Thursday, 25 June 2009

My very first attempt at poetry…..

In my little world, they love me most,
Even when I’m at my very worst.

The kids, I tell you, they too much boast,
That mama makes a good chicken roast.

The ever-hungry kin insist I play host,
Dear friends, this weekend I’m going to be toast.

Yes its Nancy writing, no not her ghost,
Trying to wriggle out of writing a post.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

P.s: Tune it to“Twinkle, twinkle little star”....the last line must be sung at super speed to get maximum effect.

p.p.s: Dont mind all the extra commas & fullstops…all cunningly employed to make poem look important.

p.p.s: For the curious, I will divulge how I wrote this...I took the word chicken roast, then lined up all words rhyming with it & voila'
p.p.p.s: Dear serious poem-writers, I beseech you to forgive my impudence. do u guys make that c in a circle sign next to ur name????

Edited to add:
Thank U Doli & Preeti Shenoy for helping me out with the © sign.Blogging is so much fun...I learn new things everyday;-D!!!!!


  1. I promise to praise... if I am assured some chicken roast !!!! yummy... it sounds na... !

  2. Plate(s)ful of Chicken roast assured...just dont ask me for flight tickets;-o

  3. You call this a Post?
    I wouldn't have commented if you weren't a dost...
    And I don't need flight tickets,
    To enjoy your chicken Roast! :D

  4. geeez my reputation... !!!! no I wont ask for tickets... !!!

    For chicken will go any lengths !!!!!! ;)

  5. hawww... rakesh... !!!!!!! thats so rude... !! did i say nething that mean ???

    btw rakesh !! I m on top !!!!!

    Bhagoooo from here.... lol...

  6. ROFL....cooool I say. Rakesh u have a hidden poet inside u;-D.
    And agree with Hitchwriter..that was so rude. Like they say in hindi..doosro ka dard ko kuredna mat;-o

    Hitchwriter: In that case...
    Welcome, welcome to my humble abode;-D!!!!!

  7. Me 3rd??? Atleast as of nw, I c only Hitchy n Rakesh's [No Nancy] ;)

    Me likes the poem :)
    I too do the rhyming stuff only LOL :))

    Its not the ghost,its Nancy LOL :))

  8. Rude??? How? What? eh?

  9. Very, very cute, Nancy!

    And you "revealed" how you wrote it -- LOL!!!

  10. Ok,I was actually singing those lines in the twinkle twinkle tune...and VOILA!the words fit perfectly well with the tune..which means you pass with flying colours!!

    On a serious note,I loved your creation,Nancy. Soulful,from the heart!

    Ok,now I want the chicken roast too !!

  11. :) u started with chicken roast,, ha ha ha.. self indulgence all the way... good beginning Nancy!!

    see its genuine praise.. now can we have the recipe u follow (of roast chicken obviously ;)

    :D n hey, write more..

  12. This Blogo pals, we love u most,
    For the way u do ur post.

    We don't mind even it is the ghost,
    As long as we get a gud post.

    Kudos to the super chef host,
    We are waiting for a gud chicken roast.

    Howzaaaaat !!!!!

  13. You need to press the Alt key on the keyboard and type 0169 using the number pad on the right side of the keyboard and Voila! © appears :)

  14. Impressive...whats the poem called? title?

  15. Very nicely written! And hey! I did try to tune it with Twinkle Twinkle! Sadly, I am a vegetarian, so no chicken roast for me! :D

  16. Awwww!!!

    This is so so sweet :-)

  17. Your poem is so powerful that it jolted me out of my know why?? It made me realise that I have forgotten the tune of twinkle twinkle....eeeps!!! Will have to eavesdrop on my son while he sings to learn it.

    Any chance of me getting a Kerala Chicken roast and a tour of Dubai???

  18. The poem, milady, was a nice try,
    But chicken roast, alas, I don't fancy,
    If you'd , but serve whisky and rye
    I'll say, Oh, how we love our Nancy :D

  19. Swaram: Yes u r third;-P.
    U like ??? Tank u, tank u;-D

    Rakesh: Yes rude & remind hitchy tht unlike u he needed tickets to reach here. But atleast u didnt mention visa..otherwise he'd have been heart-broken;-D

    Agnes: Yeah I was providing free inspiration for all wannabe poets;-D.

    Deeps: Whoooo...go easy on me otherwise I'll start thinking I'm the next charles wordsworth;-o.

    Mindspace: U like??? tank u tank u;-D. If u r serious abt the recipe I can give u the takes a bit of time but really worth it.

    Umas: Thank U for the poem.....I'm impressed.....u've been hiding ur light under a bushel;-o. Hah am glad to help u in anyway;-D

    Doli: Hey thanks for the info but I dont have tht separate numbers pad on the laptop. What do I do now?????

    An Open Book: Ohmigosh it didnt occur to me at all. What do u suggest??????
    And ummm....u said impressive???? u mean it;-o?????

    Rohini: Oh but I stew lots of vegetables in the juice, u can have tht;-D!!!!

    Smita: Tank u, tank u;-D!!!!

    Sakshi: U dont need to hear ur son for tht...erm just think of alphabets song...its the same as twinkle, twinkle;-P.
    U have every chance....just get urself here;-D

    Wanderlust: I'll take it as a compliment.....thankooo, thankooo;-D!!!!

    Ramesh: WOW...Super stuff I tell u;-o!!!!!!
    Ramesh why r u wasting ur time writing business posts when u have poetic verses running in ur blood;-o.

  20. This should be taught in school. yes, I say so.

  21. I loved it nancy !!!!

    PS: I also loved the PSes equally :)

  22. SJ: U bet...just imagine how many of us would have missed our true calling;-o

  23. Prashanti:): Aaaah but I knew u'd loved it....just like how I love everything u write;-D

  24. Loved this one:
    The kids, I tell you, they too much boast,
    That mama makes a good chicken roast

    And keep writing more poetry...also I've blogrolled you.

  25. Sara: Be warned my blogger friend, by encouraging u r unleashing an unknown facet of my personality;-o.
    And thank U...I'm honoured:-))!!!!!

  26. Great!!!
    Already waiting for the next post!

  27. This Nancy, she is super cool!
    But don't be fooled.

    In trying to wriggle out of a post,
    she's making me drool over chicken roast!

    Won't you please send some over by post?


  28. Clever Nancy
    Wriggling out
    Using blog
    Clearing doubt :)

    Copyright symbol
    Here it is ©
    Just copy and paste
    Now say thank you please :)


  29. Nancy is cutest of all
    With flash of her wrist
    All problems solves

    Makes us smile giggle and chuckle
    To her greatness we all buckle (our knees)
    Sheesh rhyming is so tough!

  30. hehehe "The kids, I tell you, they too much boast"...said in a proper Indian accent, it gains a new significance!!
    Good one!

  31. Wow !! Nice poem !!
    Kids can bring out so much of you, isn't it?

  32. pujathakur: To escape writing one post I muddle thru a poor excuse of a poem & u r already talking abt the next post;-o.

    A: U r not too bad at poetry urself;-D. U r good with words, why dont u try ur hand at it...I'm serious:-)).

    Preethi Shenoy: Thank U so much... I'm such a tube-light, such a simple thing as copy & paste never occured to me;-/.
    And u r so right abt "Using blog
    Clearing doubt"..I do it all the time:-)).

    Winnie: Aaah Nice, keep 'em coming;-D
    "Sheesh rhyming is so tough!"
    LOL so funny to hear that from U of all the people!!!

    Roshni Mitra Chintalapati: LOL...very true;-D
    How long do I have to type 'Roshni Mitra Chintalapati' until u gimme permission to call u by first name or atleast RMC;-D.

    Dil se: Hehe..oh yes the kids do bring out the best[& worst] out of me;-P
    And thank U:-))!!!!!!!!!

  33. I loved everything about the post - You had me smiling the whole way through the poetic creation- and of course the ps's at the end were simply icing on the cake!! splendid!!

    Your posts never cease to delight me.

  34. Anjuli: Thank U...and ur comments never fail to make me smile;-)).
    P.s: have completed 8th chapter now.....its gripping!!!!

  35. hehe nice! thats tooo cute! and now i wan chicken roast as well!!!

    darn i really need to make a trip down to ur place...first the cake and now chicken roast! :)

  36. Hey cutie pie ... the post is as cute as it gets!! :-) Now do a bigger one! :-) Incidently I too wrote a "poem" today.. :-D

  37. Babes, I wish all poets would write like that. All through the school years, I struggled with poetry. Your poem, I totally got! :D

  38. Wonderful!!! Can truly identify about your plight of being a non-verse person and yet trying your hand at poetry!!!
    I did it too as my introductory post of my foodblog! It was quite troublesome , I tell you!;)

  39. LOL!! :P
    ye poetry thi? hame pasand aayi!!
    *waiting for some baking goodies to be given* :D:D

  40. Nance! I can never rhyme even if my life is dependent on it!

  41. Funneeeee... :O) ...and seriously, put up your chicken roast recipe please :D ...'m drooling here...

  42. Nancy,Nancy, we did rhyme
    Me and my kids all in chime
    And now this is our new mantra
    That we will keep on chanting right

    (tune this too to twinkle twinkle..!)
    Wel, we three sang urs loud and they will continue in this mode for today!
    Enjoyed it...

  43. hehe.. i even sang it inside my head the twinkle-twinkle way..
    ur a genius :D (where's my chicken roast!!)

  44. Love the line
    "the kids, i tell you, they too much boast"
    Very nice Kavya Kavitri!

  45. Let me say Nancy dost,
    this is more than just an excuse for a post
    Children boasting of chicken roast, and kin demanding you play host,
    sounds like you are popular most, not just amongst your blogging dosts
    In real world too you will be toast :)

  46. Wah wah wah. Aise haseen shayar likne wali yeh shayari ko mera salaam....

  47. Here comes a poet
    Where her skills were quiet
    Now she picked those words a bit
    Written another poem with her wit
    Let her go and reach some height
    We are ready to throw our weight !!

    Nancy, it was good a start. As far as I am concerned, poem or art is not something you have to stick to some rules, they are the mode of your expression. Just scribble whatever you feel like expressing. Rhymes are nothing but decorating like icing in the cake, what really matter is what you want to convey. Like abstract painting, leave it to the reader to interpret the meaning!! Check out my entry “motherhood”( fraction of my whole) and evenif you don’t agree, I will call it a poem!! LOL!!

  48. nancy
    very innovative and fun. enjoyed it all including the umpteen PS notes:-)

  49. Lol!

    This mama does everything with so much josh! :D

    Such a cute poem, I can't stop smiling :D

  50. Sunshine: Like I said before...just gimme a days notice;-D before u turn up.

    the thoughtfultrain: Will be over to read urs;-))!!!!

    Butterfly: LOL I think the level is such that even Nikita will understand it if she read thru.

    SGD: Aaah my friend, only one non-verse person can understand another non-verser;-D

    Indyeah: Aap aise hi tareef karke jaayeea...aapko jitna chicken roast chahiyae aapko miljaayega;-D.

    Winnie: Sorry, it was my ignorance abt poetry which made me say tht. Poetry is not at all abt rhyming words isn't it;-P!!!!

    Shades of Grey: Do try it...its really worth it, here's the link

    Sindhu: LOL, that was briliant really, and tuned so well with twinkle, twinkle...
    Sindhu, u r a genius;-D!!!!!!!

    ISH: My door is always open to people who call me a genius...come on in & start tucking in;-D.

    Spontaneous Mini: 'Kavya kavitri'!!!!
    ....tht sounds as good as padma bhusan to me;-o.
    Deeply honoured!!!Tank U, tank U;-D!!!!!

  51. ah ah well done Nancy...hmmm you have got a poet hidden in you as well...well aren't you talented???

    Keep'em comin....

  52. ha ha!! :):) Its more of a limerick Nancy! you`re good at this, trust me ;-))
    This poetry made my day! :):)

  53. Whoa!!Tht was good, I think the poem to be sung like a RAP...only need to add some YO yo YO yo every line ... :P..Looking 4ward fr more of ur poems...Actually I had suggest U have a series say Nancy Poem-1, Nancy Poem-2,.......Nancy Poem-n..

  54. Love it Love it !!! :) Totally cute ..

    I was on vacation for an entire week. Hence the tag was put on hold. I completed it atlast .. ;) Do read.

    Thanks for the tag again.

  55. oh wow...hahahaha! really! hahahaha! this is hahahah good hahahahaah chicken hahahaahha roast haaaahaaaaaaaaa

  56. Indianhomemaker: While I graciously accept all the compliments pouring in I must in all honesty let u know an important fact...
    ...everybody assumes tht I meant that I was going to be toast of the evening whereas I meant to say (burnt)toast;-o.

    Anusha: Aap tareef karthe jaayeaa hum sunthe jaaayenge;-D

    Maddy: Thank U for the kind words & the mail too...appreciate it a lot:-)). Will definitely come over to read ur poem!!!!

    Lan: Thank U....actually I quite surprised myself:-D!!!!!

    Still thinking: U think so??? Actually I'm quite laid back but good at getting others to act;-D. But having said tht much, compliment are always welcome;-D!!!

    Sadiya: U are so generous with ur praise....I dont deserve even half of them:-))

    Piper: And u made mine;-))!!!

    Prabodh: ROFL....what an idea sirji, the kids are going to be really pleased;-D!!!!!

    Lostworld: Thank U:-))!!!!!

    Meira: ;-D

  57. Liked your poem (i m still not sure how people can actually write poems!!!) Loved the comments how people have replied in poetic form,

    i wish i could put two
    rhyming words together too


    and really like the way you like to learn about things, like asking for the copyright sign etc etc

  58. nice poem - lol - cant stop laughin...

    even am at opposite poles to poetry...

    ps. yes, i have had my own futile attempts at poetry;)


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