Monday, 20 June 2011

Question 5

How creative are you????
And what is your favourite pastime???

Do you paint?

Have a green thumb???

 Like working with wood???

Do u like read/collect books???


Do jigsaw puzzles...
Look carefully..u'll find the QM

Collecting/making money..

p.s: ummm....I was kidding, there is no QM in the puzzle. I was just showing off a little, it's a 1000pc puzzle u know:-).


  1. I grew up thinking I wasn’t really creative. It was only when I started blogging I started believing what many of you told me…that I had a knack of telling a story really well:-). When I thought back I realized that all thru school & college my English teachers marked ‘good imagination’ even though the composition itself would have got a B minus….:-)
    When my kids get straight marks in their project I’m beaming coz most of the creative work would have been based on my ideas which makes me think again that there is some amount of creativity hidden somewhere inside…just that I have no clue how to bring it out.
    As for my favourite pastime….it used to be reading & only reading. Now I also like blogging, doing jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, sudoku, baking…:-)

  2. cool... Sulo is on a roll, or what???? am the first again to comment... plz dont include urself!!!

  3. I am next to you in two consecutive posts!! Yayyyyyyyyyy!!!

    *Let me post this before someone else peeps in and comments*

  4. suloooooooooooooooo!20 June 2011 at 12:56

    can i answer to the question later??... in office right now... on a lunch break ;D I want to answer properly... which means i need to be at home without any conscience hurtin me ;D

    PS. yeah, am kina good you see :P

  5. suloooooooooooooooo!20 June 2011 at 12:57

    ha ha... RS... Thank Gawd,,, I posted b4 u did... yay!!! yay!!!

    not able to jump in the office ;D

  6. Creative ...Hummm Dnt know :) or to be precise saying I Don't think SO!!

    Love Movies
    Love Sleeping
    Love Books and collection
    Love to Workout in Gym
    Love to hangOut with Frnds...
    Love Web ...
    Love Unique and Creative things
    Love Travelling and finally
    Love everyone involved in my Life...

  7. suloooooooooooooooo!20 June 2011 at 12:59

    RS........ I dont think you posted your comment after N even in the last post ;) It was "ME"!!!!

    la la laaaaaaaaa...!

  8. Well, if you had placed a yard stick between me and my creativity, we'll be turning faces and standing miles apart. So, hard luck there...

    If you ask of imagination, oh, well, I have imagined in details, kind-of-dreamt. I had named every tree and every dog and goat that I would bring up in my futuristic house.

    Talk about our stories in English exams: I once wrote an essay in my XI class english exam about encountering a group of criminals trying to kidnap our bus and how I fought against them and rescued all the passengers :P (All cooked up within the exam hall)...Could have been influenced by Tamil movies, LOL!!:D

    Hobbies: I read, I do a bit of gardening, sudoku-yes, and cooking.

  9. Sulooo, we will see tomorrow :D

  10. From where do u get all these question marks???...very creative ..:)..will come back later for a detailed reply...

  11. Creative Streak huh??? I guess it is writing, though I am not nearly half good as u. I lovvvvveeeeee reading. Give me a book any day and I wont bug you until its done. I guess my sis was the creative one at home doing all the painting, knitting, cooking bit. I like to clean the house, move the furnitures here and there (all from too much of watching while you were out kind of shows on TLC), curl up in bed and read a good book, watch lifestyle channel and cookery programs (I don't cook), browse internet, play games, read blogs, write some when I really can. And of course I live music.So that's it. See how boring a life I lead :(

  12. N is very creative. Not hidden. Wide wide open. Just look at this post.

    Me not creative at all - boring stodgy .....

    No, No, No, No, Yes, Yes, Yes, You've got to be kidding :)

    Favourite pastime - doing nothing

    Would like as a favourite pastime - playing sport

    Would like as a most favourite pastime - Teasing the many ravishing women who inhabit this space starting with the blog owner :)

  13. I was always told i am good for nothing, never had any talent in me .. :(

    i love to do garneing and spend a lot of time in my garden..

    and I like ot sleeeep :)


  14. aah you already know about my painting and drawing skills...

    No green thumb very lazy in tht respect..

    As for writing, maybe I can least some people say I can..;-) and I discovered it only recently after I started blogging..
    i rem english being one of my fav subjects in school...

    so Blogging is one of my fav hobbies now...

    I am musically inclined and did learn vocal for quite a few years..

    Love to read..nothing heavy..light fiction..

    who doesnt like to sleep? esp when there is a toddler who doesnt let you u sleep as much..
    no knitting and woodwork...needs imagination u see...
    jigsaws..and crosswords I like...any word game for tht matter..

    I like to collect my husband's spend it later on myself...muahhahaha...:-D

  15. earlier I used to do lot of knitting, stitching, and even emroidery, but now my only pastime is reading and a little bit blogging.

  16. Sulo:, RS:: Immediately after I posted I went down to pick the kids from the bus, I came back & see the comments go up from 1 to 11 & I was like 'Huh...wht's happening???';-D

    Just wait & watch, it will be a 3rd person who gets here b4 you tomorrow...somebody who has read the entire conversation & planned their own surprise;-D

    Sulo: Will wait for ur answer:-).

    Prabodh: I firmly believe tht all of us have some special ability in us. Its a real pity tht some of us realise late & some others dont realise it at all:-(.
    U r passionate abt everything is ur life, God Bless:-)!!!!

    RS: Imagination plays such an imp role doesnt it when we are kids heightening all our emotions to another level.
    LOL...I mean WOW tht must have been some essay;-D. U are into gardening.....oh how lovely, I miss tht so much.

    forgottogrowup: From google baba where else;-D. Will wait for ur comment:-).

    Anusha: U say boring but I see a calm, collected individual with a sensible head on her shoulders....the kind of child parents are proud of:-)).

    Ramesh: Boring & stodgy...who????
    So u like doing jigsaw puzzles too:-).
    LOL u love pulling our leg dont u??? Have to warn u tho...U r going to be sooo disappointed if we ever meet ;-D

    Bikramjit: In the late 70's & 80's I guess most kids hrd this dialogue from their parents at one time or the other....sad but true. Infact in this day & age I have hrd parents calling their children 'useless':-(. What do one say....where to start I ask????

    Uma: Aha learnt classical music have u...then u must have given a performance on stage right...whts it called...kacheri, right;-D
    @Husband's money....u r not alone in ur thoughts here;-D

    Renu: My mum used to be very good at it too but now her eyesight doesnt cooperate. Its a pity really tht I didnt pick it up fr her.

  17. Nothing at all! :-(

    You make us all sound so worthless. Not good question.

    I mean, I like reading but that's not creative.

  18. Not sure if i have a creative blood in me... but have developed this bugging habit of writing away to glory... God save the readers ;D

    I do read, but not as much as I should... if i do want to take this hobby to another level... I need to burn my ass out for sure :P

    One good thing - am a finance gal completely... so, i do make sure a bit of it goes in the piggy bank... esply when my sister wants to shop ;D I need to be aroun... ha ha...!

    n i click...! for now i am quite contented with my digi... bt would love a camera sumday for sure!!!

    Sleep - yeah!!! but not so much... I mean lik a hobby - NO ;D

  19. suloooooooooooooooo!20 June 2011 at 17:16

    yeah chech, teme about it.. RS seems so confident... I am seriously not... not lucky that way :P

    I am glad i had RS feel jealous just for a second - thats enough for now ;D ha ha!

    ps. yeah, now i remember apparently i was a good story-teller... goof up a lot of fiction tales 4m everyday life... there was this series that i had narratd in my childhood about "fridge"... i used to call it 'fridge kadhai'

    It had everything inside it from animals to avtars... to what and all i dont know... now you ask me, i know i cant spin one like that... but i vaguely remem it occupied my life for quite a few yrs! :P

  20. pps. how abt u givin me a missed after you post ;D or just before you publish.. that way, i will be aroun this space for sure *evil laughter*


    okay, leme not spam anymore!

  21. Err ur qs are getting tougher, aren't they ;)

    I cn only answer ur qs here :P
    Green thumb - Quite a bit :)
    Collecting and reading books - Luv luv luv :)

    Creative sleeping - pray tell me how :P :P

  22. Oh and I soo wanna learn knitting!

  23. Books, Books and more books.... I had the talent for writing right from childhood but, that faced a major setback when I joined a professional course... I did not have time for anything then :(

    Now that I have started to work, I am back to books and blogging. Both of these make me really happy. I used to sing and have learned classical, but now my singing is limited to the bathroom :) :P

    Something which I really want to learn is cooking :)

  24. creativity is NOT my strong suit- I do like to read though and I enjoy writing occasionally.

  25. I am crazy about reading and watching movies..
    I enjoy cooking these days and looove sleeping..
    Bah!! so damn boring eh?? I need to start writing blogs again...
    I sing fairly well if not awesome..So music is my biggest craze to date..
    can dance to save my skin...if not a la-shakira...
    I am a pig with needles and knitting.. most of my plants seem to die because as aj says " I am the saddam in the plant world and they are scared of me"!!LOL!!!

  26. How creative am I?

    hmmm...I try to write, do cooking experiments and that is about it.

    And oh , I was the best actor in college (my family used to say that is because I didn't have to act. The drama was a most modern one where I had no clue what it was all about and mu character was called 'thendikalude rajaavu':D )
    Read/collect books? Yes yes yes yes yes yes :-)
    Sleep - That is something I can anywher, anytime. There were times when I used to take leave from office just to sleep. That was of course the pre-marriage and kids days. Now I go to office to relax ;-)

  27. suloooooooooooooooo!21 June 2011 at 12:27

    Jeez... you havent posted still???????????

    Now I wonder who is going to win ;D

  28. i know i spammed so much, but that doesnt mean you shouldnt reply back... i was waitin to see what you were goin to say, but you broke my heart...

    sniff...... ;(

  29. Favourite pastime..CRICKET watching sigh.. I wish I would be playing thoug.. !

    Creative - of course... I think I sing like mukesh.. and I dont give a damn about what the whole world has to say about it... ! I think my voice resembles Mukesh ! :P

  30. Rakesh: Awww....tht was not my intention at all. But from wht I see, ur professional skills was not something u acheived doing creative is sheer hardwork to clear chartered accountancy[I know first hand coz I have a childhood friend who has too:-)].
    But if u ever harboured a secret wish to play a musical instrument or do something creative, NOW is the moment....MAKE the time for it, its totally worth it:-)).

    Sulo: Writing is GOOD...not just for the reader, its even better for u, so keep on at it:-).
    A girl who saves huh.....totally understand, I was like tht & still am...just like u, save up & then splurge it on my family:-).
    Ur fridge kadhais' must have been really cute & interesting....if & when we decide to meet up I'll get my kids & u can tell them all. They love listening to stories;-D

    Swaram: Hah...u r joking right, I mean whts so tough, I'm even giving u ideas. All u have to do is write down ur choice;-D.
    Not creative sleeping dumbo....tht comes under fav pastime;-D
    @knitting...yep me too:-).

    Tan: If u dont mind me telling u something....girl, this is the best time in ur life...u r working, single & staying away from home. Meaning u have the moolah & the time to pursue a hobby. Zero in on a good one and go for will make all the difference:-).

    Anjuli: If I didnt know u and what all u do[& I'm sure I know only 1/4th of it] I might have just believed u;-D. U r an amazing writer & have books published under ur name so dont tell me the small stuff;-D. Totally admire U Connie:-))!!!!!

    Swathy: Aha so we have a singer & dancer in our at our next blogmeet I know who we can organise to keep us entertained;-D. Hopefully ur price wont make us too poor;-o
    LOL @aj's comment abt the plants...I know wht u mean sometimes it happens with me too;-(.

    Bindu: ROFL the title was adipoli...u r joking arent u....anyways I had a good laugh;-D
    And LOL @going to office to relax, I cd soooo relate to it. U knw when I used to be sick I used to drag myself to get proper rest coz at home it was not at all possible with 2 kids all over me;-D

    Sulo: My dear girl...I wonder if u know how hectic it is for me these days...for a laid-back person like me who writes 2 posts in a month it's like life is on fast-forward now;-(.
    And dont start sniffing...I can give u severe competition & beat u with experience;-D

    Hitchwriter: Abt ur passion for cricket who doest know;-D.
    Really, u sing like Mukesh...I never knew tht....I love mukesh songs'. My fav is 'Ek din bik jaayaega' & hope I get to hear u sing it one day:-)).

  31. looove all the question marks! soo creative! :)

    i love
    - reading
    - sleeping
    - lazing around listening to music
    - recently discovered puzzles but i don't think i have the patience to sit alone to solve them!

    i wish i knew how to paint or something! so exotic it sounds! :)

  32. Thank U, hehe am not taking credit for the pictures, just for the layout;-D!!!

    "i wish i knew how to paint or something! so exotic it sounds! :)"
    Yeah I keep thinking the same thing....I cant for many reasons but what abt u....u have the time & the money. Look around, u'll definitely find so many options...seriously go join one, GO.....:-)).

  33. well, most of the things uve put up are 'few of my favourite things' too!! ;)
    painting very rarely, and along with yours, baking...and writing poetry, which has taken a back seat off late!

  34. Comment 1: Oh I would love to meet you n ur family n kids :) :) Do teme in advance, that way I will polish my skills ;D ha ha...

    Comment 2: Ha ha... seriosuly fast fwd it is for you...

    I know, but I don't... I understand, but I don't... :P

    but seriously, great job Chech... When you said about this blogathon I was like "Chech is goin to post everyday??? Ahhhhhhhh!"

    even i dont do that, hats off!!

  35. u also need to have talent for painting/ singing/ etc! i paint like a 5 yr old and my singing aka croaking will make people cry in pain! :P

  36. Paint- Have done few crap paintings. Now started to paint with the help of an Artist.You will see that soon in my FB

    Read books- reading 3 books simulatenously for few months now.

    Sleep----What a DISTURB!!

  37. o man i am missing on so many questions....:(..
    here is my answer to this one:

    I do not know how creative i am, but yes i like painting, was quite good at that in school, now also, sometimes i paint with acrylic colors on canvas...

    I love reading, but am not a vociforous reader, as i suck at time management and hence am usually struglling to find out time for it...

    If creativity includes dance, then yes, i am a very very big fan of classical dance, and plan to leran kathak in this birth ...:)..i also dance decently..people say..heee...:)

    thats it yaar, my creativity ends here...:)...
    most of your questions are inspiring me to write posts..:)

  38. I am probably artistic and not crative... because I dance. Not good at any of the tings you have listed. Even my writing.. not sure how creative it is.. I can say it well...but I cannot make up

    Favourite pastimes are the cliched reading and listening to music ;) Dance is much much more than a pastime.


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