Monday, 29 October 2007

missed the bus.........

September 16

Our office timings have changed from 8.30am to 3pm till the 11th of next month.....ramadan u knw. Since our company is owned by a hindu & also there is this small detail tht v have no muslims working in our company, i never imagined v'll b getting these timings(these timings strictly apply only 2 the muslims who fast and companies can insist tht the other employees wrk the usual timings). But Mr. Venu our manager somehow pulled it off. he has my eternal gratitude for the next 1 month. For the ignorant, Ramadan is the time when muslims all over the world fast fr sunrise to sunset. It comes once a year & it is for 30 days(i thk). during the day they dont have any solids or liquids infact i hrd tht they dont even swallow their saliva. But after sunset they can brk their fast & feast till daybreak.

If anybody wants to c how dubai roads looked some 10 yrs back.........please drive out on the roads btn 6.30 & 7.30pm during the next 3 wks. lovely stretches of empty roads with just a few cars whizzing come???????...............simple........... 85% of the population is inside their houses breaking their fast.

Hey u knw wht.........i got 2 travel in 1 of the new buses which have been introduced in dubai recently. they r better than the luxury coaches available in most parts of the world. each bus is twice as big as the previous buses. one doesnt have 2 lift a leg to knee level 2 climb in2 the bus, the opening step is a gentle slope almost till longer do parents have 2 heave the kids in2 the bus. the seating arrangement is such tht a family of 4 can sit facing each other.....almost like in a restaurant except ofcourse there is no table in btn. the lights dim when the bus is in motion but come back on when it stops. each seat has a light control(ie if u want 2 read or something, u can switch on the light above ur seat) and a ac regulator(this option was there b4 also). There is a stop button at arms reach, to be pressed if u want 2 get off at the next stop. but in these buses they havent specified "Ladies seats" like in the old buses.
any disadvantages.........hmmmmmmm.........yes, the seats dont incline backwards 2 become a bed if anybody wants 2 sleep........oh well i suppose u cant expect the world for dhs.1 and 50fils. Last hrd tht new double decker buses r going 2 introduced soon.

Talking of buses...........the kids missed the school bus on thursday. Their fathers face looked like thunder & both of them tried hard 2 make themselves look wretched but their eyes gave them away. I had 2 hide a smile on my face as i turned away fr the door......well i havent forgotten how it feels when u get an unexpected reprieve fr attending school.
And today husband dear was back within 3 minutes after he took them 2 the bus stop. He came in, took a look at the clock & walked in without saying anything.........looks like they had 2 make a run for it :-).

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