Monday, 13 June 2011

A question a day....whadayya say?????

I’ve decided to do a month-long marathon……..the one-post-a-day kind of marathon for the next 30 days. Before you hit the palm of your hand flat against your forehead, hear me out. This is not that kind of a marathon. Take that long-suffering look off your face Rakesh & Hitchwriter;-/.

Like I was saying…it’s not that kind of marathon. You know me……will I ever sic something like that on you???? Come on…I like all of you and want you to be my blog-friends for forevaa;-D

Okay so what makes me want to do this? The thing is…..I want to know more about you. It’s been more than 4 yrs now on Blogger but I don’t know so many basic details about my blog buddies. Yeah there is FaceBook but since I hardly go there, there is no point talking about it.
Now I do understand the fact that most of you rather be anonymous on Blogger….but please note I’m not going to pick your brains on anything controversial like the 'Syrian unrest' or the 'Govt. strategy against Anna Hazare'. I’m just going to ask you normal stuff like what you had for breakfast & then walk around feeling like a demi-goddess for the rest of the day for I alone know what 40 different people from across the globe had for breakfast this morning. See that’s how much shallow I am;-D.

Aaaah see, now U are also getting comfortable with the idea;-)).

I want ALL of you who pass by this page how ever innocently, to participate…. more answers equal more fun don’t you think. So starting tomorrow there will be 22 questions for 30 days. Noooo I’m not cheating already*indignantly*. I was thinking about you, you guys deserve 2 days off every week for all the hard work you’ll be doing. So now that we've agreed; Saturdays & Sundays are rest days.

Now to make it more interactive the 1st answer in the comment box will be mine. But please don’t feel constrained to follow my cue……tackle the question however you feel like it.

Some gyaan………
# There is no right or wrong answers to anything here. But do try to stick to the truth. Sense of humour an added bonus:-)

# There are no restrictions on the number of words. Your answer to my questions can be a 1 word answer or a long-winded explanation. However I’m very partial to long-winded explanations….details, I want details.

# Ummm…. sometimes[only somedays] the question for the day could mysteriously multiply into 3 or 4 of them…….but don’t panic, it will be on the same subject only.

# Comments containing bad language will be moderated unless ofcourse I specifically ask you what your favourite cuss word is.

And not the least.....
# Lurkers, this is your best chance to introduce yourself. Because if I track you down first, I’ll embarrass the life out of you.

I start the marathon tomorrow. So are you IN????????


  1. *automated voice recording*
    This comment space is reserved for the next 30 days, thank U!!!

    I'm IN what about U;-D??????

  2. in :) as much as i can though !

  3. This is my first time here... and Iam already loving it... Count me and team members in.... :)

  4. IN IN IN!
    U come up with such cool things Nance!

  5. Plizz be specific on questions Madam N. Your question no 1 cannot elicit a straight answer from wise men such as I :)

    I am IN shoes. OUT of chappals.

    I am IN office. OUT of home

    I am IN Bangalore. OUT of Dubai.

    I am IN to ribbing fair ladies such as this blogger, OUT of ribbing unfair ladies not this blogger.

    I am IN if your second question explores the multi dimensional facets of antidisestablishmentarianism. I am OUT if your second question is what are you wearing :)

  6. I am IN..can we as commentators also allowed to participate in asking questions? It should be two-way, right?

  7. I am also participating with you...

  8. I think I will be in (Can pass a qn or 2, can I?)

    LOL at Ramesh's comment....

  9. Sounds like fun!!!

    Count me in :)

  10. An Open Book: Hey absolutely cool, participation is whts important;-).

    Cocktail Party: Welcome, welcome.....the more the merrier;-D!!!!

    Swaram: Geee thanks girl;-D!!!!

    Ramesh: Geeehahahaaaaa....the questions havent started & u r stumping me with ur own;-D. U knw I actually went & googled antidisestablishmentarianism...shd've knwn better than to doubt u;-D

    Uma: A-HA a thinking commentor...all will be revealed in good time;-D

    AswathiBabu: Come on right in...;-D

    RS: Ofcourse u can....its a free world but I'll be heart-broken;-(((((((((
    *sniff* *sniff*

    Tan: Righto...the name has been registered;-D

  11. Objection My Lord! Do you think you have friends only outside UAE or Middle East?? We have Friday’s Off! And I am lucky to have alternate Saturday’s off!( uffff! Now I have some details about me already)) . Ok No worries, For Nancy Alexander the Great Let me work Overtime on Fridays and Saturdays and take Saturdays and Sundays off!!

    Need I have to say I AM IN!! Please mark “Present” for the day Madam!

  12. as if we have a choice :P :P :P but atleast this sounds non serious stuff...and should be easier to read !! since i m sure it would be short :P :P :P

  13. I obey your warning :)

    - Sindhu

  14. 100 percent IN!!!!!! (especially since it means hearing from you almost every day for the next month)! :)

  15. Do you even need to ask?
    I am IN!

  16. of course mam:)..waiting curiously for tomorrow:)

  17. Maddy: Objection overuled!!!! As u know major part of the blog-world have their rest days on Sat & Sun, so tht was taken into conderation before making the decision;-D

    Anita: Ofcourse U r;-))!!!

    Sulo: Righto;-D

    Hitchwriter: Hah short questions it may be but short answers I cant guarantee;-D

    Sindhu: Good to see u:-)!!!

    Jane: Wonderful;-D!!!!

    Anjuli: 110% happier to interact with u everyday;-D!!!

    Bindu: Ofcourse U r....I had no doubts whtsoever;-D

    Renu: Not tomorrow, TODAY;-D!!!

    Prabodh: Great;-D!!!

    Bindiya: Welcome...the more the merrier;-)!!!!

  18. Hmm....I am kinda new here...but why not! :)

  19. Juxtaposition: Hey new is no excuse, everybody joins in;-).
    I found 2 of ur comments[this 1 & the 1 in Qn.2] in spam just my reply to ur comment may not correspond to the order in which it is found.

  20. I knew I was I realise exactly how much! Didn't even see this till now! Lemme try and participate! Better late than never!


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