Monday, 22 October 2007


August 20
Sometimes I feel like that bird in the picture. Unaware of whats happening behind my back. Forget the back, most of the time I don't realise what is happening in front of me. Just like that bird sometimes I'd get swallowed whole, but luckily for me, & since I don't digest very easily they spit me out in the same speed. And the best part of it is that, after all that drama, I still will not be aware that Iwas almost somebody's lunch.
Ofcourse a nagging feeling will be there that there was something amiss.

People look at me like "Are you for real?" and it does make me feel bad. And I even spend a few seconds analysing where I'm lacking.

In hindsight its better this way. There is no need to put every single incident in ur life under the microscope. I just concentrate on living one day at a time..........


  1. am lik tht too i guess... too diff a topic 4 1st post tht i hav read so far... as alwys transparent reflections :)

  2. LOL...I know, its different!!!
    Actually I was reacting to a breach of trust at work.
    Atleast u understood it, many people who read this said they didnt;-D

  3. guess what i started bloggin on oct 27th 2007... :) :) 5 days after ;)

    ps. if u r wonderin y am re-readin this post - plz dont ponder toooo much... u know y - dont you?!!!

  4. I actually started earlier but in Windows spaces, after 2 months for some reason the link there stopped working. Then found blogger and brought everything from there to here;-D.
    Oh I'm still wondering;-D


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