Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Vacations are overrated

This year’s Vacation is something I’d like to forget as soon as possible.

# First my mom falls sick and ends up in hospital.

# I land up in charge of the kitchen by default and was super busy trying to feed 6 hungry human beings 3 times a day.

# When my mom finally recovered it was time to go…to kerala.

# There I find that my mother-in-law had fired her maid just the previous day.

# I spent the rest of my vay-cay-shon around the kitchen sink washing, cleaning, peeling and making tea/coffee atleast 8-10 times a day[record numbers of guests this yr] and back to washing up.

# Nikita got 4 injections at one go…..the doctor praised her for being so brave. She came out of the clinic, burst into tears and threw up all her breakfast on the pavement. She was then sick for the next few days.

# Went shopping and managed to lose my purse along the way. The purse had money, all kinds of id/debit/credit/membership cards and an iphone. Found it after 45mins and I don’t ever want to relive those moments again. The better-half and I were on the brink of initiating divorce proceedings.

# The tailor misplaced the material I gave for stitching and I was at my wits end. I finally got it on my way to the airport. She made me go to her shop innumerable times and I did not murmer my disatisfaction even once.
Now why on earth do u think I was so patient with her????

You see she was the one who found my purse and kept it safely for me;-D.

# It was raining lightly and the roads were wet. I was striding up the road while the better-half and kids held eachothers’ hands tightly and walked very carefully. I shook my head at them and asked them to walk faster; its only a bit of rain not a natural calamity for heavens sakes. Right then I stepped on a slippery patch and fell flat on the ground. Yup I fell right outside Blossoms. Got up quickly and fled inside the book store[Oh this happened in Bangalore.]. My back still aches on and off.

# Finally it was time to get back and I was actually looking forward to getting back to the hot and humid and sweltering Dubai. We reach the airport[it takes 4 hrs to get there] and find out that the flight was cancelled. Somehow I was not very surprised; the whole trip nothing had really gone according to plan.


Wait, its not over…

# Came back to Dubai and started cleaning the house with a vengeance. Collapsed after 2 days with fever and severe body pain. Self medicated crocin for a few days. No good. Went to the doc and was prescribed antibiotics. It took another 5 days before I was able to think clearly.
As of today I’m feeling good; a bit shaky but good.

# Now the kids are showing symptoms.

# And oh did I mention we have term exams happening in a week's time and havent studied a thing.


  1. Oh dear!!!!! I'm sorry to hear of all these things happening to you on your vacation. Thank goodness you are feeling a bit better- I do hope the kids get better soon and the exams all go well!!!

    We missed you- and are happy you have returned- we are glad you came back with purse and all!!! (I smiled when you clarified why you had been so patient with the seamstress)

    p.s. btw, your card arrived here while you were on vacation- and I can't begin to tell you what it meant to me!!!! It came JUST at the right moment.

  2. Aaaah Anjuli ur words are like balm on a fevered soul, I savour them gratefully:-)).
    So happy you liked my postcard;-D!!!!

  3. tht sure is a nightmare vacation! though i would love to be incharge of kitchen :) as long as people dont complain and eat what i feed them ;)
    hope u all get well soon!

  4. Show me a family[min 6 people;-P] where nobody complains about the food and I'll eat my favourite spatulla;-/.
    Welcome here Sarah:-))!!!!!!

  5. Oh you poor poor thing.

    Now that we have got that out of the way, is this any way to spend a vacation milady.

    Instead here's the recipe for a perfect vacation

    - Abandon better half
    - N Jr1 and N Jr2 have a choice to join the vacation or not. Else better half's problem
    - Buzz preeti, sulo, RS, et al
    - Buy tickets to Tahiti. If you buy tickets, we all come
    - Board flight.
    - Bliss

  6. Huhhhh where was the time I ask u??? Ramesh if I got just 15 minutes alone to myself I cd have planned something...anything;-S.

    Thanks for the Tahiti idea....marvellous idea of urs!!!! Sure I can buy bus tickets for all of us but as u knw it will take foreva to reach there; how about u the affluent businessman taking pity on us and sponsering the flight tickets. If u want u can also join us;-D

  7. Aww! Hugs! Hope the kids recover soon!

    You should go for a compensatory vacation now :) Just to relax :)

  8. so sorry about your vacation..:-(
    So glad you are back with a post! Missed u a lot!
    Couldn't help smiling at not being miffed at the tailor part.
    And hope u got my mail. I received the book and it made me feel so special. THANK YOU!!!
    Wish you a speedy recovery. Hope the kids do not fall sick and sail through the exams..:-)

  9. Welcome Back!

    Sorry to hear about the vacation!!! Can imagine how awful it must have been.

    Hope you all get well soon and all the best for the exams.

  10. Ohhh! But u still found the purse, got the material and are writing this post too. U r a strong woman Nance :)
    Hugs and pls take good care of urself :)

  11. Hi Nancy!!! :) I came here to ask about your vacation (I read that post a few weeks back but I hadn't logged in with my id..silly me) and now I read you are back ! I'm glad of course , but all that cooking ..gosh. Makes my head spin and spin ;-S

  12. Sorry about your vacation.
    I remember one of mine when I went to see my mother because she had an operation and fell so sick that she had to look after me and my 2 year old for the rest of the week. Still feel guilty about it.

    Am glad you are back :-))
    Missed you

  13. Sulo n the evil plan <..>6 September 2011 at 15:56

    that was one horrible vacation :o :( poor you NA... but u got ur iphone back, that should cheer you up big time :) dont you think? one of my friends lost her iphone, n i know how she cried her heart out :P that i guess is one silver lining of the whole vacation for you :-D

    ps. as viscount says, if you had.... "IF YOU HAD" called us, things would have been way DIFFERENT 8-) You missed it chech...

    Ram, on 2nd thoughts, I think we should ditch NA in our trip, and make her feel 'jealous' (Buahahahhahhhaaaaaaa)

  14. pps. why because... she din call us remember :o :D

  15. Amazed at how you managed to post all the cards and books amidst all these! You rock (girl ;)).

    Thank God, you got your purse + iphone back.

    Hope you are fine and doing well now. Take my hugs to feel much better :). Jr. N&N, get well sooooooon, too!

    PS: Ha ha ha, Sulo!
    PPS: Ramesh, I am game for the trip. Fix the dates and let me know.

  16. hehe...

    cooking,loosing things,exams!!...[lots to bear]
    good luck

  17. Oh My! Looks like u had a real tough time. But the good thing is, its not gonna last for ever. Good things are coming up :)

  18. oh, poor you. i feel so bad. definitely not a "vacation" this time. hope you have a better summer vacation when you go to bangalore next time

  19. Sometimes vacations are more stressful ... I? can empathize with you!!! Sorry.

  20. By the way, I just saw the label to this post. Humour, huh? Whatttay spirit madamji???

  21. awww u really do need a vacation to recover from your vacation!! *hugz*

    well glad your back anyways, u were missed!!!

    u should ask the better half to baby-sit the kids this weekend and just go off for a spa break! i say, you deserve at least that after such a hectic vacation! :))

  22. Really you had a bad vacation all the way..but its good people who end up doing lot of work..servant or no servant, my DIl will nevr go into the kitchen:).manage as you want.whether its ur house or mine:)

  23. You need another vacation to cope with this disastrous one. Here's to a relaxed holiday coming your way very soon :)

  24. Oh my!!! Poor U...I know u got lots of that...but again I guess good times are on the way...! Take care..Missed u around.

  25. Oh joy.
    Well, glad you're back Nancy :-)

  26. aaawww!! :) heart goes out to you! put it aside as one of those memorable though bitter experiences, wherein im sure ud ve surely picked up something that would help you somewhere sometime in your life! and if this had not happened we wouldnt have got this gem of a post!! :) lovely read.

    Hope all is well right now!

    me just landed back with a searing throat pain and 5 suitcases flung wide open crying for attention!! ;)

  27. Smitha: Another vacation to recover from this vacation hmmm....baaat sochne wali hai;-D

    Uma: Thank U:-))!!!!!
    Glad u like the gift;-D!!!!
    I fervently hope so too esp the sailing thru the exams bit;-D

    WannabeWriter: Thank U for the comforting words:-)).
    p.s: Madam u cant walk around saying u wannabe a writer, u gotta work towards it;-/

    Swaram: Strong lady become very weak lady now;-(. Ohhhh yessss I found the purse, I cant thank God enough for tht alone:-o.

    Lostworld: My head spinned and spinned too but I cdn't afford to sit down anywhere, else work wd have kept piling up;-D

    Preeti: Oh I can understand how guilty it must have made u feel. Hehe actually my mom keeps telling me even now how terrible she is feeeling abt me doing all the work then;-D

    Sulo: Oh yes I'm eternally thankful i got my purse back otherwise the paperwork associated it[all those cc, etc] wd have been such a headache.
    U knw the word DIFFERENT always reminds me of Javed jaffery hahahaaaa;-D
    First show me the flight tickets then I'll start getting jealous, huh;-

    RS: The postcards, yes I posted them from here itself but the books were straightaway posted fr b'lore itself...my sister & father did all tht for me.
    @"Whatttay spirit madamji???" Oh u give me too much credit; while going thru it, it was not very amusing but sitting back and thinking abt it puts everything in perspective; esp the slipping and falling and the tailor bit;-D

    Broca: Thanks I sure need buckets of it;-D!!!!

  28. Cocktail party: Well they[good things I mean] better come soon coz I sure need lots of it;-P. And thanks:-)) !!!!!

    Sneo: Thanks, as of now I'm off vacations for the next 10 yrs. My normal day to day life seems more like one now...vacation I mean;-D
    Loooong time, how have u been;-D?????

    A: Yup u summed it....as of now vacations are more associated with stress;-D.
    Thanks for the empathy!!!!!

    Sunshine: "u should ask the better half to baby-sit the kids this weekend and just go off for a spa break!
    I wd have been tempted to but what about the exams.....aaaaah I know u forgot but I cannot;-(
    All hugs and empathy gratefully taken in;-D!!!!

    Renu: U see the problem for me is tht I just cant walk into another kitchen and start cooking[not even my mother's kitchen]. But wherever I am I takeover all the side works like cleaning, washing, peeling, etc but this time there was no choice. Still my sister was a great help and so I managed:-).

    Elizabeth: Aapke mooh mein ghee-shakkar;-D!!!

    Anita: Thank U, missed u too:-))!!!!

    Agnes: So am I;-D!!!!!
    And GOOD to see u too:-))!!!!!!!

    Vaidegi: "me just landed back with a searing throat pain and 5 suitcases flung wide open crying for attention!!"
    Ohhh this just overwhelmed me with nostalgia especially the suitcases bit hahhaaaaa;-D.
    Drink lots of warm water and do the salt water gargle, works all the time. Hope u get welll sooon:-))!!!!

  29. Wishing U the same Elizabeth:-))!!!!

  30. Lovely post:-)
    Made me smile..

  31. it's not a proper vacation until u need some time off to recover from the vacation! :D so yours sounds about perfect hehehe

    as bad as it sounds, i'm sure u had lots of awesome memories to make up for it all :P unexpected things happening all around :) or else, it would be boring :P

    so glad to have u back! expecting a fun exam post in a week's time hehe :D

  32. Hey Nancy,

    Welcome back! Hope you and the kids are feeling better.

    Although I can totally understand how exhausting your trip has been, nevertheless, every instance somehow managed to make me smile while I visualized the scene ... I know I should not be happy at your plight... but, your words definitely manage to have that impact...and, that's so cool!!!

  33. atleast you hvent lost your Wit ! :P

    thank god for that !

  34. nance, good to see you back and sorry about the bummer of a vacation.
    by your nature i am sure you were glad to be there for your mom when she was sick. must be why you labeled it humor.. i do hope the backache will disappear though. hey, at least you got the iphone back!

  35. Lee: Thanks;-D!!!!
    Why is it tht I cant enter ur page from the link u have given above???

    Snow: Ohh yess it gave me some stuff for my blog & for memories...tho not sure I want so many bad stuff happening to me even for memories sake;-P.
    'Fun exam' post....congrats girl u've coined a new oxymoron, take a bow ;-D

    Laila: Hehe tht was the whole idea. Yup we all are feeling much better, thank goodness:-)).

    Hitchwriter: If I lost my sense of humour I'd have shut shop here looong back;-D.

    Lan: LOL u may have just hit the nail right on the head;-D.
    And its great to see u back:-))!!!!!

  36. oh poor you, with all those things happening better you forget about this vacation sonner.
    Glad you are feeling better and happy you are back to blogging

  37. Yup thts wht I decided too;-P.
    Thanks Horizon;-D!!!!!

  38. You had a handful happening during this vacation!!!
    Trust you are out of it now :)
    Take Care!!!

  39. Hehe...not really out of it yet but yeah I'm hoping it will all blow off soon.
    Thanks a lot for ur comment & wishes Blissful:-))!!!


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