Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Salman Khan

October 20

I think I was doing my 1st PU when I happened to see the movie “Baaghi” starring Salman Khan & Nagma. The film itself was nothing special but the hero walked straight into my mind & heart. I then hunted out “Maine Pyar Kiya” & watched it to confirm the feeling. He looked scrawnier here but never u mind. Small details like that never mattered to me. The sensitivity in his eyes, the intensity in his expressions, the ordinary looking face, the unashamed way of crying, all dragged me deeper into his snare.

But…….I never was one among those crazy fans. U knw…. the types who was mooning about him every waking moment, or doodling his name inside red hearts, and walking around proclaiming eternal love for him. I never was so crazy tht I would spend time & money watching a flop movie of his. Of course I did follow most of his antics onscreen, like the avid fan that I was.

Years passed. I graduated from college. I worked. I got married. Have two kids now. Life continues. But he seems to be stuck in some time-warp. He is still doing fluffy movies(barring 1 or 2). Still unmarried. Still getting in2 trouble……with the law this time.
From the surface he’s got it all: Acting skills, good looks, a kind heart (from wht we can gather), money & a very loving, supportive family. Then what is driving him to………to deliberately create mayhem in his life……….to be the centre of controversy every now & then.

Over the years, I may not be so involved with whts happening in his life anymore[or atleast I give a good imitation]. But he still holds a place in the corner of my a favourite but ragged teddy bear which has seen better days. Even now I unconsciously pause whatever I'm doing when he appears on TV and husband tells me tht I have this most idiotic look on my face(which I'm sure he's exaggerating). But when I read tht he has been sentenced to imprisonment it makes me pause for a moment & wonder what drives him. Maybe he deserves it(the law thinks so) but I hurt for him. All these issues are so… needless. He could have avoided them if only he exercised a bit of caution.

Like a typical woman I think…………he needs a family. A wife who has a steadying influence on him. Children who will calm his restless spirit. Somebody to come home to.

Years back, my friends & I were on our way back to Bangalore from Ooty when we heard tht Salman khan was shooting nearby for a scene in “Hum Aapke hain koun”(if I’m not mistaken). So naturally my friends asked me whether I wanted to go see the shooting & if I were lucky I could even meet him. I thought for a moment & shook my head. I really don’t know why I refused and later in the day I was kicking myself for missing out on the opportunity;-/.

All said and done, he's my hero............always want him to remain that way.


  1. There was a time when my whole family was a fan of Salman, now only i am left. I dont know why but i always seem to justify his veery mistake, may be fans are made that way:) I think he is a lot misunderstood person,and since he never clarifies----.He has a heart of gold and the amount of charities he is involved makes me feel very happy. Once I wrote a letter to Filmfare alos defending him:) and got the prize also

  2. He'll remain Mr. Nice Guy to us for ever:-P


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