Monday, 27 June 2011

Question No. Ten

How effectively do you think you manage time????

How good are you at multitasking???

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“Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that’s the stuff that life is made of.” – Benjamin Franklin

Cool huh but my favourite one is....

“If it weren’t for the last minute, a lot of things wouldn’t get done.”
– Michael S. Traylor


  1. Time management till a decade ago was an alien concept to me[like something my parents were weird about] and now lets just say tht I realise it has its uses. I'm ok most days managing everything well within schedule but some days it all goes haywire like today...I have no clue how I managed to post almost 3 hrs late.

    Now multi-tasking is something I enjoy...I said enjoy but am no good at it;-(.

  2. For some weird reason, I don't like being too organized. I mean, I am a human, not a timed-machine to measure and spend time.

    But, But, when it comes to my worklife, I stick to deadlines , though not very strict about it. I always have a sticky note on my desktop with a list of to-do-things, with deadline for each task. And cushion it with an additional day or two ;), so mostly, I complete my work on time...

    PS: I was worried when I didn't see a post around 4pm my time ;)...

  3. I am quite good at multitasking. In office, I find time to work, prepare docs and chat with colleagues at the same time. At the end of the day, I would end up completing whatever I intended to.

    And I think, all IT professionals are used to multitasking ;)

    I have realised that even if u feel stressed when u multitask, u will have a sense of achievement at the end when all your work has been completed.

    Multitasking is an art that can be mastered with time.

  4. See the value of being late - you can throw sulo completely off :)

    Alas, can manage time very well - can't survive in business without being reasonably good at it.

    One peculiar fetish. My watch is set BBC time to the second - can't get more perfect on time than that.

  5. Not fair...! Why were you late, ma'am? ;D

  6. I try and try hard..
    but multitasking nope not good at all :)

    and it is true if it was not for the last moment things would remain un-done for sure ..

    nice question..


  7. i liked the 2nd quote too ;D

    am sincere, and all such good qualities come to my side only when am at work... else, I believe in spendin time for the love of it.... n am a last-minuter any day!

  8. i SUCK at time management..:(..and i guess at multitasking too...:(

    but but but....i also realise that i will not be able to manage my work and home if i do not start managing my time well....
    This is my mid year resolution..:) manage my time well..:)

  9. I donno whether I am good with time management. But I love planning. I loved making time tables when I was small. But somehow I always followed the "play time" and never the "study time" *sigh* But I always tried to follow :)

  10. i SUCK at time management..:(..and i guess at multitasking too...:(

    but but but....i also realise that i will not be able to manage my work and home if i do not start managing my time well....
    This is my mid year resolution..:) manage my time well..:)

  11. i am quite bad at time management - but marginally better at multi-tasking! the problem is i just end up multi-tasking the not so important stuff while ignoring & procrastinating the important stuff! *sigh*

  12. Have become almost an expert in multitasking.
    There was an article in Readers Digest some time back that multi taskers are ineffective since they don't give their time completely to any single task. So I guess I am not so good at managing my time :-(

  13. RS: From ur description of ur work ethics u come across as totally organised, kudos:-))
    Yeah yesterday was one of 'those' days, I even contemplated not posting I thought maybe nobody wd notice but....;-D

    Tan: "Multitasking is an art that can be mastered with time."
    Did u knw Mahatma Gandhi was a ustad at is said tht he cd do 5 things at the same time;-o

    Ramesh: LOL u r soooo funny;-D!!!
    Hehe...I knew this[@managing time] much abt u without even meeting u once:-D.

    Sulo: Dont ask, time just whooshes past somedays;-P. Heee I used to be the work I used to be epitome of all good qualities but ask my mom abt me & u'd hear a diff story;-D

    forgottogrowup: Mid year resolution sounds good....if it works, let me know I want to make one too;-D

    S: Ooooh u brot back lot of memories....I was the same honest;-o....writing down lists and timetables and decorating it with fancy borders & sketch pens;-D.

    Sunshine: "i just end up multi-tasking the not so important stuff while ignoring & procrastinating the important stuff!"
    Know exactly wht u mean;-o....I'm doing tht all the time. And then finally I give myself a sharp talking to and get back on in the last minute;-D

    Bindu: Dont believe RD 100%....they dont have all the answers u knw. In my eyes MT's are like up there.....hamme bhi thoda gyaan de dho guruji;-D

  14. Like u i never knew abt multi-tasking b4 marriage, simply coz i never did much wrk hence the need never arose! Now i do a lot n well within the time frame. Knw wht my pc at home has conked off n the blogoaddict in me cudnt resist so commentg via my phone

  15. Bikramjit: Almost missed ur comments:-)...u r right last moments are life-savers for sure;-D.
    And thanks:-))!!!!

    Uma: Here too I'm guessing u r multitasking;-D. And a note to ur pc "Dear Uma's pc get well soooon;-D"

  16. Time management is something I am good and bad at altogether.. At work I almost always try to manage my time but get often thrown off balance always as something or the other comes up to be as a higher priority. So I should say I am not a master at multitasking either. Something or the other gets left behind and it totally depends on the work environment. I believe that to manage ur time effectively and multi task also depends on the people and the environment you work in. If it is chaotic how much ever u try to be organized there is always a shortcoming.

  17. U cnt ask such tough qs Nance :P
    I wud like to think am good at both ;) Or atleast the husband says so :)

  18. Time management sigh..! know what its all about, what we can reap if we did manage, but alas not really good at it.
    multi-tasking, we women were born with it, the special asthr!! ;)

  19. Anusha: Hmmm u do have a environment does matter or one has to develop a thick skin;-P

    RS: nope no 11th question, jumping straight to 12th tomorrow;-D

    Swaram: Hah look who's talking......the Masterni of time management & multitasking!!!! My earnest suggestion is tht u do a post on it sometime & let us small praanis also into the secret;-D

    Vaidegi: yeah now tht u said is an asthr for sure:-))

  20. its an art...
    and i think im fairly okay at it.
    i am able to do multi-task, multi-think....making notes and lists has always helped me. its more sheer laziness that may derail me than anything else :)

  21. U bet its an art...ask people who are not able to do it, we regard u guys as a highly skilled lot;-D

  22. To answer the second question...I am pretty good at multi tasking! At office, at home, in the kitchen..etc...

    If you can multi task, I guess you can manage your time also pretty I don't feel that I don't have time for things I want to do!

    But I don't do any organized time management or planning! I am not very organized in anything...I somehow manage! :D


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