Tuesday, 23 October 2007

weekend blues......greys.......whites.....

August 23

yippppeeeeeeeeeeee........weekend again. In this part of the world v have them on friday & saturday. the establishments which dont give an off on saturdays generally have a half-day on thursday. On a thursday night, more than 98% of the population is out partying, visiting friends, shopping, generally killing time in shopping malls, having dinner, getting stuck in the horrendous traffic jams. The ones who stay at home are probably sick............naaah, even sick ppl go out to feel better, mayb they r having friends over for dinner..............nope, why bother preparing dinner when u can take them out, or maybe they sat around arguing where to go & couldnt make up their minds.

Fridays start with a late brkfast, even later lunch with all household chores, homeworks, phonecalls to home country and channel surfing all squeezed in btn. Then a siesta which sometimes lasts till 6pm. after a hurried tea v rush out for the traditional, ritualistic, weekly grocery shopping. Only another parent with 2 kids will really understand how a shopping list with 22 items in it mutates in2 a 57 items grocery bill at the chkout counter. The whole process takes 4 hrs. Then its a hurried dinner at the food court(hurried bcoz the frozen items in the shopping bags will start defrosting, u knw) and back home.


p.s - my ideal wkend exists on paper....sorry, on the net......c pics alongside

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