Friday, 24 June 2011

Question Nine

What kind of a vehicle do you ride/drive????

Have you ever paid a fine for violating traffic rules?????

English is a funny language. Take a word, any word and you'll find it can be used in a hundred different ways or context....well ok maybe not hundred but you know what I mean.

Now take the word 'fine' itself; We are aware it can be used with different meanings but did u ever think it had more than 25 ways of using it in a sentence. Take a look....


1. excellent or choice in quality; very good of its kind a fine speech

2. superior in skill, ability, or accomplishment a fine violinist

3. of weather - clear and dry

4. enjoyable or satisfying a fine time

5. [Informal] quite well; in satisfactory health I feel fine

6. satisfactory; acceptable that's fine by me

7. of delicate composition or careful workmanship fine crystal

8. of precious metals - pure or having a high or specified degree of purity fine silver gold 98 per cent fine

9. subtle in perception; discriminating a fine eye for antique brasses

10. abstruse or subtle a fine point in argument

11. very thin or slender fine hair

12. very small, fine dust fine print

13. of edges, blades, etc.- sharp; keen

14. of paintings & art – fine arts

15. good-looking; handsome a fine young woman

16. polished, elegant, or refined a fine gentleman

17. morally upright and commendable a fine man

18. Cricket - of a fielding position, oblique to and behind the wicket fine leg

19. [Informal] disappointing or terrible a fine mess

20. [Informal] quite well; all right that suits me fine

21. Billiards, snooker - of a stroke on the cue ball, so as to merely brush the object ball - cut it fine

22. to make or become finer; refine

 23. A certain amount of money exacted as a penalty a parking fine

 24. Music - the point at which a piece is to end.

25. Fine is also a French word for Brandy.

Have a good weekend everybody:-))!!!!



  1. I don’t have a DL to drive in Dubai but in India I used to drive my father’s car, a Maruti 800. I was very careful[most of the time] with it as my father used to threaten me with dire consequences if anything happened to it;-(
    But in college I had a Hero Puch and used to get into all sorts of trouble. I have been caught by policemen innumerable times…for speeding, for not carrying my license, for going the wrong way on a one-way street, for jumping traffic lights, more stuff but cant remember them all now. They’ve even taken out their fine book to charge me but somehow or the other I used to plead and act like I was going to cry & they would let me off. Bangalore policemen are the best really;-D.

  2. I'll leave it to Sulo to claim second :D

    The public transport in here is the best and so, I commute by bus/trains. I never owned a vehicle myself, had a BSA-SLR during my XII class, but used it rarely only.....I have always been fine, but have never been fined :D

    Vowwwwwwwww, the pains you take to add info at the end of each post. Vow, Nancy, vow!! English is a funny language, isn't it??

  3. psst,psst, I remember that post on MAruti 800, how you managed to cover up the minor accident :D.....(I am smiling as I type this)

  4. I do ride bikes occasionally - tvs 50, scooty teenz, or ES is also fine...

    anything heavier than that like Scooty Pep, its not that easy for me :(

    I have actly not even tried anything heavier except for Pep... which i know is not heavy for many :P

    cos I know i cant put the main stand, or push it if somthing goes wrong ;D

    but yeah, daily i use only public transportation...! when i go high up in my career, will surely test my luck with a car ;)

    ps. This i think is my one comment where i have not spoken anything apart from the topic in hand... Bravo Suls!

  5. pps. Thank you RS! *WINKS*

  6. I don't ride a vehicle even though I have a 2-wheeler as well as a 4-wheeler driving license :(

    I stay near to my workplace and its hardly a 10 minute walk to and fro....

  7. i used to ride a two-wheeler to college-kinetic honda. I was caught once for jumping the signal...and had no luck with smiling innocently at the policeman..had to retrieve the licence after paying the fine..:-(

    learnt to drive the car but never had hands on exp, so skills got learning again and am looking forward to drive down the city in our car...:-D

    lovley piece of info at then always..english never ceases to amaze me..i really like the language for its queerness. In so many ways it is actually quite inadequate (for lack of better word)..sure is Phunny...the scene from the film Chupke Chupke came to my mind

  8. and have a gr8 weekend everyone!!!!

  9. I started driving a hero puch then had a scooty and now drive a activa. My attempts at driving the car have remained just that "attempts" :-)

    I still remember an instance when I drove my scooty on a one way road and the policeman caught me at the end of the lane. After saying sorry a hundred time , he asked to go back and come back the same way bit pushing the scooty this time.I nearly started doing it when he burst out laughing :-)

  10. My sister and I learnt to drive the TVS 50 my dad owned when we studied in 6th standard, on our own. From then on it has been riding, riding and riding for me. After this my sis got a scooty when she was in college and from the moment I started working (went to college by the college bus), I have been riding it. If only it had a pair of eyes and mouth, it would cry its engines out. So much is the abuse that I have taken it through. After 6 years of abusing it I gave it away to be in peace and bought a Honda Activa out of my salary and it has been subjected to abuse ever since. I haven't been stopped by policemen as I adhere to traffic rules sincerely. But ironically my new activa was caught by the police while I was riding pillion with a friend. He did not have a license but I did. Yet we ended up paying a fine. That was the only road rage incident I was caught on. Otherwise I am a very good driver though I drive I fast ( I kinda take pride in saying this :))

  11. Not a motor buff - so what I drive has four wheels and takes me from Place A to Place B and that's all I know about it ! Apparently its called a car :) Have I paid a fine - Yes only once only once only once in all those years. Good boy !

    You have missed out one more meaning of the word fine. As in the sentence - N is a fine lady (the fine here refers to that unique wonderful attribute that can only be for N) :)

  12. awww... dont teme we have to wait till monday for the next update/comments :(

  13. Honda Odyssey- which is a van. Have only gotten a parking ticket...oops wait a minute, I think I did once get a speeding ticket.

  14. A Santro and a Pajero (yes, I love those beasts)

    Fine - Yes, for speeding :D

    As for the word 'fine', according to my son's English teacher, "Fine is such a dead word, you should use words that exactly converys what you feel" I don't use that word in front of my son now

  15. Sulo: U knw I had the same problem...cdnt manage a heavier bike[like a Kinetic Honda] & thts why I settled on a hero Puch[& there were no choices like how there r today].
    p.s: how did RS know u were going to post second esp since she posted exactly at the same time;-o

    RS: I have hrd praises abt Singapore's transportation system from others also.
    The post[Maruti 800 one] u r talking abt is one of my favourites:-)).
    And thanks;-D!!!!

    Tan: U r the luckiest really....the strain people go thru while commuting is supposed to be really bad. In this way no additional tension, u leave no carbon footprints thus doing ur bit for the environment too:-).

    Uma: U r brave really wanting to drive into the city now;-o.....nowadays when I go there I'm so scared as the traffic is so bad and chaotic. Not tht it wasn't bad earlier but I dont remember it being so crowded;-(
    Oh yes English is really a phunny language;-D

    Preeti: LOL....some policemen have a sense of humour. Never mind they r having fun at our expense if they just let us go free at the end of it huh;-D.
    But I think nowadays there r more strict;-(

    Anusha: Wow....learnt to ride a bike in the 6th std;-o....I can easily imagine 2 lil girls with pigtails going all wonky wonky pratising on the side roads;-D

    Ramesh: Just once is in Dubai good driver or not almost everybody comes under the scanner for some reason or the other and the fines are so is said tht the traffic police have targets and they easily acheive them before the 20th of every month. U shd see the state of the art police stations here:-P

    Sulo: Girl, in case u forgot my weekend starts on thursday evening & ends on Saturday evening. Just dont ask how I manage to post on fridays;-o

    Anjuli: Hahaha....speeding ticket, really;-D!!!!

    Bindu: Both are beautiful vehicles:-).
    @fine- really, tht does make sense doesnt it...we[esp me] do tend to overuse the word now tht I think of it;-P

  16. suloooooooooooooooo!27 June 2011 at 13:30

    Chech... RS din kno i was goin to post before her... cos she obviously came in here before i did... but she typed a longer comment and in that gap i came over... :D

    She wanted to sacrifice the coveted position for me anyway, as she (perhaps) knew i will cry about it n make a tantrum... :P

  17. :( awww... am pityin you...

    psst... honestly, am not pitying you :P just wonderin as to why chech cant post on Sundays :D am evil, aint I? :P

  18. WAITING FOR QN 10....*Biting nails in tension and walking away*

  19. Sulo, RS: Together u guys can move mountains;-D

  20. ha ha.... thanks chech...

    psst... RS, hw about kidnappin N from UAE...? Leme know if you are in ;D

  21. Ha ha ha, sure, sure. We will, we will!! Let's not reveal the kidnapping plan here. Come over, we will discuss in private...

  22. Thankgoodness one is in chennai & the other in Singapore otherwise I'd have been really worried;-P

  23. @ RS: Alrighto!

    @ Chechi: Tight hugs...!!! ;-)

  24. OMG! dont get me started on the traffic tickets....argh. sore sore point. i never had a single one all my 10 years of driving till date and then i move to this silly city with its silly one-ways and silly cops and ive had 3 tickets in the past year! the last one was HUGE and what was it for "reckless driving of a goods vehicle!"i mean really!!! I drive a ford small car here... good vehicle!!!


  25. Sulo: ;-D

    Limenlemons: U r joking....the bangalore policeguys usually are the coolest of the lot. Whatever happened to ur them;-o????


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