Tuesday, 28 June 2011

No questions, only answers

I baked a pie the other day, a cherry pie….it came out all golden crusted and perfect. The aroma was intoxicating; I floated around feeling very pleased with myself. It had been a long time since I had baked a pie. The last one I baked was an apple pie…. almost 5 years back. Why ever didn’t I bake more of them, all these years???? I wondered curiously.

The kids ooohed and aaahed over it when they came back from school but hesitated when it came to taking a bite. They are like that…they do that to my cakes, muffins and macaroons too. They take it to school in their snack-box because they have no choice and stealthily distribute it around in class.

How do I know about it???

The mothers of the classmates' call and ask me for the recipe, thts how;-). Whatever I make is popular everywhere except inside my own house.

What about your husband you’ll ask me. Oh yes how can I forget. The better-half pointed to his tooth…rather to the blank space where his tooth once was; he just got a tooth removed. He is not too fond of the sweet stuff anyways and it was a perfect excuse not to hurt my feelings.

I looked at my pie in melancholy. Nobody wanted to eat my pie.
“Don’t take it to heart” I told my cherry pie, patting her gently.
She sat there looking so beautiful even as some scarlet filling dribbled down from the edges.

And I remembered why I didn’t make pies anymore.


Today is a special day….because it is the half-anniversary of our Q&A marathon!!!!

Grab a chair, I'll serve some pie and we'll talk.

Nope I'm not going to ask any questions .......feeling totally generous....

......you can ask the questions today:-).


  1. Awww u r such a generous sweetheart ;)

    Err did the pie taste good?

  2. Good???? It was delicious;-D!!!!

  3. Wow!that is indeed a yummy looking pie and since you asked to enjoy it in your sweet company...here I am :)

  4. Great to see u back CB....go on have some, its yummylicious;-D

  5. No ques?? yay!!!

    That pie looks delicious! I guess it is the loss of ur family? So who ate it finally?

  6. I shared half with a friend....the rest I ate....it took me 4 whole days;-P!!!!

  7. hmm lucky you!! got to eat it all by yourself or atleast most of it.
    thats what i tell myself when this divine pleasure is not shared with those at home. 'im the lucky one'!!

    how did u make it?? (recipe would help or link!)

  8. LOL I comfort myself like tht too....;-D
    Mail me ur id I'll give u the recipe:-).

  9. wow..yummy...i want it too...too bad folks at ur home dnt like it..hmm...

    btw, what is your zodiac sign? do your characteristics match up to the wht the sign says?

    btw, you are tagged..hop over to my blog...

  10. Ok, here I am, please serve the pie....

    Recipe....recipe....recipe please....Send over the recipe Nancy. We will spread your name all over....

  11. Uma: Aquarius; I'd like to think most of my characterstics match the traits of the zodiac;-D

    RS: Help yourself...its all urs;-D!!!!
    My problem is tht I dont stick to any one particular recipe. Even after reading this u want it then ok, I'll mail it o :-)).

  12. awwwwww... not fair... not becos u din ask question, but bcos am still at work - feelin insanely hungry... n u spk about PIE :(

  13. that looks sooooooooooo yummmmy

  14. My question for you - when r u sendin me your picture???? :P

    My mail id is in my FB account... if you dont have it... am waitin to seee yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...!

    question 2) if thats allowed... when r u comin to india... am even goin to bangalore this july... my best friends are livin there... so i will come often... will wait for my share of pie then :)

  15. So my question for you is, WHERE IS THE RECIPE ? (The pic looks so yummy...pls give the recipe so that I can give it to Mummy...lol and u thot the recipe is for me :D )

  16. This is why a special blogger. A post like this in the middle of a Q&A "marathon".

    Question is simple - What is your address ?? I am coming tomorrow - please bake the pie again. And the cake . And the macaroon. Shooo the kids off that chair.

  17. Here's my question - can you bake one for me?

  18. I love sweets. I would never say no. Someone needs to be fixed.

    Simply Speaking "A" Simple Blogger

  19. I will mail my address to you....you could consider sending your pie by courier ;)

  20. Hain there is a Marathon going on at your blog?? *gulp* do you think I am fit enough to participate? Do I need to go to the Gym and pump up some muskles?? errr or I would be better off eating your pie :)

    sigh I have to check out all your previous post now to know what's cooking up here!!

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Ohhhhh!!! Ur pie looks gorgeous! I dnt understand why ur kids are not devouring them. If u enjoy cooking, then its great to have people around who enjoy eating..

  23. RS: Righto....the recipe will reach u b4 the weekend gets over:-).

    Sulo: LOL I posted it on the blog last year and u've already seen it.
    And thanks for reminding me, u r right only 1 question allowed;-D

    S: Thank U:-))!!!!!

    Anita: The recipe is taken from some 5 different recipes which I read one by one and then proceed to make my own recipe;-P.
    Hah ofcourse I knew it was for ur mom;-D

    Ramesh: If I hadnt read Preeti's food post today I wd have taken u seriously and wasted all my energy for nothing;-o

    Bindu: Smart girl....dont want useless recipe just the pie huh;-D

    A: Hmmmm desserts are my weakness too;-(.

    Tan: Mail ur address by all means...u will be getting a courier soon;-D

    Sakshi: Good to see u back girl:-))!!!!

    Cocktail Party: Thank U!!!! U r right....we dont mind slogging it out for people who enjoy what we cook:-).

  24. Chechiiiiiiiiiiii... am waiting for your comment... :P looks like i am not going to get one today...

    am off to work :(

  25. No, I haven't... you already blurred it before i could see...

    you are just too much... :-o

  26. yummylicious, question for you is to share the recipe, tho i don't trust my baking skills to bring any such results

  27. Yuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.. I have an incredibly sweet tooth. Give me anything thing with a hint of sugar in it and I am all happy happy... Next time u make something like this Parcel it to India.. I would definitely not disappoint you :))... And for my question could you share the recipe please

  28. Sulo: Heeeee....;-D
    Ok, ok not laughing anymore;-D
    Hmmmm.....how abt if I promise to put a pic of me here by the end of the year;-)

    Elizabeth: Try it....its not so tough really....u'll be surprised at the result;-).

    Anusha: A sweet person huh;-D....ok just chk this space again maybe in a weeks time, I'll put it up here :-)

  29. Sulo aka The obedient girl29 June 2011 at 17:22

    Chech... am already reallllllllllly old... what if i dont live up to see it ;D i will come as a ghost then :-O ha ha!

    i cant wait chechi... how about this weekend...?! :P ;D you can mail me, or put in fb... your choice :)

    PS. This is the first n last thing i am ever going to ask you (hopefully) ;D

  30. looks delicious :)i hvnt baked a pie ever.. is it easy to make? share the recipe pls.. u know ghar ki murgi daal barabar.. ask ppl who have nobody to bake something like this at home and they will ever be ready to hijack u for this talent of urs.. :)

  31. dang i posted a looong comment yday which disappeared!

    anyways how about parceling some of that yummy pie if no1 wants to eat! ill be eternally grateful!!! :D

    can't think of any questions, so do i get a raincheck?? :))

  32. Sulo: Hahaaaa....if u r old then I'm ancient;-D

    Limenlemons: It was;-D!!!

    Mindspace: Its quite easy to make Tara....the 1st time it cd be tedious coz we are being doubly careful but otherwise its good. And if u r using a ready made filling or a ready made crust then its a piece of cake;-D

    Sunshine: Rainchecked;-D!!!

    All of U who wanted the recipe, please give me 2 weeks time, let me just finish with the marathon, then I'll mail it to u:-).

  33. ur ardent spammer :P5 July 2011 at 19:18

    I wish i had a sistah who will make pies for me :p

  34. U teach ur sister how to make the pie & she'll start making it for u;-D

  35. high hopes!!! ;P


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