Monday, 8 June 2009

Plagiarizers I have a bone to pick with U......

Yesterday I came across this post where a blogger is accused of stealing a whole post from another blogger & pasting it as her own. There were some 90+ comments from a lot of people across the globe all indignant & ready to show their muscles. This intimidated the faker so much so that she[or was it a he] deleted the whole blog in remorse or was it humiliation.

And I felt so sad…….for myself. I’ve been blogging consistently almost 2 years now & have a lot of material which can be put to some good use. If you notice I don’t even have ‘creative copyright fundoo license whatever’ written anywhere in my blog. Anybody is free to plagiarize, borrow, steal anything they want from here but I have to face upto this reality glaring into my face……the honest truth that nobody wants to. Booohoohoo……..nobody wants to copy my stuff.

It seemed like an all too familiar scenario……I’m transported back to when I was in school, where once in a while I would learn up all the material for the exams & find the question-paper very easy to answer. While writing my paper I would keep a sharp eye out for anybody who wanted help. As expected, slowly heads which were bent over the question paper would rise & try to get the attention of the intelligent people in the class. I would attempt so hard to catch the eye of these people & smile at them with assurance…you know like winking & miming that they can ask me whatever they want. All I got in return was a raised eye-brow or a kind smile before they turned away to concentrate on the first-rankers. Huh!!!!!!

Good thing I had a thick-skin otherwise just imagine how much my father would have had to shell out in the name of counseling.

And you know this reminds me of another incident………..I used to go to college on a Hero Puch. Even my dear papa used to take the public transport but he got me a bike coz I used to be sick all over the fellow-passengers.
I took to the bike like a duck to water. I loved to stop at the local bus-stand & invite fellow college-mates so that I could save them a bumpy ride in the local transport. And I used to thoroughly enjoy the ride…you know its always great to have company….we sort of reached college faster. Soon I started noticing that as soon I was within sight of the bus stand, a few of them would rush into the middle of the crowd & try to make themselves invisible. The heights of it was when I saw my father trying to make himself as small as possible so that I wouldn’t notice him. Ofcourse I confronted him. He went all belligerent about not wanting his daughter taking control of his life & then when he saw I was hurt he said placating “Maybe if you focused more on the road in front of you……..”.

That familiar feeling of worthlessness is creeping up on me.

My posts……..what do they lack????? I’m so proud of them. Unlike yours, all the ideas are original…….each of them have been painstakingly written from scratch and elaborated on, each sentence is scrutinized atleast 5-6 times to see if it in sync with the rest of the matter, even the title of each post is decided upon only after much deliberation. I ask you……what is it which is lacking here????? Am I not worthy of atleast a teeny–weeny bit of it…does nobody want to copy-paste into their blogs my "Rat-a-tat” post or my “If you cut your nails on Tuesday, you’ll get money” post or the “I was stalked” post.

I’m sure it can't have escaped your notice that I too have got 41 followers, so many kind people have blog-rolled me & I get an average of 30-40 comments per post…….then why?????????

Mujh mein aisa kya kami hai, mere blogger saathiyoe???????*

*A dialogue usually voiced shrilly by the heroine in Hindi Cinemas & it roughly translates to "where am I found lacking, my blogger friends?????


  1. lets see. Have you tried copyscape? It searches for duplicates of your site. Sure you haven't been plagiarized?:P
    Gee..what we'd do to be in your shoes. :D
    oh ha ha ha

  2. Hahahahaha!!!!

    It is too difficult to maintain the same sense of humour all the time and make people to shed tears out of happiness and laughter. You are very good at it. If at all anybody wish to plagirize ( Did I plagirize the word plagirize correctly??? Guess so)it has to be Nancy drew!!! oh!! Sorry Nancy Two and nobody else!!

  3. ROFL!!Nancy!only YOU could have written this!!:D:D
    I am laughing so much:D

    you know what??you are a sweetheart :)
    you made me laugh so much and here I thought this was going to be a serious post :P:P


    just to please you I will steal okay?
    lil bit only...

    *Nancy jumps in glee*
    *points to a whole list of posts waiting to be plagiarized*


  4. :lol: so do i copy your post and put it on my blog !!!! ???? lol !!!

  5. When I read ur title to the blog, I expected some serious stuff - plagiarism and all.
    But, reading thru the post, OMG, Nancy, you've done a hilarious post again.
    Don't you worry ! I try plagiarise some of your stuff, if that is going to make u happy.
    Of course, all ur posts are so original and just like u, maybe beyond reach of others, to copy.
    The hero puch and exam stuff - really funny.

  6. BTW, I've blogged abt the happiness journey, for you.

  7. Lol!!Nancy you are too good ! as fr copying you...that would be tough cos one will have to copy paste each n every post of yours cos one couldnt possibly write such humorous posts on their own!! So one would have to be a clone of Nancy!!
    and that reminds me tom is tuesday!!!Yipee m on my way to the bank :-)

  8. *looks around furtively* in fact i shouldn't even be leaving my comments here lol should get straight to the business of copy-pasting as i'm in dire need of blog material these days hahaha ;-)

  9. Meira: Ohhhhh so thts wht copyscape does huh....seriously I used to wonder how it works. Infact I thought it would not let the person do a cntrl+C on the page or something like tht.

    Maddy:Thank U:-D!!!!!
    And nope u didnt get the word correct...there is an 'i' after the 'g'...I myself found out after writing this post. Or are u just pulling my leg;-P??????

    Hitchwriter: Yeah something like tht....but it wont work with people who know or comment on my blog...u see I'll be able to catch them easily. Its got to be some unknown blogger who I never knew existed;-D

    Indyeah: Awww all of u are sho shweet....trying to maske me happy. But like I told go in ur cases:-(.

    Umas: Thank U:-D!!!!! And really nice of you to put up a post on the topic. Will be over to read it.

    Myspace: Ohhhh do try tht....nail-cutting thingie.
    I'll give u guarantee.....u'll get atleast Rs.5 from somewhere within the same week;-D

    Snow: LOL...thts exactly wht I was telling Hitchwriter & Indyeah. Since I visit all ur blogs, you people dont count in this scheme;-D

  10. *Suno suno suno! Plagiarizers,there are some awe-inspiring posts...oops steal worthy posts by this writer thats up for grabs!if you have the bones for it,take up her challenge.Else chullu bhar paani mei doob maro!
    *Deeps shouting and tom-tomming with a drum tied to her neck*

    Happy,N?As a friend I can do at least this much for you;))

  11. OMG! this is soooo damn funny... You seriously made my Monday Morning! :)

    I slept at 3 last night coz I was not sleepy and woke up with burning eyes. This post brought me alive! :)

    OK! Let me take permission from you and copy some of your stuff. May I please?


  12. I expected a revolution against plagiarism, but you turned out be a supporter of plagiarists ;-)...very funny!!

  13. Hey, i have been reading your blogs for some time now....but i m not on ur follower's list(guess now i will be!!) You r simply too good!! I am just a new blogger and more than writing, i have been reading... And i had to tell you, you r too good at it!!!

  14. hahahahahahahahaha :P
    here is an idea...

    on your sidebar, put up creative common work and all the other licenses up, then maybe a bloggers would feel like copying you work....

    How is it???/ :P

  15. LOL, Nancy !!!!!!!!!! Did not know you are missing it so badly ... not to worry dear, I will do that for you.. just pretend like you dont read my blog okay ?

    But then , how do you know you havent been plagiarised already ??? look for them on copyscape !! and yes, you've been tagged at my place :)

  16. Nancy, You gone nuts?! Ha..ha..ha..ha..

    Okay do one thing. Start a new blog and copy-paste some of your posts there and then accuse your self. All of us will come to show our strength. What say?

  17. Hey Nancy ... only u cn do this. I ws already getting ready to burst out against someone who has done it.

    So, as per ur expectations, may I create another blog which is unknown to u and do the Ctrl-C Ctrl-V act? U know, we code developers are pretty gud at it :P

  18. i stopped by to tell you that you've been tagged. so epuhleeezzz comply to some randomness :)

    now I'll go read :)

  19. you funny funny funny lady. i would definitely fall in the category of people who would try to get lost in the crowd if i see you with your Hero Puch :)....but simply because I'm shit scared of two whellers and moreso of those who look around more instead of infront :D

  20. ha ha ha :)
    Nancy!! YOU ARE ADORABLE :)

    dontcha worry sistah..hum saath saath hain :) meri posts ko bhi no one plagarises :(
    Lets copy each other's work!! heeehaawww :)

    ON a serious note!! LOVE your write ups...are you sure no one has plagiarised them??!!!


  21. Oh Nancy, you made my day!!! I`m still laughing as I type this!! How I`ve missed reading you!! :-))

  22. Lol!!!! You're originally funny alrite! :D

    Get that Puch of yours and I
    promise I won't make myself scarce!!! My height may deceive me though :p

    I only wish I could 'copy' your humour timing, it surely would do my sad blog some good ;)

  23. hah..u funny woman..only u could have written this Nancy :D
    i saw the title on my blogroll and came here to fight hammer and tongs with who ever has copied u and this is what i get
    and now dont crib if ur posts are actually copied.. this was an open invitation :))

  24. Huh !!! toiyiee toiyiee (This is background music in old films) ha ha ha ....nancy reading this post i laughed so much..everyone in the net are complaining for stealing articles from blog and their one who is saying come steal my content...anyways...I have become a big fan of Ur blog....Cheers...and also their always a other way to look around thinks....grt...Keep writing always...

  25. Huh !!! toiyiee toiyiee (This is background music in old films) ha ha ha ....nancy reading this post i laughed so much..everyone in the net are complaining for stealing articles from blog and their one who is saying come steal my content...anyways...I have become a big fan of Ur blog....Cheers...and also their always a other way to look around thinks....grt...Keep writing always...

  26. This is so disappointing Nancy innit? I mean, seriously, I guess, all the commentators on our posts saying you are great are just f*%$ing lying. If we were so great, we would've been copied or at least we would've 'inspired' someone...

    Too bad. I'm with you in this grief :(

  27. Me - still laughing!!!!

    Ohhh... wait, no one copies my stuff too... why oh why?????
    can i copy paste this post on my blog, since it echoes my emotions??????

  28. haha,
    dont know about other posts but this one surely will be copied...

  29. Koi kami nahi hai Nancy, you're a brilliant blogger & I think you know it :P :D

    But on this issue of wanting to be plagiarized, I have to disagree: I'm very possessive about whatever I write, irrespective of whether its worth copying or not!!! I'd go "keede pade tere pure khandaan pe" to anyone who dared take my stuff (how the hell will I ever know though???)

  30. Oh, how I understand you, my dear and I will use a bit if not whole of your posts when I go on a blogopause next time...
    And Nancy, I am back and you haven't read, I feel bad and sad too...

  31. I feel your pain my friend :D ...had a great laugh on this one :P

  32. This is cool! I'm sure there are means of finding out whether you're being that other woman found out. Maybe they're not copying entire posts but maybe emulating a lot of your ideas?

  33. Ohhhhhh thank you, thank you everybody for trying to make me feel so good. Some of you do have a point….maybe my posts have been copied & I didn’t know anything about it, so it tickles me to subscribe to ‘copyscape fancy looking button’ just to see if they were but I do so fear the disappointment I may have to face once I’m confronted with the ‘proven’ fact that NOBODY really wants to copy stuff from me. Or maybe like OG says I’ll just put up all these important looking icons & fool the plagiarizer into believing I got some good stuff worth taking.
    And if even that doesn’t work, I will console myself with this plausible(???) explanation………that maybe the plagiarizer must be thinking that this blog is quite popular so it wont be of any use copying posts from here as one can get caught easily. Now that I've covered all the options, I rest very happily in my little pond.

    I’m really sorry about not replying individually coz I have been attacked by this deadly virus which causes the head to throb, makes the body ache, sits like a rock in the middle of my throat & forces me to breathe thru my mouth. Am on powerful antibiotics & total bedrest. Please do remember me when you pray or atleast when u come across a pharmacy.

  34. Can you just send me a file with all your entries exported? I would happily import them all :)

    You can start a service - import files for the lazy copycats.

  35. awww...get well soon,Nancy!And be back with a BANG!
    Take care

  36. Get well soon dear. May the Lord shower his choicest blessings on u :)

  37. Come come take my trolls and plagiarists...dont want them...
    I'm sure its because they wont take a chance of plagiarising a popular blogger like you that they havent landed here yet!

  38. Nancy you are doing just in that space...and I love reading your's too original to be copied (lol)....

  39. Nancy, rest, and take back fast.

  40. You really can be creative even with a title like, "Plagiarizers I have a bone to pick with U......". Enjoyed reading this post and really enjoyed the exhortation at the end, "I’m sure it can't have escaped your notice that I too have got 41 followers, so many kind people have blog-rolled me & I get an average of 30-40 comments per post…….then why?????????

    Mujh mein aisa kya kami hai, mere saathiyoe???????*

  41. Speaking of praying & pharmacies brought back this memory: as a kid sometimes I'd make the Sign of the Cross on seeing the plus sign outside pharmacies :D :D

    Hope it made you smile....laughter IS the best med! Get well soon!!!

  42. Hey me thought you are talking against plagiarists but you are for plagiarists :)

    I dont mind posting your posts, I like your writings and with two girls around, you and me will be sound similar if not the same :)

    and get well soon :), its good to fuss while everyone looks after us for a change.

  43. Colours: I'm beginning to get a bit worried now....I seem to have unleashed something I have no idea how to control;-o

    Deeps: Hey thanks, I'm feeling much better today;-D

    Swaram: Yes, yes I pray tht too;-D. Thank U!!!!!!!!

    Karmickids: What a pleasure to receive a comment from you;-D!!!! Thank U!!!!!!!

    Sukku: ooooh thank U for tht lovely compliment!!!!!

    Sindhu: Awwww....thank U, I will try;-)!!!!

    JP Joshi: Oh but it was necessary to do a bit of advertising to attract the unsavoury elements;-D

    Shalom: awwww how shweet...I am imagining it & grinning to myself;-D. Thank U so much for caring:-))!!!!!

    Sadiya: Thank U for ur wishes!!!!!
    "its good to fuss while everyone looks after us for a change."
    Huh, who??????? I have a good mind to put up a whole post on tht;-/.

  44. Hahaha :) thats a cute thought.
    I'm visiting your blog after sometime. Probably you are too original for the so-called plagiarizers ;)


  45. Throat infection??? I get it almost every other month. Take care...

    [Btw, this comment was just to increase my standing in your top commentators :)]

  46. Rakesh: LOL u r funny really....but I see only the thoughtfulness behind ;-D. Thank U!!!

    lostworld: Thank U Rohitha!!! How have u been:-)????

  47. :-) Self deprecation is not easy. You do it with panache.
    I saw the blogger's post. I felt her pain. Glad the copy cat deleted the post and glad the entire blogosphere rose up in unison.

  48. Nancy take care and get well soon
    dont know about copyong , but I laugh so much on ur posts and keep telling my daughter, now even she knows youby name:)

  49. Preethi Shenoy: Thank you, I'll treasure tht compliment!!!!
    I too felt really bad for Kiran Manral. I do hope it was a lesson well learnt by the offender & any others who haboured any thoughts in tht direction.
    As for me I was just dabbling in some reverse psychology;-D.

  50. He Ho Ho - you're a star. I am copying your entire blog to www. icopiedthisblogfromnancybutplease

    btw the netnanny here in China prevents me from "following" your blog. What have you done to piss them off. Please say "Hail Chairman Mao" three times every day :)

  51. Once again Nacy at her hilarious best.

    The best one was that people avoiding lift on your Hero Puch

    Your posts are so original (Nancy like) that they would ring a loud alarm if some one steals them.

  52. really funny one as always! now on some serious thoughts, i realised ur blog is so original and personalised and so full of life that only u can use it ... only dry stuff tht can b written by any tom dick and harry can b copied word to word by anyone :)

    now i really think ppl do get inspired from ur blog and try n write like u ... i for instance have been motivated many times by ur posts :)...thts something to b proud of rite?

  53. Renu: Aaaah thank you!!!! I'm just recovering from a fever & cold, been in the dumps actually. I'm so gratefully absorbing all the compliments:-D.

    Ramesh: LOL...thank U really for trying to bolster my spirits. I'm perfectly willing to try "Hail Chairman Meow" how many ever times they are willing to listen;-D.

    Balvinder Singhji: I just want to tell them they are free to take anything but just allow me to post their link in my blog for all of u to will make me look very important & their parda faash(??) ho jaayega. Yeah, yeah dumb I knw...but I have even dumber schemes plotted in my head;-D

    Former Sansmerci: "i for instance have been motivated many times by ur posts :)...thts something to b proud of rite?"
    Awwwww u really know how to make my eyes sting, dont u:-)). Thank U!!!!

  54. nice article!!

    its better to be a 1st rate of yourself than a 2nd rate of others no..

  55. Hi Nancy ..
    Thanks a lot for dropping by in my blog ..very informative article these kinds of things are happening ..hmm...have to react strongly aginst these kind of people ..u have done a great job dear
    keep in touch

  56. Thank you for your comment....Yeah, I managed to blogroll on wordpress. But, kept it private...Thought would let you know before displaying on the page...Din't consider that you will be notified....He,he....:)

  57. Wow you must have some magic. The net nanny actually heard your "Hail Chairman Meow" Lol. I am now allowed to follow your blog and have joined the legions ....

  58. drama queen :) thats the word i thought of while reading ur post. ur one heck of a drama queen (and i mean that ever so affectionately)

    cute post (im still smiling at the filmi dialogue)

  59. Get well soon dear :)
    And take care.

  60. Oh God!! Are you for real?? :D You want us to copy your stuff?? :D I will do one better ... I ll blogroll you ... :D And yes, one more follower for you!!

  61. Lovely Blog! I really enjoyed reading all the posts :)

  62. you have made me laugh out loud with this post!! I love your blog and if it were permissible I would be stealing from your blog all the time- hee hee!!

    Oh btw I just sent off the book for you so keep your eyes open for it. Not sure how long it will take to get to you.

  63. Nancy, it's great how some bloggers are complaning of being plagiarized while others are complaing from the contrary. "C'est La Vie" or (This is life) as the french say.

    Seriously, I do beleive that since any blog is original then it's simply reflects the author's identity; if someone is copying it, then the later lacks his/her own identity.

    Anyway keep on blogging and complaning too :P. My first but not the last visit for this space, for sure :)

  64. Brocasarea: U r right but then I never had a high opinion about myself;-D

    Veena: Yes....infact I think u have more to worry than me coz I've hrd that recipes & photos posted by bloggers are lifted word to word & pasted on other sites:-o. Keep an eye out!!!!!

    Savitha: Hey no need to feel anything....I just happened to see ur url on feedjit, thts how I landed on ur page. And I'm glad I did;-D.

    Ramesh: worked JLT huh. Just let me know if u need my help again, I quite like meowing now & then;-D.
    As for ur following me, I'm honoured!!!!

    N: Did u happen to meet any of my friends anywhere;-o??????

    Still Thinking: The antibiotics worked like magic. I'm feeling much better. Thank U for asking:-))!!!!!!!

    Thethoughtfultrain: Thank U, I'm honoured:-))!!!!!!!!

    Doli: ALL???? Really?? Nobody has the patience nowadays;-P. I feel good;-D!!!!!!

    Agnes: Since u didnt explain I'll just assume its a compliment, and so thank U;-D!!!!!!

    Anjuli: Hey thank U!!!! Looking forward to receiving it:-)).

    Hitcham: The english proverb "Grass is always greener on the other side" always made an 'awful' lot of sense to me;-D. And ur 2nd para on the other hand also makes complete sense to me.
    Please do visit again, I love receiving guests;-D.

  65. hee hee.. you ARE funny!!! :D

    How are you and the kids feeling now???

  66. Hope you are feeling better. As for getting things under control we are enjoying it :)....

  67. Hey sweets...get well soon :)
    I am praying :) You will be fine in a matter of few days!

  68. Hey,how are you feeling now?came by to tell you I've shifted loyalties...I've a new page now.Do drop by as and when you feel alright.

    *now before Nance goes off to get a vadi to give a 'chutta peda(u knw what it means,right?)' Deeps whisks off*

  69. Whoa!! an avalanche of comments!! Great writing, the thing being you always had the funny bone in you, that you could just take a very almost insignificant topic and make it so very readable and so very enjoyable time and again! To the one and only the 'inimitable' Nancy and her adorable 'Reflections' a huge Cheers!! :)

  70. I get you, Nancy! I totally get you. LOL abt the bike thing and the exam thing! Tooooo funny!!
    Reading the title, I thought that somebody stepped on your nerve. Never thought it would be this way! :D

  71. WannabeWriter Thank U:-))!!!
    Oh yes we are feeling much better now.

    Colours: Much better, thank u for asking.
    Oh I had a feeling u were;-D!!!!

    Saima: Awww..thanks, it was one of those once in a year terible infections;-/. Thank God we r much better now.

    Deeps: LOL...seriously u got tht part right.... I was just wondering how to colectively catch all of u & give u a Big Bhashan;-/.

    Onlooker: Long have u been???? Thank U so much for the kind words...u know exactly how to make me fly:-)).

    Butterfly: Aaaah u know me....if there is a way to make things complicated I'm there;-P.

  72. You have me in splits, as always!!!
    Hope you're feeling well and up and about!!

  73. hahaha! the one time im away nancy and you come up with this masterpeice!!! :D

    lolol! you have got to get an award for the most creative blogger ever!!! :)

  74. SGD: Gee thanks!!!!
    And oh yes I was up & abt ages they say in hindi...ek arsa ho gaya;-D

    Sunshine: Nancy bows deeply & accepts the honour gracefully;-)).

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