Thursday, 16 June 2011

Question #3

How far was school from home????

How did you travel to school???

Any particular incident which stands out when you think about this part of your life????

Some trivia: Did u know there was an American rock and roll band named "Question Mark and the Mysterians" (known as ? and the Mysterians on the record label) formed in 1962.
The band's main songwriter was ?. His name & eccentric behavior helped make the group famous. He claimed to be a Martian who lived with dinosaurs in his past life, and he never appears in public without sunglasses. He also maintains that he has traveled into the future and visited other planets.


  1. My school was almost 2 kms away from home.
    In the beginning it was the cycle-rickshaw which ferried me there. Then for a few years I walked it with other school-mates. Around 8th std I terrorized my father into getting me a cycle.…a brown shiny Atlas cycle:-).

    The going was uphill and I used to reach school huffing & puffing taking atleast 20-25mins but the return journey a piece of cake.

    Once going downhill, I met my TDH neighbour [back from US] who was on his bike going the other way. On spotting me he lifted his hand casually in acknowledgment. Matching his style, I lifted mine too completely forgetting the speed at which I was hurtling down the street.
    At that exact moment the back door of an ambassador opened out into the road & I crashed FATAAAK into the middle of the door. I was bruised all over & the front of my cycle bent but it was nothing compared to the feeling of mortification which enveloped me.
    My neighbour who quickly parked his bike & hurried to my help was concern personified but he had to keep turning his face away every 10 seconds to hide his grin & not to mention my friends who were hovering around & giggling away.

  2. I have studied in 2 schools. Did my primary and upper primary in Cochin and High School in Delhi. Both my schools were about 10-15 kms from home and I used to travel by bus.

    When I moved from Cochin to Delhi, my friends in Cochin gave me a grand farewell party. It was very sweet of them. They gave me lots of parting gifts and Goodbye cards and I was really touched and I landed up crying in the end.

  3. LOL @ your cycle incident...

    My school was about 3 kms away. Till Std 5th, I travelled by the school bus. Later my friends and I decided we are old enough to use the public transport-bus.

    We used to have great fun travelling in a group. We all lived in a colony, so we would go from one house to other collecting everyone on our way to the bus stop..

  4. major schooling happened in Bharuch where for one year when we first came in we used to go in a horse cart... but there after the auto revolution started... rickshaw... and then after 7th class cycle...

    Incidentally from 8th class to 10th class I and my wife both used to cycle back home together... every day... !!! lol... it took us another 5 years to realise we would stay together forever !!! :D

  5. Tan: Friends made at school mean the earth to us dont they; leaving them & going away must have been really tough for u. Memories esp good ones are precious really:-)).

    Uma We used to do the same when we went walking & then while cycling too;-D

    Hitchwriter: Oh I loved tht....I closed my eyes to imagine a Jeetender styled Hitchy[in whites] & Sridevi ke andaazwaali girlfriend cycling together back fr school. Mazaa aa gayaa;-D!!! Thanks for sharing:-))!!!!!

  6. I actually went to three different schools.

    My KG days at school I: It was quite near, about 2 kms from home. We went to this school in a rickshaw.

    Did classes I-X a: It was about 5kms from home. We went first by a school-bus, then in a rickshaw, then again in the school bus until VIII. From VIII, I took the public bus because all my friends in the bus began commuting by cycle and I missed a lot of fun in the school bus...

    The next 2 yrs walked to school that was about 3kms from home...

    There is so much that stands out during this part of my life and I cannot pick a single incident. Besides, much of my blogposts are about this life. So, skipping this q.

  7. Interesting! :D I am giggling too. :)

    I went to a nursery school in Madras for one day! My sisters always talk about it. It seems I cried so much and finally bit the aaya and mom had to come and pick me up early!

    I did a part of grade 1 after that( no KG) in Palakkad and part of in Dubai. Continued till grade 12 in Dubai.

    School was always within 15 mins from home. Initially walking (while in India) and by bus in Dubai.

    It's so nice to think about those days now! Thanks for bringing it up! :)

  8. RS: Guess wht I went to 3 diff schools too.
    And yeah I know I've read many of those posts until u decided to just delete them all away:-(.

    Juxtaposition: Aha so my guess was right...u did spent some part of ur life out here:-).
    LOL at ur first day at the nursery;-D

  9. Your incident on the cycle made me laugh. (although I do understand the mortification) :)

    As far as school- primary was walking distance from my house- secondary school was a plane ride away (a boarding school)...I would go for 4 mnths home for hols for 2 months...then university was 10,000 miles there was no going home during that time. :(

  10. School was 500 mtrs from home. Always in a cycle . Chased by dogs often; a puncture at least once a week, every land speed record broken in the mad dash to get back to play, slow cycle races where the slowest won ..... different life then.

    Your series is proving to be a huge hit. And the daily trivia is superb. Bravo N; you've come back to blogging with a big BANG.

  11. Less than a Kmt.

    Running ....( I was always late for school despite staying the closed from the school, I missed most of my prayers session in school. )

    Well to be honest their are Hell lot of incidents ...but one which hunts me til date was this one ---> I was caught bunking my classroom from a absent minded teacher..All my classmates , seniors and juniors have fled from her class without see noticing ..i was the only one to be caught :( ...why me why me ...My frnds still tease me on tht :X )

  12. about 2 kms... n i walked :P

    your quesns make me feel quite unadventurous ;D esply, after readin ur car ka funda :P

    i had no slopy area, but i used to b rly late almost everytime tht gettin hit even in a st road seemed psbl :P

    i cant exactly recall any one incident... but there was this tag my class was known by... my section esply... hopeless 8th A or noisy 8th A or stuff like that... our section apparently made a hell lot of noise... which i have to accept as boys n gals always fought with each other.. simply even for no reason we will fight ;D it was always boys vs gals! now that we all are frens, we all laugh at the way we were back then! ;D cos we HATED each other... ha ha!

  13. Oh how I miss my BSA SLR!
    My school was abt 3kms away from home :)

  14. My Middle school was 1KM. Since I had to cross the main bazaar, walking was never a boring job. Promoted to a cyclist during Higher secondary school.

    Had a neighbour who was a teacher in my middle school.So i was always a very good boy!!!!

    Higher Secondary school days were fun, especially because of girls.
    Once by mistake took a girl's tiffin box and realized only after reaching home.Then rushed to her home and answered lots of questions of her parents and got it back.

    First year of Higher secondary a girl joined from a different town. She joined in a typing centre. Whole bunch of boys went for typing centre.When she joined for a Hindi Class,there was a record number of Boys enrolled for Hindi class.( I promise I dont know how to type!!!!Single finger typing only, and I dont know how to speak in Hindi.....I am trying to be a Good boy even now!LOL

  15. Anjuli: Gosh tht must have been tough;-(.

    Ramesh: ooooh I once won in a slow race too...I came third;-D
    And thank U Ramesh...u've always been generous with ur support & I appreciate it a lot:-).

    Prabodh: LOL tht was really funny;-D

    Sulo: Hah whose complaining abt her life being unadventurous. Boys Vs Girls competitions are the best...I remember them too....loads of fun & dont say otherwise coz I wont believe u;-D

    Swaram: I thk there is no other state like B'lore where more than half the girl population went to school on cycles...later on maybe but in the 80's only B'lore I thk;-D

    Maddie: ROFL ur comment was too funny....I immediately imagined all the boys joining the typing centre and haunting the area and this mumtaz-like girl in tight salwar, walking matak-matak ke and swinging her handbag all the while;-D

  16. I changed 4 schools while growing up! All of them varied in distances.

    ♥ from ©

  17. about 5kms

    school bus and
    once in a while, cycle.

    I have 2 stories to tell when I come to think of it

    Excuse me of any typos -

    I was in my 9th class when it happened. School bus- as you know, it takes the same route, same street everyday to pick up everyone. In this one street, I used to attend private classes. So I get off the bus in the evenings and my father would pick me up later. One day, I noticed that this one guy, I must say, a very handsome chap, was looking at me and smiling, in the same street where I attend these classes. Well, I turned my face away first time I noticed him. Second day, there he was, again, in the same place, looking out at me. I didn't expect that he would be there. My heart skipped a second when I saw him second time. Third day, same spot, same time. I looked at him and acted like I cared less. On fourth day, I didn't see him there. I don't know if it was a trick!! you know, to get the attention! Yes, I was a little disappointed to not find him there :)
    That evening, when I went back to the same street to attend my class, I was kind of hoping to see
    him there. Nope! I looked in every corner, no luck. Stepped inside the class and bingo!! there he was inside the class talking to one of my classmates. I froze and didn't know how to face him, or anyone for that matter. He was looking at me while he was talking to the other guy and that other guy who was also my classmate at the school noticed what was going on.
    I was quite embarassed in that situation.
    I spilled this out to my very close friend after the class. Next day, I avoided the bus and took cycle ride instead.
    Well, I was able to avoid the bus ride but couldn't do it with the class. After class, I joined my friend to go to her place. while we were riding our bikes, my friend noticed that this guy was following us on another bike with some other guy.
    That literally scared me. Leave alone the fact that I kind of had a positive vibe for him for his looks. Some way or the other he was making sure to see me everyday before the day ends. It lasted for a while.
    And then one day, I saw him at school after class hours and that's it that was the end of that story.
    I forced my father to shift me to another school. He had no clue what was going on with me.
    I didn't go to school for a couple of days (faked being sick and all) and in the mean time, my father took the struggle to get me into another one. I joined a different private class close to the new school.
    We never saw each other after that. that guy didn't try hard enough you see ;)


  18. Here is the second story-

    I will try to keep this one short.

    I was in my 10th class when this happened. Even though I moved to another school, I was still in touch with one of my old friends. On my way back home, I would stop by her place once in a while to just have a chat with her. To get to her place, I had to pass by a railway track. One day, I was waiting at this track for the gate to open and one guy all of a sudden from nowhere, walked towards me and said that he is in love with me. He was seeing and following me everyday it seems. It was very creepy to even think that someone had been following you without your knowledge. Also told me that he was going to come to my school next day to meet me. I was brave enough to shoo him away that day.
    No, he didn't show up at school next day.
    As usual I went to meet my friend and while riding back home, this guy appeared on a cycle riding next to me and said in a low voice-"I love you so much. I can not live without you. Lets die together. (DIE?? He must be insane)
    I am leaving a few tablets in your bag. Take them after you get back home"

    I warned him saying-" Down the road, my father is waiting for me. keep riding with me and you will get to meet him there"

    Saying that, I picked up more speed just to get away from his sight.
    A few minutes later, I looked around and he wasn't there. I was a bit relieved. When I was just 2 minutes away from home, it strike me about the tablets he was talking and decided to check if he really did what he said. I opened the bag and to my surprise, there were a few tablets lying in the front zip of my bag. I threw them away but that freaked me out. After that I never used the cycle in India. I didn't see that guy either. May be he was dead:)


  19. school was some 3 kms away. i used to be ferried in an auto everyday with some 5 other girls! once i was old enough, they gave me a cycle to get myself to school. one day some guy on another cycle brushed his hand up my skirt. i was so sickened. that was the end of the cycle and i went back to autos till i was eligible for my own bike :)

    i dont know why that incident came up first thing when i read ur question!

  20. School was just around the corner of my house. I used to walk down everyday and would be the last person to get home chatting away with my buddies.
    There are so many many incidents I can associate with school but this one pops up as I can still vividly remember all the images after all these years.

    I was studying in 4th then and my mom used to wait on our door to see me and my sis walk back. This particular day one of my classmates bribed us with a brand new cycle and took us home with was on the other side of the school and which involved crossing a main road. While my other friends turned down the offer, I being the rebel that I am went with her and we were happily cycling around her apartment. Suddenly I saw my dad with my sis coming to pick me. He din't scold me for wandering away but I was given a sound advice and he told me mom was bloody murder angry. I go home to find half the neighbourhood plus some of my teachers standing at the door and my mom was crying uncontrollably. On seeing me she cried out of happiness and I also got sound trashing for wandering away without asking her or telling her. I just cannot take that picture of her crying from my memory till this day and now that I have grown I can very much understand what she would have gone through that day.

  21. school was about 5 km from home,
    used to take public transport in the morning and walk back with a gang of friends.
    Even now, when I think of school, it is those walks that come in to my mind. My town was built around canals and inevitabel roads on one side would always be closed to traffic because of some construction work. We had the road almost to ourselves, and it is total nostalgia remembering those tree lined walkways and the mos covered canals.

  22. Tanvi::-)

    Sindhu: The 1st incident was cute but the second disturbing. Thank goodness u had the presence of mind to answer him appropriately. Gosh tablets & all...:-o.

    Limenlemons: Sheesh....what an experience and ur teenage mind would have been so aghast:-(

    Anusha: Ur poor poor she must have worried. My mom used to tell me while sending me off to school "Come back soon....till the time u return back fr school I'm eating fire". Only after I became a mother myself I understood her heartburn.

    Bindu: Walking back with friends must have been fun huh;-D.
    As usual with a few words u painted a very vivid picture:-)

  23. hey...i am a day late here...i will do a post on this on my blog..:D..thanku so much..i love remembereing the good old days...:)

  24. hey...i am a day late here...i will do a post on this on my blog..:D..thanku so much..i love remembereing the good old days...:)

  25. hey...i am a day late here...i will do a post on this on my blog..:D..thanku so much..i love remembereing the good old days...:)

  26. sry..:(..i am too impatient when it comes to pressed publish comment too may times it seems...

  27. The good old days were fun werent they....waiting to read ur post:-).
    @2nd comment - Better more comments than no comment;-D

  28. hmm..had a joy ride of 7 schools!! so shall settle for the last one..
    around 2 kms
    cycle rickshaw, and then bicycle
    yes, dashed against a 'Sister' carrying a huge black umbrella, when riding my cycle, and she gave me such a shelling, my!! :)

  29. In KG I went to school in a cycle rickshaw! Don't remember much!

    From 1st to 4th I went in a private van. Memory: I fell off the running van when I was in 4th std. Luckily I was saved with some bad rashes on my thighs.

    5th to 12th: school was about 30 mins drive away. Went in school bus. School bus was always a riot! Just remember that we had lot of fun in the specifics! But after getting off the bus, used to stand on the road and chat with a friend for almost an hour before going home! :D


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