Thursday, 23 June 2011

Question Number 8

Have you ever broken any bones????

Yours or anybody else’s????


Cool facts about bones:

# You’re born with 300 bones, but when you get to be an adult, you only have 206[as you grow older a few of them fuse together to make a single bone].

# Over a period of about 7 years, each bone in our body is slowly replaced until it is a new bone.

# Gardening is said to be one off the best exercises for maintaining healthy bones.

# Human thigh bones are about as hard as rock and stronger than concrete.

# The only jointless bone in your body is the hyoid bone in your throat

# Your funny bone is not actually a bone. It's actually a really sensitive nerve. And hitting that nerve isn't   funny at all! Then why is it called funny bone??? I guess they meant it like 'funny' as in odd.

# The sound you hear when people crack their knuckles is actually the sound of nitrogen gas bubbles bursting.

# The strongest bone in your body is the femur (thighbone), and it's hollow!

# Without bones you'd be just a puddle of skin & guts on the floor.


  1. Not until today, touchwood. But when I was little I watched a boy fall of the mango tree and break his arm. I didn’t do a thing, honest.

  2. Trust you to post around this time ;)


  3. I try to post before the kids get back from school;-D.

  4. Not till date...But, have cervical spondylosis for quite sometime now...

    And luckily, have not broken any...

    Interesting facts about bones, Nancy. I never knew each bone is replaced with a new one every 7 yrs.

  5. Cervical spondylosis sounds painful....what exactly is it???

  6. An acutely sharp pain at the back of the neck that spreads to the shoulders and upper arm, mainly due to wear of some cartilages around the neck region. We wear the cervical neck collar so the neck is held upright and that alleviates the pain. A few exercise to the neck also helps....

    This much I know.

  7. I am not very happy... rather not yet ready to relinquish my 2nd comment position... I had a late lunch in office today :( Now, I am wondering - why God why???? ;D

  8. Oh, Sulo, here, you can still claim the 2nd comment. You know, 7th is the new 2nd....

    Cheer up. A 'Not happy' girl can wrack my heart....

  9. *whispers to self - better luck tomorrow Suls*

    Yeah, I had fractured my toe finger in my fifth/sixth grade... Man! It was just a finger, but was painful... :P

    Thanks for the facts!

  10. Awww... RS.... you are really sweet! Thanksie ;) he hee!..

    Gawd... Chechi, you have such sweet followers!! ;D

  11. Yup. Guilty has charged. Dislocated the right shoulder bone just after graduating. Though it might sound silly, I have fantasized breaking a bone and wearing a cast and lying in hospital bed and having visitors over to see me (Filmy huh????).. Though my fantasy became true, trust me the pain is definitely not worth it :(

  12. He wasn't bowling too fast, but it was a swinging yorker. Missed it completely - should have smacked it for a four. Instead, smack on the foot and crrack....

    Boo hoo. Sniff. Sniff.

  13. ahimsa-vadi...never broke anyone's bones..though i wud have like to..;-)...and thankfully never had mine broken too...:-)

    what made you ask such a question?

  14. hairline fracture on my right hand when i was a mere kid.

    fracture & dislocation of my left hand radial bone (elbow joint) which required a surgery to put it right. i feel off the balcony railing of a friend's first floor apt when i was super drunk! worst part was that it was on my 21st bday! def a bday i will never forget!

    ive been labeled the queen of accidents!

  15. RS: Oh yes I knw about this...but I knw it as spondilytis[not sure of the spelling]. My neighbour in b'lore has this and keeps advising my mum to do neck exercises to avoid getting it.

    Sulo: Oh yes RS is the sweetest:-)!!!! I have only 1 complaint about her....just like u she doesnt publish her link & I have to keep hunting for it:-).
    Toe huh....I've hrd toes dont need casts, they heal on their own.

    Anusha: U made me laugh[coz I've had similar fantasies] but I get how painful it must have been.

    Ramesh: Gosh the pain & whts worse...months of not playing cricket afterwards must have been like the worst punishment for a child.

    Uma: We are same to same huh;-D.
    My little girl hurt herself on a piece of glass yesterday and tht made me wonder about accidents.

    Sunshine: Oh my goodness...u fell off the 1st floor balcony....I'm speechless really. How come u've never blogged abt it????

  16. I repeat your comment here Nancy

  17. I have never broken somebody else's bones, but I have got ligament injury twice in the same leg at the same place; near my ankle....
    The first time it happened I was in 10th std. I was wearing pointed heals and walking proudly when I twisted my ankle...never tried wearing pointed heals after that; now adjusting with 'platform' ;)
    It was very painful and had to be in bed for abt 21 days :(

    Recently, I fell down again and twisted that same ankle, but this time it was not as serious as the first time...


    So spondylosis, it is!

    Hey, thank you and Sulo for the compliments. Did you notice that in one of my comments today I have left my link :)

  19. How wonderful that you have not broken any of your bones. I broke my ankle in when I was around 14 - and ended up breaking it two times later. One time it was quite a serious break and they weren't sure it would be set right- but I'm fine now except when the weather gets too cold, I can feel it in my ankle :)

  20. Interesting topic, and good information.
    Hey thanks for stopping by my blog and writing such a lovely comment. Have a nice weekend.

  21. pleasure RS...

    obviously they cant put a cast around ur toe finger, rt :D thats why they say we dont need :P

    they did put something n all for me... but forgot... it was long time ago... :P

  22. Yes RS I noticed that... wil drop by somtime! :)

  23. ps. but chech it wasnt healing on its own n all.. Trust me, you need
    some medication... but yeah, dont exactly remem wat was done to me...

    pps. i kno i comment in diff diff names or jus with smiley... when i cum to ur blog i jus amnt that disciplined... dono y? :P its like home to me... n u r my darlin chech.... ;) ha ha!

  24. haha where do you come up with such thoughtful questions everyday :P nope and nope. boring, i know. interesting facts though, especially the nitrogen gas bubbles. our body is so fancy lol

  25. i did blog about it on my old blog - it was loooong back!

  26. Very very informative post and written concise and clear. Can't get better than this.

  27. Yes I have broken my bones right hand (fell down frm terrace)

    I had burnt my face completely ( after unsuccessful experiment after Diwali night :)(that was the time when i used to think like a scientist)..had to suffer fr 8 months)

    Yes, I broke some ppl bones...I mean logically i did...during 2nd her of hostel life a fight broke within boys hostel i guy was coming to punch me ..he jumped over to pounce on me ..... coincidentally fr me and accidently fr him he hit a iron rod (the dormitory beds beds having both up and down type ) and broke his hand .... ;) u see i have broken bones also

  28. For RS : Please avoid neck collar when u are suffering from cervical neck spondylosis, have suffered something similar and I know the pain of it. The best thing avoid the neck collar coz ur neck bones get accustomed to such collar so u will never get rid of it. it Will be painful whenever u dnt wear it. Their are some yoga excerises to help u on this ...I suffered this pain fr 4 moths and to extreme level tht i would not sleep in my bed flat...for 3 months i slept in chair, or keep my upper body elevated. Thought of sharing u coz i know the pain of add it can happen to any one spl. to ppl who don't follow proper posture in using laptop, read book for long time while sleeping and do excersie without proper assistant, travel and trek madly 4 days in mountains and sleep in car....(sadly .... I did all the above in a strech )...But the best fought back and came out of it yes to come out of it had to take a lot of pain a lot truly..When after 3 months i slept in bed straight i relized that is the one of the best moment of my ppl learn frm me, dnt let happen this to U....(sorry for the long commnet nancy and plz pass it to RS)

  29. Oh, Prabodh, you are thissssssss sweet. Thank you very much for the concern. I got the spondylosis for the same reasons mentioned above- worst being years of reading, lying on the bed supported by my hand joints. My worst nightmnare are the days during my XII class when I could not even lift my pen to write :D

    Bad what you went through. True, many ortho docs have also advised me against using the collar. I don't use them regularly, except only when the pain becomes unbearable and only when my neck desperatley needs a support.

  30. Ahhhhh! I was away for few days... and so many qstns happened! Broken bones?? Na..... I was a very harmless kid that way... Iam a couch potato.. and I never climbed trees or did somersaults... yeah,so boring I know... And I hated physical fights... So no broken bones! But I guess I have broken many hearts with my venomous tongue :D

  31. Nt until today :P But the husband has made up for it by hvng 3 fractures in the last 4 yrs :( I so hope not again!

  32. Nope!
    Given a chance I would break a few of certain people, though

  33. Haven't! :) And I hope I don't either!


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