Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Question 7

How do you react to new gadgets in the market??

Does it take you a lot of time to get adjusted to them???

And how tech savvy are you??


The ones who say they are[tech savvy ie] please help me sort this out…
Even the not so tech-savvy people can tell me what they think could be wrong:-)

My blog is giving me problems….for the past 2 months now.
As soon as I enter my main page it gets stuck mid-way & shows me this dialogue box. 
When I click the 'ok' in the dialogue box, it gives me the screen shown below.
Sometimes[only sometimes] it gives me this screen....if I click ok the whole window shuts down.
In case of pic (b), what I do mostly is click the back button & go back to the dashboard and click view blog again. It again gives me pic (a). But this time when I click OK the screen remains as it is & loads the rest of the items on the page. The only portion which doesn’t load is the followers section which stays blank[see red circle].... which makes me think that whole issue is because of something in my settings which has a problem with this particular section. I can't see the followers section even from my dashboard.

Even my comment section gives me problems. I have lost my replies to comments so many times when I click submit & get this box shown below;-(
I dont think its anything to do with blogger and more to do with my Internet Explorer[ver7...I knw, I knw its outdated but its an old laptop;-D] because when I access my blog thru my iphone everything is good.

I get the feeling if I adjust some option in the settings it will be ok [I could be wrong ofcourse] but have no clue how to go about it. Who can give me some ideas here??????


  1. I have always been a creature of habit and resist any sort of change. But if I’m forced to experience it I’ve noticed that I end up thinking it’s not so bad after all & sometimes end up loving it even.
    To be very frank technology and gadgets intimidate me. A small eg. I have been planning to get a dishwasher for sometime now but keep procrastinating on it for the exact reason…yeah I know what you are thinking;-D

  2. okay.. now i will go n read the post...

    ps.i love my lunch breaks ;D

    pps. for ur sake, i have added my link :P All thanks to the name/url option, i neednt login :)

  3. Yeah seeing ur link even I was thinking tht Sulo has started behaving sensibly;-D

  4. okay... i din read the full post... but that was one smart question/help request :P

    I am not tech savvy, but i have one solution - cos even i have got such pop-ups...

    whenever you get such pop-ups, next time when you enter that page you should immediately scroll down without giving time to the system to generate a pop-up... believe me it works,.. next time you wont get that pop-up...

    heee haw....!

    however, lets look for any other sane techy replies... if not use my tip ;D

    i will come again later, and read fully... ta ta!!!

  5. Started behaving sensibly?????

    Chechiiiiiiiiii.... How could you be so out-rightly truthful??? :P

    Looks like I need to adapt myself to the blog decorum ;D

    ps. Thats a tough call, but I will consider it...

  6. hmmm...

    I like the new and newer gadgets that throng the market everyday...if i had the money i may have gone for many..;-)

    I am tech savvy to the extent that I do not shy away from learning the mechanism of a gadget...

    but problems with WIndows is something that could stump many techies..:-) try shutting down and restarting the comp...many a times, some problems just vanish by this simple act!!! tht's windows for you...

    that apart i do not have any soln...and may suggest u to upgrade the system...;-)...hahaha..:-))))

    on a diff note, you are being very smart by completing your blogathon by making us type more than you struggling to type out a post..totally idealess and here i am almost doing a mini-post..gah!

  7. My tech savvy-ness: Given a gadget, I can learn in a while. But I have an aversion for them. So, I don't take them unless it is inevitable :D

    Only solution I have for you: Try Mozilla or Google Chrome. IE needs to be pampered time and again....Don't give in :P

  8. re-read ur post to realize that it is the IE trouble..agree with RS above..Firefoz Mozilla is good..

  9. Even safari is good. I dumped IE long back! I buy any new gadget that catches my intrigue if I can afford it! :D

    The followers section was missing for me too a few days back. I tried in three different browsers! Followers gadget has issues, it doesn't let me follow sites either at times.

  10. What is such a question doing in a blog with 138 female followers and 1 man (me:D). This is strictly male territory :):)

    Its the job of a male to completely go gaga, bonkers, drool, slurp ,(please add more such verbs) on every useless new gadget that comes out. Supposedly extremely tech savvy, the worthy he man can't even switch the damn thing on and has to rely on a four year old to do that expert activity.

    Me, a card carrying member of homo sapiens masculinitis.

    As for your blogging problem - please apply to any 10 year old in the vicinity for an immediate solution. All adults reading this blog are useless :)

  11. For your IE problem either switch to firefox mozilla or try deleting browsing history ( go to tools -> internet options).
    It may help.

  12. I hate all technology! I especially hate the Blackberry now as I have lost my husband to his office work 24/7 :o(

  13. Sulo: LOL...even tho I knew it was not as simple as tht I did try it...and ofcourse it didnt work;-D. And its not a pop up, its a dialogue box, so...:-P.
    Leaving a link is good manners otherwise the blogger has to go thru several old posts to get ur link...atleast this blogger does tht;-D

    Uma: I am tech savvy to the extent that I do not shy away from learning the mechanism of a gadget...
    Oh yes, know wht u the same;-P
    Hehe we tried to upgrade the system...but those part are no longer available u see;-D
    LOL@ the last para...ahem no comments:-))

    RS: @1st para....Same here;-D.
    I already have Google chrome in this system but its so slow tht I gave up long back;-P
    p.s: I just asked this to Sulo yesterday....why dont u leave ur link????

    Uma: Have to tell the hubby abt this but then I guess he wd have already thot abt it & dismissed it bcoz of reasons I dont know abt;-D

    Juxtaposition: I have safari on my iphone but even tht gives me problems sometimes. Maybe they all r allergic to me or something;-/.

    Ramesh: LOL Krishna among the gopikas eh...hahahhaaaaaa;-D
    Incase u havent noticed all the women bloggers are giving me constructive solutions & the all the men are missing except for U. And U r not helping me at me psychology lessons is not going to solve the problem u knw;-S

    Preeti: Deleting browsing history helps sometimes & just for a little while & then again its back to square one;-(

    Jane: U r echoing the thoughts of a few million women abt the blackberry;-)

  14. are you really that sweet???? to go back to ur old posts to read my blog... am stunned ;D ha ha...

    i dont follow or write blogs much now :( i just follow one or two regularly n tht too cos i like the bloggers too much ;) i cant get to say bye to 'em!

    am not sure hw regularly i will write, but will follow urs for sure :) touchiten la?

    nywy, I will (may be) write a post on the pop-up that i do get... you will then know what i am referring to ;)

  15. ps. will read ur post fully once i reach home... not that i have any answer, but love to spam here...
    ha ha!

  16. not very tech savy but ok sorts.
    3 boys at home react almost violently to new gadgets, that i tend to sort of switch off! :)

    (phew!! done with all ques! feel like ve finished a section in the ques paper! :) )

  17. I'm not very tech savy- as I said in one of my posts, I'm still using a paper date keeper and not an electronic one- It takes me a LONG time to warm up to new gadgets & once I have a computer I HATE to change for any newer model...drives my hubby crazy- he likes ALL the latest!!

  18. I am not a tech savy person. I am not in the habit of keeping myself updated with all latest gadgets, but then, I will start using a gadget once I find it has been found useful by someone else. In other words, I would buy one, only if I get a positive review about it from somebody.

    I have also experienced that which u have shown in Pic(d). I think that happens due to the delay in loading or the net connection being slow.

  19. First of all, you have an iphone, yet you access fb/ur blog not as much as I do :O :O What do i say????

    I access fb with nokia 5233 like anythng... n you??? *bows big time*

    comin to the quesn, I guess am like you... not that i cant get a grip of it, but will wait for the turn kinds... :P

    Why dont you try a differnt template?
    *Knows pretty well that its unrelated, but just trying luck*
    *Wants Chech to come to wp, but it has no followers box... :( so doesnt want N to change*

    amnt too sure how differnt an issue this is, but how come scrollin down fast din help ;D
    *laughing out loud*

    As for losing comments, better use the ctrl+c option always... I do.... I have learnt that lesson!

    yeah,,, you can try ur luck with other browsers too :)

  20. not tech savvy at all and i honestly don care what new gadgets hit the market unless im buying a mobile phone or camera or somethin. Then i do research just to know what im in for.

    Have a husband that is tech savvy enough (and maybe a bit more) for the 2 of us :)

  21. errrr...gadgets? wha are they?

  22. HMPH.... bad question this...

    I get excited as hell... I cant wait to lay my hands on it... and then...I hate my poverty SIgh... !

  23. New cell phones and laptops excite me a lottttttttt :)

    And the answer to ur problem - move to WP :P :P

  24. im a complete gadget whore. i will take ages to make up my mind and don't generally buy new gadgets just as they come to the market. but once i hear enough about them; i have to have to get them! :D

  25. Sulo: Somehow I have never taken to FB in a big way. I understand its uses but I dont have anything to say there:-).
    LOL cntrlC is my only guiding force now otherwise my effort becomes a waste of time;-(.
    Google chrome works but its so slow on my laptop tht I rather do this;-(.

    Vaidegi: LOL at the violent interest taken.....I totally get u;-D

    Anjuli: Hehe....I'm just like u;-D

    Tan: "I would buy one, only if I get a positive review about it from somebody."
    Makes sense....its the practical way of doing things:-)!!!

    An Open Book: I totally get u said since the husband is tech savvy enoff for the both of us...I dont bother with the specs at all;-D

    Bindu: LOL...good question;-D!!!

    Hitchwriter: LOL what u r talking about is a universal problem...atleast with men;-D

    Swaram: Hah I just knew u were going to say thatttt;-D

    Sunshine: Now this bit I already know about u;-D

  26. I am technically Handicap!!!

  27. You dont have anything to say... thats surprisin :P

    if BIL is tech savvy, y is he not helpin u out...


  28. Maddy: LOL...made me think if u put a sticker on ur car u can get instant parking space;-D

    Sulo: Dear girl dont u know by now tht the BIL will be the happiest if the blog develops problems & shuts down;-D

  29. oh my - is that sooooooo? :o

  30. Though in the tech field, I am female when it comes to new gadgets and sure I can manage fine with any gadget if I put my mind to it..I just don't until I am forced to! ;)

    For your problem with IE, clearing the cache and deleting the files (In Tools/Internet Options) might help.


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