Tuesday, 23 October 2007

8th WA

September 01

"Celebrated" our 8th wedding anniversary last week.............. went off 2 work as usual. Reached home by 6pm. My better-half reached by 9.45pm. Both of us were really tired but didnt want to let the day go off without doing anything about it. So we reached the restaurent by 10.30 & got a table immediately ofcourse. The order took a long time to materialise during which time my kids amused themselves by dropping spoons, forks, napkins on the floor and water, salt on the table. When they grew tired of this activity they discussed loudly abt the food served on the neighbouring table & also tried to stand on their chairs to see who is taller. Just kidding. The food when it came was superb. A while later, feeling full & relaxed, we headed home.

8 yrs of married life is not a joke and we have 2 kids to prove the fact. Marriage anniversaries dont really seem 2 have the same importance it used to. There are other priorities in life...............kids birthdays and school openings and even parents b'days begin to assume more importance. Children are growing up so fast tht we struggle to keep up. Pressures of work & other interferences also begin to affect us indirectly. Blame cannot be put on any 1 person bcoz I know tht its just that we are too busy trying to keep our lives in control & we move forward acting like nothing matters "thattt much" in life.

Now dont mistake me... my husband is a very caring & responsible person and I love him dearly...........its just that life tends to comes inbetween.


  1. Oh! Must have been one of those phases. Where was the dinner by the way?

  2. Oh it was one of those phases:-P

    A place close by...its called Foodlands...they serve really good food, their buffets are superb.


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