Wednesday, 29 October 2008


My friend Chaitra from college days has this habit of cutting her nails only on Tuesday. Once when she was in a very mellow mood she let me into the secret “You get money if you cut your nails on Tuesday”.
I laughed at her on the face.
“Try it & then come back & laugh at me” she said loftily.
Ofcourse I didn’t try it.

Ummm....I meant ofcourse I didn’t try it right away.

Well…you have to understand the situation.
Here is a close friend you share 9 hrs in a day for around 4 yrs[3 yrs in college & 1 yr at work(she got me my 1st job)]. Week after week, month after month….year after year she very prayerfully cuts her nails on Tuesdays. I mean…..She seems totally rational in every other matter “well maybe….just maybe, she knows something you don’t. Anyways you have to cut your nails off some day or the other, might as well cut it on a Tuesday, what’s the BIG DEAL…. you don’t lose money….u are supposed to be getting it” & so on… left brain battled it out with my right brain.

Ofcourse the crooked brain errr…I mean the left brain won. So one Tuesday I stealthily cut my nails & waited. And what do you know……….an old acquaintance who borrowed 180 rupees, SEARCHED me out & returned it.

Well ok…technically I didn’t get more money; I just got my own money back. But it was “The money” I had given up hope of ever getting back. Now when I think of it I feel, if I had got some money just like that, I may not been convinced so fast. But this was money which I never expected to get. I was sold.

After that day I try to time my version of manicure for Tuesdays. Ofcourse there have been many a tuesday when I forgot to. And ofcourse it was my loss though I never could prove it. And now you wonder whether it still works. And I tell you…. IT WORKS.

And before you ask, yeah I cut my nails yesterday. And before you ask again….if I didn’t, you can bet your last dirham I wouldn’t get my salary within this coming week.

So now how many of you are convinced???????????

p.s – Chaitra also says “Don’t wear new clothes on Saturdays. If you do, you don’t get to wear new clothes for the whole of the next year”


  1. wow..I always thought that cutting nails on Tuesday would bring bad I avoid cutting on Tuesday...(now I know ...why I don't have that extra money....)

  2. Nah.... I do believe in magic, but not in the kind that paralyzes the person into compulsions.

  3. But in the north our elder say-dont cut ur nails on tuesday, even hair cut is also denied, at some places even barbers have their weekly off on tuesdays, isnt it surprising?

  4. hmm....pehle istamaal kare phir vishwaas kare..i will try it out first..that is if i remember to..may be i should put a reminder on my phone :-)

  5. lol! this is one ive got to try!! u shud prompt all ur readers next tuesday to try this!! :)

  6. i am too going to try cutting nails on tuesdays...hopefully i too may get dad never allows us to cut nails on friday and my mom too follows not wearing new clothes on saturday rule

  7. Hey, this is a good one to try. Though I have always grown up with people around me strongly opposing cutting nails on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Though I never quite remember the day when I am cutting my nails, I will make it a point to do it coming Tuesday and wait for the results!

  8. Out of the several do's and don'ts my Grannie preaches, I remember only the one about Thursdays. It says whatever you do on Thursdays the opposite happens to you SHOULD cut your hair on Thursdays and SHOULD NOT cut nails....and SHOULD NOT visit a sick person etc. etc. I have never taken her seriously...haven't observed either... maybe will try this out...could do with a little extra money right now!!! ;)

  9. "One of the best posts I have read in a long time".

  10. sukku: see, u r already making sense out of this;-o

    agnes: But this is not magic, its plain superstition...u have to believe it works;-o

    renu: Yes I knw...even I secretly believe chaitra got her facts mixed up but ofcourse I never dared to tell her tht & the best part works for me;-P

    winnie: Ok...dont believe[Nancy shrugs nonchalantly], but dont come complaining to me if u dont get ur due.

    agnes: LOL;-P

  11. myspace: LOL, just try it once & u'll never forget again;-o.

    sunshine: I share with u one of my best kept secrets & u ask me remind u again;-S.

    scribbler & goofymumma: u r the best....not a single question or doubt....may money shower on u;-P.

    wannabe: Really I didnt know tht...ok then I'm going to do lots of work today:-P

  12. oh yeah I remember well enuf. Every time I would decide to cut my nails, u would look up the date and ask me to cut on tuesday. But it is really difficult to remember. But I have a few queries:

    1. Should u cut every tuesday? What if u miss once?
    2. Will u get money every tuesday?

    Though my husband is not overly superstitious, I get really annoyed when he stops me from fixing a chipped nail at night. I tell him, if it chipped at night, I want to fix it right away coz I am scared that I might scratch myself or Neha at night!

  13. na..i dont beleive.
    someone i know applies a similar theory, she'd never wash her hair on a saturday..bad luck or some such thing.. u know the thing is once u get into this trap, u get convinced someway or the other..
    i mean is there a timeline within which i am supposed to be gettig the money.. like tuesday itself? or within 24 hrs?? if no, then all of us get money at some point in time.. dont we?
    errr... i realise my comment was incoherent.. but u get me right??
    having said that, let me also add that u sound convincing so i will cut my nails coming tues.. and we will see :)

  14. after all as u said..we arent losing anything.. we might just end up getting some:)

  15. Hmmm, about nail-cutting, my ammachi says you should never trim nails in the evening or night because its inauspicious. Don't know if I believe the Tuesday thing, though. Definitely don't believe the no-new-clothes-on-Saturday bit....I have and enjoyed new clothes later too :)

  16. Some old habits never die, this one also I guess.

    Few customs that comes to mind now

    1. Don't give money after lighting evening lamp
    2. Give money either from inside the house or just outside the door... not having one leg out and one leg inside the house.

    3.Give/ receive money only using your right hand.

    anyways let me try to make money by following your suggestion!!LOL

  17. bins: if u cut this tuesday, u get money within the next tuesday.
    And even if u dont dont believe it works, just dont disbelieve:-o coz if u do then it may not work

    ish: hehe after all tht heated argument u came round to my way of thinking;-D

    shalom: yeah my ammachi, mother, aunty all say the same thing.
    Well it cant hurt to try....the cutting nails part i mean;-P

    maddy: hmmm....I know the 2nd & 3rd point. Infact I've been told tht if one receives money with the left hand...then the money slips out of ur hand very fast or something like tht.
    Gosh maddy I'm beginning to feel the pressure now.....if it doesnt work I have visions of a crowd gunning for me;-o.

  18. anon: Really!!!! Oooooh Thank U!!!!

  19. i don cut my nails at all :D they break n grow..they ve a mind of their own :) m not convinced but well mayb i ll try it next tuesday n c.. if not money atleast i ll get neatly cut nails for once :P

  20. well, well!! have to try this one out..ive heard about being asked to cut nails not on a Friday. and not cut cloth, u know for stitching, not on a thursday. so now i gather tuesday is for earning money by doing the cuttings!! :)

  21. sansmerci: Thts the spirit!!!!! If u get money its a bonus, if u dont, then atleast u have neatly trimmed nails:-D

    onlooker: u knw wht, there is a general saying tht 1 must not cut nails on tuesday. I have a feeling those people are not our well-wishers & they r delibrately giving us wrong information;-o

  22. umm what comes easy .. goes easy :D :D

  23. This tuesday i AM cutting my nails no matter what! :-)

  24. winnie: Ohhh yes, no doubts abt tht part of it:-D

    Ps: LOL......u surprise me, all the time:-D

  25. u really serious abt this??? hum ok wat the heck i WIll try cutting my nails tomorrow and c wat happens...well not that i hav much nails to cut....well i have been told that cutting nails at night is bad and stuff...and one of my aunts tells that wearing new clothes on wednesay is good coz u will get new stuff etc...but never knew abt the saturday thing....

  26. enigma: Hehe lots of myths float around but very few work.....I just know this one works for me;-P

  27. I cut mine this Tuesday :P Waiting for a windfall ;)

  28. Swaram: So how much did u get;-D????

  29. Oh Nancy! Its the other way round with me I think ;)


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