Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Just the other day.....

Naina[7 ½yrs]: Mama can we get married to our classmates???

Mama[very sweetly]: No!!!!!

Naina: But Ron & Hermoine were classmates & married eachother didn’t they????

Mama: They married when they grew big.

Naina[eagerly]: So does that mean I can marry Joe when I'm big.

Mama looks stumped for an answer.

Naina: I so badly want to go live with him. His mama makes yummy fried rice.

Naina was grumbling away about something. I crane my head from wherever I am to see what she was so upset about and watch her shaking her fists at someone outside the window.

Concerned I move closer and hear her complaining “Oh you bad sun, stop shining on my face and disturbing me, just go away will you????????

All she had to do was close the curtains but the lazy bum didn’t want to get up from where she was sitting;-/.

Naina[wistfully]: How I wish I was a cow!!!!!

Mama[curiously]: Why?????

Naina: When I’m coming back from school I’m so hungry!!!

Mama[bewildered now]: So????

Naina: I’m so bored sitting in the bus & doing nothing; if I were a cow I could chew some cud and then I won't be so hungry!!!!

Mama is really impressed with Naina’s logic.

Nikita[10yrs] who is listening to the conversation starts giggling……..she was imagining Naina as a black and white spotted cow with her pink Barbie school bag on her back standing in the aisle of the school bus chewing cud;-D. Soon all 3 of us kept adding to it and laughed uproariously.

This picture was drawn by Naina almost a year back. I fell in love with the drawing as soon as I saw it and kept it away safely. So safely that later on when I wanted to have a look at it I couldn’t find it. When I found it last week I left everything else and sat down to admire it, admire myself in it to be more precise.

Just look at me everybody…..

I look so GOOOD!!!!!!

Well ok just ignore the hands which look like forks.

And the eyes which are looking in different directions.

And the feet.

Just look at me….ME

Check out the figure;-D

Dressed in a hot pink number.

With thick black wavy hair till the waist.

Scanned the picture to show u guys,  then put it in a place where I can take it out & look at it whenever I'm down in the dumps;-)).

Any idea at what age children ideally should start reading Harry Potter????? I gave Nikita the 1st book when she was around 9yrs and Naina[almost 7yrs then] begged me so much that I gave it to her thinking she wont understand or like it. She loved it. She has since then read the 1st 3 books and is after me for the 4th. I'm so confused that I have the rest of the series under lock and key.


  1. Ha ha ..... I can visualize this. I have a 12 yr old girl and a 14yr old boy who have had similar conversations. :D

    No idea what the ideal age is for Harry Potter series. But I have let my kids watch the entire series in the theatre. :)

    P.S : I am a bigger fan of HP than my kids. :)

  2. "I am a bigger fan of HP than my kids. :)"

    Meee tooo, me tooo;-D!!!!!

    My kids have watched the movies[1,2,3] after reading the books. Before that they were not very interested;-).
    After the 3rd book the plot becomes darker, thts why I hesitate to give it to them;-(.

  3. awwww.... naina wants JO... ;) thats NAICEEEEEE...! Ha ha... am kiddin... dont kill me!

    (looks like) raisin kids are fun :-D

    i remember, my nephew wanted to marry my 2nd sister cos then she din have to stay far, and he din want to marry me, cos he wanted me to stay far.... :-D he told my sister (his mom), why is she not marrying... :o that big fat lump of corruption!!! can u belive?

    ha ha!!! i dont think he still understands about marriage, even i dont, so what the hell ;)

    ps. rt age to read HP... hmmm..! Good quesn... i am not really sure! :(

  4. lol @ his mom makes yummy fried rice. Make her read this when she grows up & realises that yummy fried rice shud either be cooked by self or be bought but one shud never consider a harakiri like mrrg for it :D

    And the thing that strcuk to me in that pic was the lovely Sandals that lady in pink is wearing :D

    Cute post!

  5. LOL..all the way...loved this post..That's a lovely Nancy in the pic but found the hubby in the pic very amusing. He seems to be slapping his forehead in frustration..lol

  6. LOL...enjoyed that. Kids' minds are amazing, aren't they? I a huge fan of HP too. And absolutely love, love that drawing. You look fabulous in it:):) Isn't it wonderful that this is how she sees you:)

  7. So, Naina has finally found a way to have yummy fried rice, yeh? ROTFL at her idea :P (Poor you, how shocked should you have been with kids as this)

    Lovely family picture (or is it a potrait? :P). You sure look beautiful, Nancy. With pink heels and all. But papa looks much handsome in the green pants :P. The sun is winking from above, ha ha!

  8. sulo - the upholder of truth!20 September 2011 at 17:25

    on reading RS' comment i realised, i din comment on the drawing ;) How can i not??

    Well, luks lik she is a super cool artist, she really seems to have drawn u all with so much love - the smile on the face makes that evident! ;)

    ps. and the fried rice part as mentioned by RS, lighted my upper storey a teeny bit... i usually feel let down that i dono to cook wen am hungry, but if naina wanted to chew on cud cos she was hungry, i can imagine ur cookin skills... :-D Buahahahahha....!!!

    pps. am sooooo kidding chechi... please dont starve me when we meet next time... Bear Hugs! ;) te hee!

  9. I read Harry potter for the first time after I joined work and look at your kids!!! They are way ahead of the people of my generation..Touchwood. Loved the Fried Rice part :D :D

  10. Loved the heels. I am now imagining N to be somewhat like this (at 00.37)

  11. Funny. Glad I don't have to deal with such questions.

  12. Sulo: Hahaaaa...ur nephew knows u inside-out eh;-D

    Smita: It's me...the lady in pink & the lovely sandals is MEEEE*Nancy waves hands in front of Smita's face*
    And thanks;-D

    Uma: LOL papa is adjusting his hair coz he knows she is drawing him. Naina's explanation, not mine;-D

    Kala: "Isn't it wonderful that this is how she sees you:)"
    YES!!!! YES!!! YES;-D!!!!!!

    RS: LOL even the sun is winking from above huh....just noticed tht;-D

    Sulo: Nope wont starve u, will make u eat ur words;-D. Hugs!!!

    Tan: LOL I started reading HP after Nikita was born so can u imagine my consternation;-)

    AS: Thanks:-))!!!!!

    Ramesh: LOL where did u dig tht video out from....;-D

    A: Hehe we live and learn;-D!!!

    Swaram: Join the club;-D!!!!

  13. Awesome pic!!! This is the first time I see a picture where the kids have drawn something flattering like this....I am horrified when my kids draw me! I mostly look like a guy.

  14. Lol:)..Naina is so cute, this post reminded me how I came to your blog.your daughter's antics..I just love their talk..imagin a girl marrying for MIL:)..I am thrilled, as I cook well, so my dil should be very happy:)

  15. Yr girls are really cute!!!! I like reading the conversations they have!!! Wow, good thoughts tooo :)

  16. Awesome smart kids...Naina Rocks. Love the family doodle...It is impressive.

  17. Kids do have vivid imaginations that are so sweet and funny to hear :) loved it!

  18. suloooooooooooooooo!21 September 2011 at 11:21

    awwww...! Chechi... u r the sweetest! ;)

  19. LOL... Naina ofcourse has her priorities right :)
    The picture is super cool.. But you have a squint eyes.. he he he.. Just kidding.. At this age, even I can't draw like this.. Go you little girl ...

  20. At Naina's age, I was still drawing goats and huts rather horribly. One super cute family picture :) Did you notice only Naina and her dad have light brown hair?? .. :-D and yes, you look like a fashionista - shoes and even hairband matching your hot pink outfit!

  21. Nilu: LOL its the other way around here...the father gets drawn girly-girly-like;-D.

    Renu: My MIL also cooks really well...even when she makes mistakes it turns out good;-D

    Blissful: Thanks;-D!!!!

    Prabodh: Hey thanks!!!! How have u been:-)???

    Sarah: Like they say 'Out of the mouths of babes';-D.

    Sulo: That I am;-D!!!!!

    Tharani: @squint...I knoooow, I mentioned it too...u didnt read;-P.
    Hehe even at this age I draw all wonky, so all efforts made by them are duly admired;-D.

    Lostworld: Oh I didnt notice[@brown hair], hmmm...wonder why she did tht coz she very well knows she & I/Nikita & father share same hair characterstics.
    Yup matching-matching & all;-D

  22. Such cute conversations. I was once a Harry Potter fan, but lost interest after the third book :(
    Let your daughters read. I know the more you stop them the more curious they will be.

  23. Naina sure has some interesting questions and observations :)

    And her drawing is fab :) Can I send my daughter over so that Naina can teach her how to draw yummy mummies?

    As for HP - Haven't a clue. Daughter has not yet reached there yet.

  24. loved the conversations- I just LOVE her logic and her way of thinking!! Definitely a great way to choose a husband is to find out how great of a cook his mom is :)...ha ha....also, super good pic of YOU :) Yep- I think she captured you!!

    Always love updates on your kids and their conversations...and loved Nikita's imagination :)

  25. Elizabeth: LOL I gained interest after reading the 3rd book;-D.

    Smitha: LOL @yummy mummies;-D. Been meaning to tell u something for sometime now...or better yet I'll come over now;-D

    Anjuli: Her logic is something which puts me in a quandary nowdays;-P.
    She's captured me u say.....yup I think so too;-D

  26. Conversations with Naina.. very interesting and entertaining. She is good with drawing too. Lovely child!!

    Enjoyed this post very much. Thank You for sharing.

  27. :) Fried rice and wanting to be a cow and a mother in a hot pink dress :)

  28. sulo awaits ur arrival..!25 September 2011 at 08:45

    Olaaaaaaaaaa... where r u???????????

    ps. buahahaha... wondering why... i cant imagine how u find time to write blog posts, and i see you open a new group in fb... irony :D

    pps. u watch friends? rather have you watched friends? cos i was remembering the "tulsa" episode of Chandler's - where he tells about irony :P

  29. :) a rib tickling one again!! never disappoint the readers, such an awesome talent!
    my boys are definitely more grown up, and more secretive abt their preferences i guess! ;)

  30. Marrying Joe for the fried rice? Is it too early to tell her that once she marries Joe, she would have to make the fried rice for Joe's mama ! Well, don't tell her that. :D Oh my I am such a sadist.
    Awesome post. My Papa has all my blunder poems and sketches like the one above treasured under lock and key. Keep them.

  31. Santhosh: My pleasure:-)!!!!

    IHM: I know, I know;-D!!!!!

    Sulo: I watch Friends but not fanatical about it.....nope no idea which bit u r talking about maybe if I saw it I'll remember;-D
    LOL the grp in FB was made to hide my blog friends & our activities;-D

    Vaidegi: Keep 'em coming;-D!!!!

    Anita: LOL good point;-D!!!

  32. suloooooooooooooooo!26 September 2011 at 17:08

    ha ha.. is it?? wicked ;)

    the tulsa episode is when rachel gives birth to a baby, and it will keep crying... its my favourite episode :) ;) you must watch it... you would roll on the floor laughin :D

  33. I love the way she drew your shoes :-)

  34. Sulo: Nope no clue...like I said maybe if I saw it...sounds funny tho;-D.

    Agnes: They look cool huh;-D!!!

  35. Oh how adorably cute Naina thinks... :)
    I love you Naina!
    Keep stumping mum like that only :D
    WoW! she can draw soo well? I've no words to praise her lovely talent. Such lovely skill at just 6?

    Yes Yes you look sooo good :D (Feeling too good? Ok wait :P)
    I can see the figure! I can see the pink dress! I can see the lovely long hair
    Annnd,,, I also can see your eyes, I also can see your legs. :P


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