Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Qtn Six

A totally random question today:
What is the 1st thought which comes to your mind when I say 'Polka Dots'????

Earliest recorded titbits about Polka Dots: It is said that the gypsies in Spain had this fabric with uniform & spaced out dots on it which supposedly represented the moon and had religious connotations. But ofcourse it was not called Polka dots then. The earliest recorded use of the term "polka dot" is in 1871 in Godey's magazine.

These dots may seem to rise and fall in popularity but never completely go out of style. It is said that most fashion conscious women have at least one polka dotted item in her wardrobe.

British singer Cheryl Cole
Paris Hilton

Victoria Beckham
Kareena Kapoor
 They are very becoming on kids. I personally love them on childrens' clothing.
Suri Tom Cruise

Polka Dots on a Saree....I guess we call them 'buttas' this side of the world;-)
Madhuri Dixit

Would have never thought Polka dots will look so good on a cardigan :-)

Cameron Diaz

Men wearing Polka Dots is very rare unless its on a necktie or jackets[yes jackets]. I did get pictures of Rishi Kapoor & Akshay Kumar in awful looking polka dotted shirts but I guess they were wearing it for their films. Hrithik Roshan though looks hauuute here:-).
Hrithik Roshan

Polka dots are fun and versatile. Most people like them but if you are afraid of polka dots, then you are suffering from trypophobia which technically is a fear of holes:-).  


  1. When I was small a north-indian neighbour got me a red&white polka dotted salwar suit from her hometown. It was my first salwar suit and prized possession for many years. That’s the 1st thought which comes to mind:-).
    Other than that I remember this famous song “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” I had on one of my favourite English tapes;-D

  2. Dr. Green - Dhulai ki tikiya! That's the first thought that comes to my mind.

  3. swimsuits...sooo retro :) (and weird that i thought about it)

  4. Rakesh: LOL really;-D.....but why on earth, I mean whts the connection?????

    An Open Book: Oh yes I saw them when I googled for the pictures....but decided against posting them;-D

  5. hmmm..Dimple's top in Bobby!...

    to your prev question: gave a couple of kacheris albeit as an accompanying artiste to my more accomplished sister (never gave solo ones)...didnt learn as much to do so...

  6. First of all...so sorry I missed some questions.

    Polka Dots...hmmm...when I was 8 years old or so, I used to go for "Modern" Dancing classes - black leotard and black ballerina shoes - we had to do a show for a song called "Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" - Oh! The shame! And my folks made us dance it for Onam celebrations as well! But we wore skirts on top of the leotards for the sake of "decency :D We have that dance on video :O

    Must hunt that song down on Youtube - thanks for the memory jog!

  7. Lol!Well, I can see that you can still manage to bring a smile to my face - no matter what you put out here! ;)

    How have you been, dear? And thank you so much for making your presence felt :))

    As for polka dots, never thought or will think of them as fashion. Don't know why! The only memory I have is being in a boring eco class in college and me counting the polka dots off one of my classmates salwar kameez. OMG!!! The whole salwar kameez! What was she thinking! ;p

  8. Uma: Oh yes...that top is famous;-D.
    I've been to a few Kacheri's and found them very interesting:-).

    Jane: LOL...esp the leotard show for Onam...really funny;-D.
    I had tht song on tape & loved listening to it and also clearly remember the next song which was "I'm too sexy";-D. Gosh...memories:-))!!!!!

    Sparkling: AHA look who's here..... good to see U:-))!!!!
    Yeah some of the polka dotted clothes people wear just ruin it for the others for life;-P

  9. Dalmatians ( I wish i can own one someday sooon...)

  10. I have always hated polka dots. But the pictures are quite appealing. I am almost ready to take that step of adding something with Polka dots to my wardrobe. Almost! :-)

  11. Alas polka dots mean little to me - not being sartorially fascinated. But can make the following learned comments

    - Cheryl Cole looks lovely
    - Paris Hilton looks ugh
    - Victoria Beckham looks awful
    - Kareena Kapoor looks nice
    - Suri Tom Cruise is gorgeous -
    - Madhuri Dixit could lose some weight !
    - Drew Barrymore should not be photographed like this
    - Hrithik Roshan does not look hauuute. He should go get a shave :)
    - N in a red & white polka dotted salwar would easily have been the best of all. Alas no photo :(

  12. The first thought that came to my mind was Pyjamas.

  13. the first thought that comes to my mind is "Wow".

    I like polka dotted dresses. They are very pretty. Now, I am imagining myself wearing a polka dotted salwar to Office :D

    I think polka dotted clothes became popular in India after the release of the movie called "Bobbie". At that time it was known as "bobbie print"

  14. Slippers :P ya, thatz what came to my mind rt nw ;)
    I owned a pretty white and lavender polka dotted salwar suit too! And that ws my first too ;)

  15. Prabodh: Hehe...hope u get ur polka dotted doggie soon;-D!!!

    Zeba: A polka dotted outfit in ur wardrobe may just make the difference. I'd say go for it;-D

    Ramesh: Hehe even if I put the picture up its of not much help....u see its a b&w pic;-D
    Very few men look good with a stubble...and Hritik Roshan is one of them;-D

    Sriram: Makes me wonder if u just got up from sleep;-D

    Tan: Bobby print huh...I never knw tht;-D. And yes get tht outfit, u r going to look WOW:-))

  16. Swaram: Lavender & white sounds like a lovely combination:-).
    Slipper eh....ok I'm not even going to ask;-D

  17. 1950's- poodle skirts- pretty dresses and charming swimsuits- all of these came to my mind when you said polka dot :)

  18. Seriously, I don't remember anything, Nancy. Giving this Qn a skip....

  19. y r u callin cameron diaz as drew barrymore is my quesn to you!!! ;D

    i think of those dalmatian dogs...

    never fancy those dogs or the dots... not sure why... guess circle is not my thingy! :(

    ps. luks lik both RS n I missed our position...

  20. Lil Dot and Crafty !!!! immediately !!! :P

  21. Anjuli: U knw I like to watch old english movies just to watch the clothes u mentioned above;-D

    RS: Hey cool, nothing to get hecked up about;-D

    Sulo: Oops tht was a mistake...all corrected now. Good thing u told me;-D.
    LOL I had a feeling both of u would & I even predicted it;-D

    Hitchwriter: It took me a second or two to place lil dot....gosh its been so long since I thought of her;-D
    And crafty u r talking abt is the blogger crafty right:-)).

  22. somehow the first picture that came into my mind is Mumtaz with that signature hairstyle of hers, in a black and white polka dot saree and those fluttering eyelids :D

  23. It might sound cheezy Bindu but I've noticed it sooo many times.....u just take the words out of my mouth....and put it across really well;-D

  24. first thing that came to my mind was my new polka dotted black & white dress that i wore over the wkend! it looks smashing! :))

  25. I love polka dots and a few of them in wardrobe. The first thing that comes to my mind are red polka dotted little girl frocks i have seen in so many stores.

  26. Sunshine: Wow now thts a coincidence;-o. Where can I see the pics;-D????

    Elizabeth: My mum also was a big PD fan;-). Polka dots on kids clothes are very pretty. My youngest has got a pink & white PD dress.....my choice ofcourse;-D

  27. The first thing that comes to my mind on hearing polka dots is summer. Little girls wearing cute cotton polka dotted frocks and playing around. Thats the image I can visualize...The second thing is my black and white polka dotted salwar which I loved.

  28. :) love em! thought brings up a smile,and a 70's sari my mum used to have!
    now have to tell myself am no longer in that age bracket, and move away from polka dots! :(

  29. Yes... I had long forgotten Lil Dot... but then Crafty brought her back.. !!! she was as obsessive about polka dots as anyone !!! :D

  30. Anusha: PD's remind most of us of summer and little girls:-).

    Vaidegi: Saris' with PD's have this filmi feel to it:-)). And whts age got to go with it???? I say go for it;-D.


    Hitchwriter: Aaaah ok:-D!!!!


  31. i shall upload some pics on fb eventually! :)

  32. Before I started to think I saw the pictures pictures and started counting the dots...there are 371 altogether.! Oh is that not an answer to your question? Blame it on Madhuri Dixit

  33. Sunshine: OK will wait for it:-)!!!

    Maddy: Hahaha....Madhuri Dixit ki photo abhi bhi hosh udadhetae hai huh;-D

  34. Archie's comics... Little Dot! Nothing else comes to my mind!


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