Monday, 29 June 2009

Two in One Tag

Deeps tagged me to put my favourite photograph up in a post.

As you can see below both pictures are taken at the same spot but 3 years apart. Both my daughters for some strange reason used to love loitering around the water dispenser trying to figure out how the water came gushing out.

Sometimes when they thought nobody was looking they would crawl away at super speed to the kitchen, catch hold of the bottle for support & pull themselves up. After a few minutes I’d go behind them & pretend I cant find them…..I'd call out their names mournfully & then act most surprised that they were in the same room all the time. All that while they’d stand so still, watching my every move & when I pretend to find them they’d be so tickled & laugh delightedly.

Even today when I look at these pictures their infectious chuckles echo thru my mind :-).

I tag…


The Idle Devil







Since the topic of the 2nd tag was related to the subjects in the 1st tag I thought I’ll finish it off in this post itself.....

Sindhu tagged me with a list of 20 some questions that you ask your kids, then you write up their responses as they say it & display the answers in your blog.

Mama: What is something I always say to you?
Nikita(8yrs): Talk softly.
Naina(5yrs): We must not interrupt when you are talking on the phone.

Me: Bingo ;-D

Mama: What makes me happy?
Nikita: When we eat all the food on our plate.
Naina: When we finish our holiday homework

Mama: What makes me sad?
Nikita: When we are not well-behaved.
Naina: When we don’t finish our holiday homework

Mama: How do I make you laugh?
Nikita: When you dance we want to laugh.
Naina: Yes chechi’s right

Me: Yep, I have two left feet

Mama:What do you think I was like as a child?
Nikita: You were responsible, correct????
Naina: You came first in class?????

Me:They have no clue;-D

Mama: How old am I?
Nikita: 30 years old
Naina: 30 years old

Me: For the past 5 years I’ve been 30 & intend to remain so for the next 20 years. After that if they insist I’ll be 31.

Mama: How tall am I?
Nikita: 75 inches.
Naina: taller than me

Me: Just like me, Maths is not their strong point.

Mama: What is my favourite thing to do?

Nikita: You like to work on the laptop
Naina: You like to watch “Burrey bhi hum, bhale bhi hum” on Star plus

Me: These kids I tell you, will let out all my secrets....ummm anybody here who watches that serial;-D????

Mama: What do I do when you’re not around?

Nikita: Cook
Naina: Work hard

Me: Heeeeeeee………I work hard to keep that image.

Mama: If I become famous, what will it be for?
Nikita: singing
Naina: for watering plants

Me: Huh…….

Mama: What am I really good at?

Nikita: you know the wonderfulest songs
Naina: you are good at working hard

Me: Nikita is talking about the silly songs I make up on the spot to the tune of popular nursery rhymes;-D

Mama: What am I not really good at?
Nikita: You are not good at waking up in the nights.
Naina: You are not good at playing with us.


Mama: What is my job?
Nikita: You used to have a job once a upon a time but not now.
Naina: working on the laptop.

Mama: What is my favourite food?
Nikita: Laddoos
Naina: Chicken biriyani

Me: They had a tough time deciding coz I eat everything with the same intensity

Mama: What makes you proud of me?
Nikita: When you do everything for us
Naina[cunningly]: When you buy toys for us


Mama: What makes me proud of you?
Nikita: When we are well-behaved
Naina: when I do my work well & teacher gives me 3 golden stars

Mama: What do you and I do together?
Nikita: Taking photographs.
Naina: Cuddling

Mama: How are we the same?
Nikita: We are both the same colour.
Naina: We both love to eat chicken at Nando’s

Mama: How are you and I different?
Nikita: you wear glasses & I dont.
Naina: you have dots on your face & I dont.

Mama: What is one thing you wish you could change about me?
Nikita: I wish you had longer hair.
Naina: I wish you will change your mind & give me some more Nutella....without bread.

I'd love to read…...



My space


Roshni Mitra Chintalapati



Umas &

Vinoo John's' answers to the questions.


  1. this tag is the cutest..nancy u have adorable daughters..i had a constant smile while reading this..

  2. I did an almost identical TAG today!! ;))
    Both of them are adorable....

  3. ROFL "watering plants"!!

    They're adorable :-)

  4. Wow, cute little girls and smart replies, i must say.

  5. I would have definitely done this if , if I had kids !

  6. smart girls :) all 3 of you!!!
    i loved the first two pics too...

    and that dispenser looked familiar.. but the one i have a a parrot green one.. now just imagine! but i love pumping it out..

  7. Owww! They are the best!! *hugs*

    Like mama like kids :P :P

  8. I loved Naina's answer for what you will be famous for...watering plants ROFL!! What do you do to the plants that made her say this?? Do you stand like those statues inside a fountain with the hose in hand and continuously water the plants?? Haa...the picture sure Deeps is waiting to strangle me as she had tagged me for this long back...let me go browse through my album...

  9. When I read Solilo's post on this tag, I was mentally thinking what my daughter's would answer to those questions.

    And when I read urs, I just knew u had tagged me, even before I read my name on the tagged list. Thanks, will do it with pleasure.

    And, like daughters, like mama - naughty, witty and absolutely cute.

    The pics are too awesome.

    And make sure, you come for rava dosa.

  10. those photo's are lovely !!! touchwood !!!

    they both look so cute... !!

    will be back to read the tag !!!

  11. lol! Lovely post and sweet little girls you have! Lol! you will become famous for watering plants! ROFL!

    Hugs to you and them!

  12. Superb one Nancy. I came here having seen an update on Google Reader and see that I hv been tagged too. U r the best @ making people feel they are wanted :)

    They r so cute. Makes me more n more curious to see their Mom now :P

    I wanna c ur dance now ;)

    Luved the answers for what they think when u were a child :)

    So u r 75 inches tall! Wowww!

    Watch 'Burrey bhi hum, bhale bhi hum' - LOL :))

    So sweet of them - cook n work hard. Hugs to both of them :)

    And u know the wonderfullest songs? Y don't u share them with us?

    'You have dots on your face & I dont.' - that was the best one i thought. Reminds me of my cousin who had once said he cant remember his dad's face as he had many holes :P Wonder what that meant though ;)

  13. And yeah, I will start watering plants from now on :P

  14. Nikita and Naina are so cute :). Theirs answers are cuter. My personal favorite is "I wish you will change your mind & give me some more Nutella....without bread.". LOL.

  15. what a beautiful picture Nancy! Infact Naina really seems to be chuckling aloud! :)

  16. Oh the pics are adorable...
    i like the age

  17. Nancy, you have adorably cute daughters !!!!!! Loved the nutella without bread one :)

  18. The kids are absolutely adorable. And very smart for their age.You are famous for watering the plants?Thats a good one.

  19. Woah!! I was just reading thru these and chuckling AND thanking God that I didn't have this tag and then, whoops!!
    Your kids are so sweet and have such cute answers! I'll do the tag, struggling and protesting!

    Now, really!! You can call me Roshni!!!

  20. The pics are so adorable. I can see a little of nancy in those smaile :)
    {Nancy you know what I'm hinting and waiting for right? :) }
    I've seen a lot of kids love the kitchen :). I wonder why?

  21. lol...loved reading the little ones' answers...they are such sweethearts!

  22. Naina and Nikita are two cutie pies. Oh my! look at them all smiling. Sho shweet.

    And their answers. Ha..ha..ha..

    "Mama: How are you and I different?
    Nikita: you wear glasses & I dont.
    Naina: you have dots on your face & I dont."

    These kids.

    Nancy, I like your age idea too and food. Ha..ha..ha.. Two cuties really.

  23. Hi Nancy,
    I just stumbled into your world accidently, read around 10 posts in a express way.. and oh boy!!
    I loved reading them!!
    can I please add you in my blog role..hoping that I ll get some more feed for my insatiable hunger for reading!! :D
    and by the way, your kids are very adorable!!**giggle

  24. The pictures and the memories are ADORABLE - so too are the Q & A session! I had a good laugh reading this - I am so looking forward to having kids. As for for Nando's - whoo hoo! Proudly South African! :D

  25. Nikita & Naina are really Cute.... and they are answers are so honest...I should really say kids view the world a lot different than we do...

  26. I have to say this once and for all, you've an amazing sense of humour and you make me laugh so loud woman! :D

    Nikita and Naina look oh so cute! Just looking at the pics brings a wide smile on my face, they're adorable!

    And I love chicken at Nando's too :D

    ''Mama: What makes you proud of me?
    Nikita: When you do everything for us
    Naina[cunningly]: When you buy toys for us''

    I have a feeling, Naina is gonna be famous soon. She is such a realist! :D

  27. Wonderful wonderful wonderful...Nikita and Naina look cho cho very chweet...give them lots of kisses from me ,will you?
    And that game of looking in all the places and acting surprised when u see your child suddenly spring much fun,na???

    As for the questionnaire...loved them..your girls are super smart,Nancy.How come Naina sat through your barrage the whole time?She didnt get bored like Sindhu's Nayna got in the end??

  28. Super! i now have to ask Neha a lot of questions. :D

  29. SGD: Coincidence huh;-o!!!!

    Agnes: Didnt even ask why...I'm better off not knowing;-P.

    Balvinder Singh: Due credit shd go to smart mama;-P

    SJ: Hehe...I do hope u noticed tht I tagged u for the photograph tag:-)).

    Mindspace: Loved ur first sentence. And parrot green...;-o.
    Never seen a bottle tht color till today...which company????

    Winnie: Thank U!!!
    *Hugs* to u too;-D.

    Sakshi: I very specifically tagged u for tht. All ur pictures are beautiful....but wd really like to see ur favourite:-))

    Umas: Loved the compliments. Keep 'em coming;-))!!!
    Rava dosas.....just make them..the aroma will drag me there;-D.

    Hitchwriter: Thank U:-))!!!!

    Rohini: Thank U:-))!!! Now tht so many of u are laughing I really have to find out why she said tht;-P.

    Swaram: " U r the best @ making people feel they are wanted :)"
    I'm touched u think tht abt me... I do try hard but never thought anybody noticed:-)).

  30. Except two answers in common, your kids exposed you in all the aspects!! I think your little angel is cute with her answer. Hugs to Naina and Nikita

  31. Anusha: Thank U I'll take the credit;-D

    Piper: Yes in both the pics the kids are laughing out aloud;-D.

    An open book: Heeee...we have to be careful u knw otherwise they'll be announcing it to all & sundry;-o.

    Prashanti: Actually I dont have the heart to refuse coz even I like my nutella tht way but then if I give way too often I'll have 1 hyperactive kid on my hands;-o.

    Aparna: Thank U...but sometimes they r a lil too smart for my liking;-P.

    Roshni: LOL...Waiting to read ur tag;-)).

    A: LOL...hint bouncing off thick skin;-D.
    "I've seen a lot of kids love the kitchen"
    Thts bcoz they know very well they r not supposed to be there;-/

    Ersa: Oh tht they are...they have us wrapped around their pinkies;-/.
    Do take up the tag:-))!!!!!

    Solilo: Thank U:-))!!!!
    The age idea is really convenient coz they usually announce their age & mine to anybody who comes home;-P.

    Swathy: Glad u like my blog & so nice of u to ask b4 blogrolling me. I'm honoured:-))!!!

    Shades of grey: U knw I've been going to Nando's so long now but only yesterday [when I clicked on the link]did I realise it was S. African cuisine...always assumed it was Italian;-o. Yes really good stuff:-))!!!!

    Prabodh: Thank U!!!! And U r so right. I'm being constantly surprised everyday:-)).

  32. ha ha ha,famous for watering plants.......So,now,the hunt gets easier-75inch tall mommy,30years of age,watering plants all the while,singing the wonderfullest songs,working on the laptop.....Will find you soon now...LOL! And please change your mind to give naina a lil more nutella,please....She is so smart in presenting her wishes using the apt timing!!

  33. I love your lil ones, they r so damn cute :)

  34. Lady ... I dint know you were 75 inches and that you would get famous for watering plants!! ROFL!! Lovely, lovely, lovely!!! I am laughing so hard, I am wondering whether you can make out that IamsayingyouhavewonanAWARDfrommeandpleaseVisitMyBlog for more details?? ;-D
    (I hope this one doesn't backfire)

  35. BTW, both your your girls looks so awfully sweet! Tight hugs for them!

  36. Lovely photos! :) I had asked my kids these very same questions (in your tag) as someone had tagged me but they didnt want their answers to be put up --so I didn't.
    Naina's and Nikita's answers are really sweet!! :) Esp the height one :)

  37. Was Blog hopping and ur blog reminded me of Bill Cosby's "Kids Say the Darndest things".
    Sweet! :):)

  38. hahahaha at *I wish you will change your mind & give me some more Nutella....without bread.*

    trust them to sense an do say teh cutest things

    loved those pics too, you can sense the delight there...

  39. hey i notice you've tagged me...will do in a lil while...i seem to have my tag list growing

  40. Still Thinking: "I have to say this once and for all, you've an amazing sense of humour and you make me laugh so loud woman"
    I'm pleased as punch.....have u realised U say tht with so much 'feeling' simply bcoz my sense of humour matches urs;-D????
    And u r right..Naina's logic confounds me now itself;-o.

    Deeps: Actually it surprised me too...but I guess they were feeling quite important being asked questions for the
    ...tho they did ask me if I had more interesting questions than these;-P

    Butterfly: waiting to read Neha's answers:-)).

    Maddy: Actually I'm quite surprised even 2 of the answers matched, coz usually they r like chalk & cheese;-/

    Athivas: LOL...just realised now tht the description makes me look like a giant;-D.
    And Naina always manages to get wht she want....a fact I've realised quite recently;-/.

    VJ-Shillu: Thank U:-))!!!!

    Thethoughtfultrain: Thank U so much for the award!!!
    And thank U...will pass on the hugs:-D.

    Preethi Shenoy: Thank U!!!!!!!!
    Its a pity they didnt want it posted...we wd have enjoyed it. But never mind...u will have so much fun reading it years later:-))

    Anjaan: Aaah tht book is just superb. Thank U:-))!!!!

    Suma: Really, give them an inch & they'll take a yard;-o.
    And take ur time.....I can so understand tht growing tag list;-(.

  41. :D
    i cudnt stop smiling like a fool through it all. ur daughters are going to be such smart witty women when they grow up :) and they dont even know that yet! lol.

    these were such fun tags to go through! loved them.

  42. Good ones, Nancy, loved the pictures, so cutie Naina and Nikita look! And the questions....well, we both have left foots, we should do a jig together, what say! then the kids can have good fun laughing at us!

  43. limenlemons: Thank U...I'd like to think they got it from me;-D

    Sindhu:Left feet...u too...seriously, if u were living somewhere around here we both cd have gone to some class to learn the art;-D

  44. oh the pictures were adorable!! I can almost here their little chuckles too :)

    And I loved the entire post!!

  45. Nance, returning the favor and tagging you. :-)

  46. Nancy you are right. Like mother like daughters.

  47. Hi Nancy..

    I came to your blog through some other blog which I happened to read(I think its Winnie poohi)..And I simply love your way of writing..Ur angels Nikita and Naina are too sweet...

    Keep up the good work

    Warm Regds

  48. Thethoughtfultrain: Thank U....will put it up soon:-)).
    Hereafter I'm nicknaming u T3;-P!!!!

    Balvinder Singh: Heeee, this is called forcing a compliment out of a blogger technique;-D

    Cool_Moon: Thank U!!!!! Please do visit again;-D!!!!!

  49. Did with the tag! Thank you....

  50. Athivas: there in a sec;-D!!!

  51. aioo I assumed you need to have a kid to do the picture tag. I was all set to do the tag in 2012. Anyways will dig some picture and do it when I get time. I don't have any old pictures here yella mane alli ede!

  52. SJ: No, no...u dont need kids to put up ur favorite photo;-D.
    No problem. Eshtu taime baekaadhru yetko;-D

  53. Lolz I would have died of laughter after reading Miss Sj's classic comment..wah need kids to do a photo tag. Should drag her to some court where they can prosecute her for not allowing ppl who don't have kids to do a photo tag.
    Btw Nancy I promise to do the tag once I am back from a trip this weekend...hope you trust me on that???

  54. Arghhh just noticed you replied to SJ in some other language than malayalam??? I thought you are a malayali...sobs...sobs

  55. Lol Nancy..ur daughters are adorable..the best was watering plants...what a maali u wld make !!!
    And the pics are so cute..they look so so delighted...would love to do this..
    BTW..the tag does show u in ur true colors and u r a grt mom!

  56. cute tag! luvd it :)

    god bless the sweetums...

  57. What adorable opportunists they are !!! And you will be famous one day for watering plants :) I loved reading this one!

    The pictures are cute, their huge smiles made me smile too...
    And, I have seen similar scenes here at home :)

  58. your lil girls are SO SO adorable Nancy! :))
    really cute! muahhs for them:)) and the same fav spot?:D:D
    whats with kids and the fascination with water?

    I have lil deices who love splashing water whenever they get their hands on it a glass, the water dispenser, in a name it they love it:)))

    Me: For the past 5 years I’ve been 30 & intend to remain so for the next 20 years. After that if they insist I’ll be 31.
    you wicked woman!! what are you telling those innocent kids? :P

    watering plants and becoming famous for it?;D
    temme HOW exactly you water them :P
    is it some patented technique?:D

    Me: They had a tough time deciding coz I eat everything with the same intensity

    opportunists ???

    nah! just lil smarties :)))
    or lil cutie pie Nancys in the making?:D:D

    do I remember an uh...I take after my dad post a lil before this?;)

    loved the post Nancy:)
    done in your unique style as usual:)))
    muahss for Nikita and Naina :) (I LOVE their names btw)

  59. This comment has been removed by the author.

  60. Sakshi: Hehe even I had a good laugh when she wrote tht;-D.
    Take ur time, no problem. Have a good trip:-)).
    And oh, I am a Malayalee brought up in I was just practising my broken Kannada on her;-D. Bhasha marakaadhirikaan chayunnna panniya;-D

    My Space: Thank U!!!! Waiting to read urs:-))!!!!

    Sulo badri: Thank U:-))!!!!

    Indianhomemaker: "And you will be famous one day for watering plants :)"
    I'm beginning to realise tht I'll never live this down;-P. And thank U:-))!!!

    Ersa: Just gimme 2 minutes...I'll be over;-D.

    Indyeah: Seriously u said it "whats with kids and the fascination with water?"
    Give them half a chance & they'll drag a bucket of water to the living room to play with;-/.
    Abt watering plants...all I do is water them once a day & they've made me a maali;-o
    Thank U, thank u & thank U;-D!!!!!

  61. from the mouths of children...
    they do know you well. except of course for the working hard part:-)
    record a song for us nance. now i know u can sing.

  62. Sorry Nancy - Long time to respond. Blogspot continues to be blocked where I am and the proxies are all acting up; so even though I saw your post, I couldn't comment until now. Lovely post as always. Could you please move over and ask the two lovely girls to take over this blog :)

    Thanks for the tag. Picking it up in a day or two.

  63. he he, your children are exactly like you, aren't they? Famous for singing??? This we gotta hear :D

  64. lan: U knw me better than the kids;-o.
    And abt the singing...the kids are under the impression silly parodies can be termed under singing;-P

    Ramesh: LOL..thts a good idea, whenever I suffer from a bloggers block I'll do tht.
    And waiting to read ur tag;-))!!!

    Rakesh: Not exactly...they look more like tiny underfed miniatures like me;-/

  65. Why underfed? Is it because u eat up their share of tasty bites??? Knowing you (even though as little as I do), that is quite a possibility...

  66. I absolutely LOVED reading both of their answers. Naina's replies were really smart. And she's only 5 yrs old?? Amazing.

  67. As usual u have agreat sense of humour and ur daughters are really adorable:)

    Thanks for tagging me, bur mine are not kids anymore:), I will have to mail them these questions to answer:)

  68. loved the ques and answer., cute with a capital C :)
    and love the pictures!
    i think u shud make the kids do a guest post

  69. Easily the CUTEST tag I have ever read!!!

    Wow! you must be so proud to have such kids!!

  70. Just a marker to say sorry and that I have left a comment on my blog on the tag post for you. Changed the tag a couple of days ago, but having massive problems to post a comment here thanks to the wonderful Net Nanny who throttles us all the time.

  71. Cute pic and Cutest tag!!! :) honest and witty answers, your daughters are good. and i loved this "Me: For the past 5 years I’ve been 30 & intend to remain so for the next 20 years. After that if they insist I’ll be 31." ;-)

  72. hi nancy..
    loved reading that tag...ur doters are so cute and i think u really bring them up well...

  73. Rakesh: U r judging on the basis of tht one mango I was hiding from my daughter, shame on u Rakesh;-o

    Memyhubbymybaby: Naina is 5 going on 55;-/. Thank U for visiting:-))!!!!!

    Renu: Thank U:-)). And U take ur time..I myself took 2 months to do this;-P

    Ish: For heaven's sake dont give them any ideas, they'll take over my blog;-o

    Abraham Menacherry: Hehe maybe 10 yrs later when I look back I'll be proud;-D

    Ramesh: Sorry for what???? Ok I'll chk ur post....but how will I know which post?????
    Will a few Hail Meowwws' set right the Net Nanny problems;-D????

    Snow: Thank U:-))!!!!!

    Shabs: Thank U!!!! And thank u for visiting:-))!!!!

  74. Hi, I came here, via Renu. She has asked me to do this tag. I thought I will have a look at yours too!

    You have two beautiful kids. So, she wants nutella and without bread! You will become famous for watering plants...I enjoyed reading your post!

    You are singing too...nice. The kids look so adorable, reflexions. I loved your comments too!

  75. u rnt writin anythng new, so... :P1 July 2011 at 20:26

    awwwwww... so cute... loved the pics n the story behind...

    Mama: What is something I always say to you?
    Nikita(8yrs): Talk softly.
    Naina(5yrs): We must not interrupt when you are talking on the phone.

    Me: Bingo ;-D
    lol @ you dancin... lol @ workin on lappy... ha ha @ same intensity... awww @ cuddlin...


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