scrubbing the pots . Hah they look so good now;-D.

The better-half is sooo amused;-P

As I prepare to go home I realize that unlike earlier where all of us used to rush back to home country, most of us now take off to other destinations. The urge to see our parents and family members and bask in that warmth is no longer that compelling. Times sure are changing.

Anyways came here to tell you that I’ll be out of the blog circuit for a month or so. You guys take care and wish me luck.

For what????

My sanity, remember!!!!!


  1. happy holidays :) be back soon..

  2. If you come to Bangalore, don't you DARE leave without meeting me!
    That is an ultimatum :)

    Really--I do want to meet you. Call me--we'll co-ordinate, ok?

  3. Have a good time vacationing Nancy..will miss u...

  4. Well happy holidays and all but do find some time to froth up a post or two, will ya? Remember, I just started reading/commenting, and don't make me run away from blogosphere again :P Also, I can't get jackdaw and slack jawed out of my head now lol

  5. Happy holidays :)
    But, will miss your posts for a whole month :(

  6. Hope you have a wonderful time on your vacation. Not sure what I'm going to do without your blog to read- but I'll try and manage :)...especially since I'll be involved with Kat's wedding during this time!

    Please send me a postcard, would you? If you need my address again, I'll send it to you!

  7. have a superb vacation, where are you headed?

  8. Happy Holidays! Have fun... And when you get the plants back, Hope the designer changes your pots as well :)

    Take care!

  9. bangalore=home, right? let me know if you want to do a coffee and catch up :) would be kinda cool to meet u.

  10. bangalore=home, right? let me know if you want to do a coffee and catch up :) would be kinda cool to meet u.

  11. Happy Holidays Nancy.
    P.S : come back soon . I'll miss you ( err your blog ).

  12. Ohhh... :( I was planning to dust my blog and start posting again...but if you are on vacation that is one reader less out of my four err...three readers! Maybe I should wait till you are back! :D

  13. wow.. what a nice time for holidays..happy vacations.. :) enjoy :)

  14. u go wherever to ur heart's content, but get backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk...!

    OKay? ;) would love to know hw the vacations went...

    Will miss ya! :)

  15. Ohh.. Happy Holidays dear, and Good luck too.. ;)

  16. Preeti Shenoy: I want to meet u too;-D!!!!!

    Uma: Thanks, will miss all of u too:-D

    Snow: U just remember that r made of sterner stuff than tht and all will be okay;-D. And thank U;-D!!!!

    Tan:Thanks girl, will miss u too;-)!!!

    Anjuli: Hahahaaa u have a super sense of humour;-D
    Have sent it already, u shd be receiving it in a couple of days;-D

    Elizabeth: Hey thanks;-D!!!!

    Rakesh: Haha trust u to get one step ahead;-D. And thank U;-D!!!!

    limenlemons: Coffee and gupshup sounds great;-D!!!!

    Preeti: Thank U!!!! I'll miss u guys too;-D!!!!

    Anita: Thanks girl;-D!!!!

    WannabeWriter: Hahahhaaa u r just too much....nice tactic not to blog for another year;-D.

    Thanks Swathi;-D:!!!!!

  17. suloooooooooooooooo!27 July 2011 at 16:45

    HELLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO??? Who will reply to my comment?????

    ps. :o :o :o

    pps. ;( ;( ;(

  18. Happy holidaysssssssssssssssssssss and yea good luck :P
    i should check with my mom if we used to drive her this crazy:)

  19. Chechhhhhhhh., am waitin for ur card, n ur handwriting....

    ps. am sure u can see in ur mind's eye as to how i wd jump aroun the house, when i get one :D ;D

  20. happpppppppppppy holidays!

    but where are you off to? vacation vacation.. yayyyyy! that means more storiessss :)

  21. Happy vacation Nancy. Do not disappear again :)

  22. Sulo: Sorry girl, had to logout suddenly tht day...;-P
    Ofcourse I'll tell u how it I mean;-D

    Amusingveracity: Thank U;-))!!!!

    Amrita: From our point of view we havent but our mothers have a different story to tell:-D
    And thank u;-))!!!!

    Sulo: I sent it looong back u shd have got it by now;-o

    S: Thank U!!!!! Haha....more stories....u bet;-D

    Horizon: Thank U:-))!!!!!!

  23. suloooooooooooooooo!2 August 2011 at 16:47

    But i haven't ;( ;( I will kill the PO people if they dont delvier your card to me :o ;D

  24. I RECEIVED YOUR CARD, IIIII RRRRRRRRRECEEEEEEEEEEIVED YYYYOOOOUR CARD- the card signed by Nancy!!!A wide grin for the night...

  25. nw tht i mailed u d no... gawd! u have no idea how excited i am... i told back home that am gonu get a courier from one Ms. ##### ;)

    so r u sendin me the book/card - watever it is i am excited ;p :D

    i will let u know once i receive... tata!

  26. Have loads of fun!!! n guess what, got your lovely card!!! :) was thrilled to get it, thanks a ton!!! a real nice gesture. Anyways enjoy and come back with great stories! :)

  27. chechiiiiiiiiiiii...

    hpy fship day wishes... in advance that is...! ;)

  28. I did not receive your card yet:(

  29. Got your card :-) .. Thanks so much.

  30. Sulo the one n only :)10 August 2011 at 21:02

    I Got the book.... i got the book...... i GOTTTTTTTTTTTTT THEEEEEEEEE BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK!!! signed by Preeti sister ;) ;) ;) i will show it to my friends n make them feel jealous :D

    Thank you chechiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii... u r the best :)

  31. ur darlin sulo ;-D19 August 2011 at 20:49

    Chechi, i got the card as well... man! u have a wonderful hand writing :-P

    I was swept over by the 2nd line, and so were my friends... i havent told much about you to all, slowly i have started telling, and one of my friends wants to meet u already... she is in the pic i sent u ;)

    now, now since u r gettin so many fans n all - dont u leave bangalore without tellin me okay, i will try my best to come over there.... i really really would love to meet you :)


  32. Haha! It's always nice to read you Reflections! :) Happy hols :D

  33. Happy Journey and Holidays.

    Holidays are very necessary to recharge.

    You can use automatic watering of plants using water Tank and siphon technique. I will try to send you a feature on the subject.

  34. Just to let you know I got your postcard!!! Thanks!! Hope you are having a great time back home- can't wait for you to return to Dubai and start updating your blog! :)

  35. Have a good vacation and I guess you would be back by now, we are having a week off in Malaysia due to the Id Holidays with our Independence day. So I am going to take this opportunity to recharge my batteries by staying at home and catching up on stuff that I had missed blogging, reading, and perhaps watch a couple of movies...

  36. wheee, reading you after so long.. i thought you gave up on the blog so i stopped visiting :/
    happy holidays!
    you know this house you are talking about sounds familar.. there is this architect couple i know who live near clock tower, deira.. whose house is exactly as you described, Angolkars.. are they your neighbour, if they are i am so going to stalk you hahhaa
    (you remember me right :( )

  37. u mite wanu read this -



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