Monday, 29 October 2007

Windfall or what........

October 03

I was rummaging thru some stuff Binu(my brother in law, he went to study movie-making in the States) left behind when he took off last month. Lots of DVDs (which r of no use to me cause his taste in movies differs fr mine), a fax cum scanner cum printer cum copier (not connected yet coz its got a complicated set up), a Harman House music system(cant afford 2 rig it up with the kids arnd), AND taaa…daaaa………..this huge plastic bag full of toiletries…….all types of lotions, scrubs, shampoos, styling gels, etc(this is like an unexpected windfall).

See, Binu is very conscious abt his looks & takes pains to maintain them. His bathroom & dressing table used 2 overflow with good stuff fr all over the world(he worked as cabin crew with Emirates). Since he could carry only 50kgs, I guess he cdnt fit all of this in his luggage. So he dumped it here………..well, i for 1 am not complaining.

Since I would never consider spending money on these things, I thought it was like a dream come true. The only problem is that some of the products just had 2 or 3 words written in French or German(I’m guessing, b’coz it definitely was not english) I really couldn't make out what they did(again I’m guessing tht b’cause these products are so well-known, the makers don’t feel the need toexplain what it is for). So then I used my kidneys to figure out what was what......... I’d squeeze some liquid out of a tube & apply it on my arm. If absorbed into the skin, I assumed it was lotion & if it didn’t, then it was soap.......oops, i mean cleansing lotion.

Then there are some 2 dozen tubes & tubs of hair care products (u see, he had a problem with hairfall). For a person like me who applied coconut oil & then washed it off with any shampoo on the bathroom shelf, this is like……… total revelation. A whole new world out there. But again most of the shampoos were for colored hair(and i have never colored my hair in my life) & to wash out chlorine(again, never went swimming in my life). Then, there are some hair styling gels……, I already have oily hair & have to wash it every 2 days otherwise it goes limp and with use of styling gel I’ll have 2 wash it everyday & most importantly I wear my hair the same way ALL the time…….tied together at the back. So wht use was the styling gel…….. got my point???


Long back I got to ride in a very expensive car AND I was carsick(the leather seats triggerred off the nausea). My better half had then wryly commented tht I had no “yogam” for the better things in life. I came to the same conclusion when I sat back & contemplated this bag of goodies. Finally I took out St Ivy’s Apricot Scrub and a body lotion & packed the rest of it back in the bag.

Hmmmmmm……………doesnt take a genius to figure out that I have no yearnings to rise above my mediocrity.

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