Friday, 17 June 2011

Question No 4

Tell me your favourite joke….preferably something you found very funny when you were younger????

Something to ponder over:

Happy Weekend everybody:-))!!!!


  1. I must have heard this joke when I was around 9 or 10yrs old; found it really funny and used to go around telling everybody.

    There was this foreigner who was traveling to India on a visit. A Sardarji was accompanying him to show him around. On the Air India flight the foreigner was so enthusiastic that he specifically asked for Indian dishes and asked the Sardarji to explain.
    So the sardarji would say
    “This is puri and bhaji from India”
    "What iz theez???"
    “This is idli-vada from India”
    “Try this one, it is kheer India”
    “And that is jelebi India”
    Suddenly & unexpectedly he farted loudly and the foreigner jumped.
    “What’z that????” He looks around startled.
    The sarjarji answered airily “Oh thatttt, that is Air India”.

    And even before the person, I’m telling the joke to, could assimilate the joke I would go into peals of laughter & the other person would have no choice but to join me;-D

  2. suloooooooooooooooo!17 June 2011 at 16:10

    ha ha... oh gawd.... the jokes that yu can come up with ;D

    oh what was ur quesn again...

  3. suloooooooooooooooo!17 June 2011 at 16:13

    Did i really give the first comment in ur space¿¿¿¿¿ ;) can't believe it?! :)

    Hmmm... JOKE - I don't remember any... I will think about it ;P

  4. I am sure if this can be termed a joke but I found it funny when I was younger cos of the reactions I get from all elders whenever I made them answer.

    I would go about asking someone elder to tell me the name of one of our relatives/friends I dint know(a male married person) and that I would tell them his wife's name. They will be intrigued with what this little girl has in store for them and accept the offer. I would then ask them a series of relevant and irrelevant questions like where they are from and whats their native place and mother tongue and some weird mathematical calculations. After some 5 mins of this I would do a grand revealing of the spouse's name as Mrs.XYZ (the name of the guy will be XYZ) and they wouldn't have a chance but to laugh and be laughed at :)

  5. Jokes? I don't remember passing on jokes read from books or something (infact, we hardly read beyond textbooks). Living at our home was like a comedy serial in itself. What with so many of us, one or other will be victimized everyday....So, that was loaaaaaaaaads of fun and I cannot pick out one from it. But since you asked for it, here is one that happens quite often:

    Every vacation, we will be shifted to our village-the whole group of kids. So, grandpa will hang a whole bunch of bananas in the store room, so as we walk across the room, we'd pluck one from it and have. A bunch will hardly last for a day or max two. My (Cousin) brother was crazy about bananas that he could even have 5 of them in a row. One day, Grandpa got to see him stuffing bananas in his pockets. And began chasing him. It was a scene as grandpa ran behind him holding a towel (to hit him). All of us literally rolled on the floor laughing watching the two of them running all the way from the store-room to the cattle shelter to the streets....Finally, that fellow escaped running into one of the houses, and grandpa came back :D. Coming back after vacations, we had laughed our hearts out at this episode for a loong time....

  6. I loved the write-up by Chetan Bhagat...

    Most jokes were (are) on poor of those

    Person to a sardar- are you relaxing?
    sardar- Milka Singh...

    Another kiddish joke was to go around saying:
    Ardon PArdon went to the garden, Ardon died..who is left?
    when the person replies go about repeating the entire thing...
    never realized that it is the person asking who troubles himself of reptition...hah..childhood!

  7. There were loads of jokes and it is difficult to pinpoint one joke in specific. Most of the jokes were sardarji jokes. Also, we used to have a lot of fun talking about our teachers and imitating them :D, especially their master piece dialogues and mannerisms.

    We had this librarian ma'am in School who always used to talk in a musical way. That sounds really funny when she is angry.

    Whenever we had the library hour, we used to wish her in her tune itself. (Eg: Gooooooooooooddd Mooooooorning maaaaaaaaa'aaaaaaaaam) All 40-45 of us saying it together used to be really hilarious.

  8. Nancy you are too funny! There are alot of jokes I heard as a youngster- but actually one I just heard a week ago was so hilarious I'll try to share it- as I am getting older...I find it funny!

    An elderly couple stop for some coffee on their trip. They are enjoying themselves and then it is time to leave the restaurant. About 40 minutes away, the wife realizes she has left her precious sunglasses back at the restaurant. To make matters worse, the road is built in such a way that they have to go way out of their way to turn around.

    The old man is grumbling and complaining. The longer they drive his complaining gets worse. He becomes the typical 'grumpy old man'. On and on he goes about how she is so forgetful and how silly she was to leave her sun glasses at the restaurant.

    Thankfully they arrive at the restaurant and the wife jumps out to retrieve her sunglasses. As she is rushing into the restaurant, her husband yells after her, "Well while you are in there you might as well grab my hat and my wallet."

  9. Ha Ha N. You tell a good joke.

    Alas, the jokes of the younger days were those that cannot be repeated in polite company. So will only mention what happened in an aruvai potti (contest to cause maximum boredom).

    One bloke started singing what was then a popular song

    Aayiram Nilavae Vaa (May one thousand moons come)

    He then went on to proceed

    Tholayirathi thonnuthobadu nilaye vaa (May 999 moons come)
    Thoalayirathi thonnuthiettu nilave vaa (May 998 moons come)


    He won ! They had to give him the prize to make him stop.

  10. Sulo: Well think soon and tell us abt it[and dont tell me u cant remember even 1 joke which u enjoyed in ur childhood];-D.
    And why dont u put ur link while posting a comment...makes it easier for the rest of us u knw:-).

    Anusha: Enjoyed the joke....and all thru I imagined lil Anusha enacting the joke out elaborately;-D

    RS: LOL felt like a movie scene really;-D. I knw wht u mean, living in an extended family is itself abt never-ending episodes of fun & laughter.

    Uma: Thanks:-)!!! I'm going to play the ardon-pardon on my kids;-D

    Tan: Aaaah those days....imitating teachers was our favourite activity too & there were some girls who were totally wicked enacting their own dialogues in the teacher's style of talking and keep us entertained all the time;-D.

    Anjuli: Hahhahaa....u r right as we grow older those jokes start looking funnier than ever;-D

    Ramesh: ROFL....totally hilarious. Rereading it & finding it even funnier;-D

  11. Honestly, my memory is that bad... thre are certain things i just cant forget, while certain others cant even remember... if u ask me, what dress i wore day b4 yday or a week back... i will have to THINK BIG TIME ;D :(

    anywy, now that you asked... i had to go over to my sister, and asked if she remembers any :P

    there were these local ant n elephant jokes, dono if you know about it... it was kin of a series... i can recollect just one now... these are called "kadi jokes"... or shd we call pjs... ant n elephant will be playin hide n seek near a temple... first time, elephant will go n hide, but ant wil not be able to find out... but when ant was hiding, elephant could find the ant....




    bcos the ant had chosen to hide inside the temple... and it had to remove its slippers outside :P ;D

    ha ha... too much, hey na?

    mostly they were riddles that we played... all pj kind of riddles...

    a person will ask for an address to another person... n the person will go about something like...
    "you need to take the third right in the third street... n the third street will have three buildings... go to the third building... the third building will have 3 gates go the third gate... n then there will be three storeys... go the third floor... the third floor will have three doors... if you open the third door... you will find three lockers.. open the third locker... the third locker will have 3 shelves... n the third shelf will have 3 books... n the third book is the bible... i promise u with that bible in mind, that i dont know this addresss.. ;D

    there used to be a lot of politician vs student jokes too... now, i kina slowly remem everything... but i dont want u to kill me with all the poor jokes, so am running away.. bye!

    ps. i dont give my links usually cos then i have to sign in to wp for that... but am lazy :P

  12. This is a tough question... and no I cant pick any one... I am a seriously dedicated joke forwarder on sms... I love jokes.. the dry sarcastic ones... !!!

    I really cant pick one... but let me share one recent one i heard...

    A kid asks his father, why is it illegal to have more than one wife ????

    Dad,"Son when you get married, you will realise, the law is on our side !!" :|

    I love people who can tell the funniest things with a plain expression !!!! :P

  13. This used to happen on boring afternoons during summer holidays. There would be some 10-12 of us and we used to roam from rom to room in search of uncles or aunts who were snorin away to glory with their mouthswide open. Out would come a piece of rocksalt tied to the end of a long string. One of us would carefully dangle it above the sleeping person's mouth so that it just touches thir lips or tip of the toungue. The tongue would come out slowly, licking the salt, the head would go up and down accroding to how you move the thread. All of us would be standing around watching for the slightest movement and tryig extremely hard to control our laghter. The moment the person stirs, we would run outside, collpase in uncontrollable laughter on the haystack.
    This continued till we tried it on our very alert grandfather. I don't want to say what happened that day :-)

  14. I have become anonymous???

  15. lol @ bindu's trick...

    ps. jus remembered, no quesns on the weeken, rt :(

  16. no questions on weekends??..why???..Are put some on Fri itself na..we'll answer during the like home school..:D

    hmm..joke...actually there were many....but yea the sardarji ones were max in number....
    While i cannot remember any particular right now..but we had some really duh jokes in kids magazine called Champak and Nandan!!
    ok..i remember the most cliche' sardarji joke....once a sardarji is returning from market with a curd bowl in his right hand....someone asks him, sardarji-whats the time??
    and he turns his right hand to tell him- its 12'clock!!!
    and we used to tell and re-tell and re-re-tell to all and

  17. Oh my god that trick of Bindu !!!!!!!! gee....

  18. :---((( Long face!

    You remembered me :) and I still was away from your blog for 5 posts! Not good!

    I'll make up with a good joke!

    Well actually, the jokes I found funny aren't fit for this space... But still, I'll try with a not so funny one :P which I thought was very funny when I was young.

    A sugarcane juice seller 'Santa' had his hand bandaged. A friend asks, what happened yaar?

    Santa says, Oye yaar, I was making sugarcane juice, when I noticed, my right hand was being dragged into the machine. I thought I am a right handed person so I need my right hand. So I pulled out my right hand and put my left hand instead!

    Ya, you can now laugh!

  19. Sulo: Ant & the elephant jokes were famous with us too;-D. The 3rd everything joke is funny, have to study it carefully & tell my kids abt it, they'll be thrilled;-D

    Hitchwriter: Haaah haaah very funny;-/. DO u know the 1 abt why a man's brain is costlier than the womans??? Because its never been used u I find this joke really funny;-D

    Bindu: LOL sounds like rolLICKing fun;-D. Did I tell u I did tht with my mom once...the only diff is tht I must have put a tsp of salt in her mouth....I got a thrashing when she woke up;-(

    Sulo: Yep thot u guys needed a break;-D

    forgottogrowup: Heheheeehaaa...for a child these jokes are hilarious;-D. My kids are so excited whenever they hear a new joke and I hate to tell them tht I already knew it;-).

    Hitchwriter: Heheh her description is so vivid tht we have no trouble visualising it eh;-).

    Rakesh: Hehe well ok its funny but not tht funny like how u thot it was. Honestly its quite puzzling how one joke can be perceived by man & woman soo differently;-o. The gags my husband finds sooo funny are like so-so for me & wht I thk is too good, he rolls his eyes at it;-).
    And no need for long face...all will be forgiven if u tell me another joke;-D

  20. Bindu is laughing wickedly knowing she has company - buahahahahaa....

  21. very funny huh...tho not very funny then;-(. I had even posted abt it once...let me get u the link..
    ok here it is...

  22. One more joke:

    Banta: Is your and your wife's fight resolved?

    Santa: Yeah, she came to me crawling on her knees.

    Banta: What did she say?

    Santa: She said 'Come out from under the bed now. I won't hit you'

  23. tht was funny;-D

    Ok u r totally off the hook with this one & now I'll share one with u ...
    Why are wives more dangerous than the Mafia?
    The mafia wants either ur money or life...
    The wives want both!

    I got it in todays mail and have to say I found it really funny;-D

  24. Ok here's another one...
    Imagine living with 3 wives in one compound and never leaving the house for 5 years.
    Osama Bin Laden must have called the US Navy Seals himself!

    Super funny;-D

  25. That was more or less our plight too when we tried it on our grandfather :D

  26. he he he he he.... Nice ones.

  27. @ all: did you all happen to read N's post which she has linked in the comment section...

    if not, plz do -

    Its "ROFL" types ;)

  28. There was a group of People!!( I wonder if they are people) from Pluto. They were explaining how is the life in their place etc etc.... and finally they were asked how they have kids!! A couple went into a glass transperant cubicle for five minutes and when they returned they came out with a little one.

    People here(Earth) explained about their religion,culture,cities etc etc...and finally those people from Pluto were curious to they kids are produced. A man and a women went into a open glass house and did their duty and tired and laid there for sometime.
    The people from pluto were curious to see the little one and one of them asked the guide, where is the baby.... for which the guide answered...That will come only after 10 months if they are lucky....

    The pluto man asked the guide very innocently....

    If the kid will come only after 10 months, why they were in such a hurry at the end!!

    Nancy, Delete if this is not okay

  29. My all time favourites are the Ant and Elephant PJs. I used to bug people with those! By now I guess most people have heard are a few gems!

    1)Q:The Ant and the Elephant were going on a bike and they had an accident. The Elephant was hurt and in hospital But the ant escaped. How?

    A:The ant was wearing a helmet

    2) Q. The ant and the elephant were playing hide and seek. Ant hid in the temple and the elephant found him out. How?

    A: He saw the ant's chappal outside the temple

    3) The elephant was taking bath in the river. The ant asks him to come out. The elephant asks why. The ant insists and makes him come out. Then he asks the elephant to turn around. The elephant does. The ant says ' you can go back. I cannot find my shorts...wanted to see if you were wearing them!'

    4)Q. The ant says something in the elephants ears and the elephant is very happy. What did the ant say?

    A: 'Main tumhare bache ki maa bannewali hoon' ;)

  30. Hi Nancy, Sulo introduced me to your blog :) u have a great blog! thanks for the Chethan Bhaghat bit here. I really needed it, Sulo knows why.. btw we work in the same place.

    I'll share a joke just for the sake of it cos this section was meant for it right?

    A sardarji had to write the past tense of the word "think" in his English exam but wasn't sure of the answer. After the exam was over, his friends asked him what he wrote for the past tense of THINK, and he said "I thought, and thought, and thought ... and finally I wrote THUNK !!!"



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