Thursday, 18 June 2009

Emotional Ecology

This TAG by Spontaneous Mini which wants me list out 10 things which emotionally tax me, has sapped me out totally…coz I thought & thought & thought for a looooong time before I wrote this much:

1. I detest people who spit on the walls & make them dirty.

2. I don’t spare anybody who dares to interrupt when the climax of a movie or the last over of a cricket match is going on.

3. I get very upset when I find out 2 people I introduced to each other have ganged up & are talking behind my back.

4. Parents or guardians who leave their children/wards loose in religious places, malls & parks to create mayhem are not being very responsible in my book.

5. I cringe when I’m forced to watch certain laughter gags on TV which cross the line of decency. There is a difference between playing a prank & ridiculing people in public.

6. Rigid People who see everything in BLACK or WHITE scare me. What about shades of grey, I ask??????

7. Tears come to my eyes every easily…..a rainbow, a tiny ladybird on a blade of grass, a premature baby, a breath-taking view, melodious music coaxed out of an instrument, an intricately carved figurine all make my eyes sting but I still stoutly maintain that its very hard to make me cry.

8. Sore losers put me off. It’s ok to cry in disappointment but don’t hold everybody & everything responsible for your loss.

9. Will somebody please tell a few people that it’s very rude to keep continuously talking while a wedding or a funeral is going on. Both these ceremonies are very sacred & important for the people concerned & families involved, so can they just hold off the idle chit-chat for sometime & give due respect.

10. I have a strong aversion to ‘devout’ Christians who waylay me on the streets & proceed to preach, what they think is, the right way to attain Salvation. After much trial & error, I had perfected my own way of getting back at them. I enthusiastically agree with all what they preach & interrupt them to add my 2 bits worth to everything. After a while they start looking a bit puzzled, then dazed & I get major CT’s watching them trying to wriggle out.
The last time I was in India, one of them was standing at the gate, I almost knocked my mother[who was politely telling the woman to go away] over in my eagerness to invite the lady in………. I spent a very happy hour refreshing old memories.

I tag…..

I scribble here










  1. Awesome! I think I will add this to my list of a million things that set me off - could relate to every single one!

  2. Na... I didnt read them all... the 1st was enough...

    yes that gets me pissed off... and i dont want to think and get pissed off more... I can list a zillion things... !!

    so i better stay away... lol...

  3. Gud one...although ten would be too less a number to list out things that piss me off:)

  4. 1st one: Me too and also those who pee :P

    2: LOL :))

    3rd one: Very bad. I too get wild @ them.

    4,5,6: I so agree

    7,8: :-)

    9: Its really sad. How would they feel in the other person's shoes?

    10: I luv u dear. U r so practical.

  5. Nancy you have come up with gems again , can I copy your answers? ;-)You are the firstet person to tag me and thanks so much!

  6. Yipppeeeee !!!!!!!
    I could hug you. I was wondering only yesterday whether I would ever get tagged and I had nearly decided to pick up anyone's tag and start a trend ;-)

    Thank you so much. I've been having a very busy (and annoying) day. Your tag brought a huge smile to my face!

    I shall get down to doing it as soon as work is out of the way.


  7. How about people who talk so loudly on mobile in a get together??

  8. I can say ditto to half of these especially the tears! :) beautifully written..

  9. :) I do hold everyone and everybody responsible for everything that goes wrong in my life :(
    Fabulous read Nancy!

  10. Nice read and WOW, so many similarities.

    I dont like wall dirtying, talking behind my back, when children dont behave and parents keep quiet abt it.
    And, me too a cry baby - for silly beautiful things.

    Gud one, once again.

  11. OMG Nancy you could have been describing me! I am nodding in agreement to each and ever point you mention here. ESPECIALLY people talking during funerals.Feel like driving a blunt knife into them and rotating it so they feel the pain more and die a slow death themselves with blood oozing out. (Gosh--where did that come from?!) :P

  12. Ok--just realised after I submitted the above comment--only the third one I am a bit different from you. I really do't care what people say.
    "You know that you stand erect.Why bother if your shadow is crooked?" Not worth it.

  13. I absolutely hate hate people who spit on the roads or the walls. Back in my state in india, people are big pan eaters and the corners of all the walls are smeared red. just disgusting !!!

  14. totally echo your sentiments! I may add that I hate anyone imposing their 'religion' on anyone else..including so-called 'Hindu' activists!

  15. Nancy, Totally with you on 1, 4, 7 & 8.

    And then have to say that I agree with entire list. :D :D

  16. I agree with ALL the points specially 7th one :)))

    People who talk CONSTANTLY no matter where they are..and children who are let loose like wild animals are major turnoffs!

  17. wonderful list.
    I see many similarities- #1, #4, #5, #7, #9 and may I add during Satya Narayan already the pandit is at the peak of his decent pitch then the ladies will top it with their praises of saris, earrings, children and well bicker abt in-laws..
    Oh I am getting nostalgic its been long since I have been to a religious get together- actually I like and dislike the same time! okie, windup here.
    oh I did another tag- wanna check that out?

  18. #9 is so true. I don't think anyone watched my wedding, most of them were chatting away to glory, majority of them came at 1pm for lunch , me and my husband were whispering about what sweet was being prepared. So there nobody paid any attention- how rude no?

  19. i feel mostly the same way about almost all of them and couldn't stop laughing at the last one. now i have an idea of what to do in such a situation:-)

  20. 10 was funny. I'd like to send over some religious fanatics just to see you grill them :D

  21. i think people who talk in places where they're meant to be silent or to listen to someone who is talking is being rude and disrespectful.
    but yes, funeral is the worst place...esp irritating to be is when they crack jokes and laugh! how can one laugh at a funeral?

  22. Yup Nancy, I almost agree with all ur points.Thnks for getting me tagged, well I am ready with my list
    But they are only eight..:P

  23. Real ...real...and did I say ..real...great post Nancy...and great blog...later.

  24. Ain't you just being naughty with point 10. And I totally agree with u on point 9. You're such an emotional soul, reading point 7 and just can't stop myself frm saying awwww... :)

    You know, I'm a bit afraid abt 'shades of grey', I sometimes don't quite u'stand it.

    P.S: Are you feeling all better now? :)

  25. Black or White! and Devout Christians / Muslims / Hindus etc. etc. Basically intolerant people, agree with you - these guys emotionally tax me as well !

    Will take up the tag soon :)

  26. #1: Me too!
    #3: You bet!
    #6: I know!
    #8: Definitely yes!

  27. Oh, how similar are we! I agree with all what you said, except that I run away from the last mentioned ones...I don't have the patience!

  28. I agree with u on almost all your points. The first one makes me go arrghhhhhhhh, my hand clutches and I have an urge to strangle those who spit and the guys who relieve themselves on road.

  29. hey Nancy.....howyoudoin???

    Good one ya...I could relate and agree with you to quite a few on the list.....

  30. ahhh wow well written..heheh so many similar things that piss me off too...
    I just get pissed wen people make aracket and start walking out during the end part of the film and thus not allowing others to c... if hubby tries to talk to me during the main part of an english serial etc, i harsly shut him ya mean i know, but i need to see the prog in peace..
    and i hate poepl who try to preach too many things abt religion and stuff...
    recently my dad too has started off like - never go to church, look how ur cousin sis goes, how well she prays, preaches ettc...and i was like tellin mom to adopt her and i can be gone...arghhhhhh

  31. Thanks for my first ever tag :-) Promise to do it this week.

    Completely agree to 1,4, 6,8 and 9

  32. hey, i will have to just copy paste this on my tag, really.. all of that pisses me to no end.. coming up with new ones will be a task for me :)
    @4- i wish there was a crashcourse fr parents on that, there are quite a few in that lot!

  33. There are people who spit on the walls???? Yuk!

  34. Now I am emotionally taxed and a million yucky things are finding their way into my head. Nice read.

  35. Great one!

    I have done the christin devout counter attack once on a bus. But mostly I look like the type who decent christians would avoid...:)


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