Saturday, 4 October 2008

Taggetty Tagged

I have been tagged by Balvinder Singh to post any of my
FIVE ADDICTIONS. Since then, I have been breaking my head as to what my addictions are…..

Anyways, for the 1st one I didnt have to think very hard……

1. Once I put up a post I keep checking to see there are any comments. It’s fast becoming an addiction:-(

2. On week-ends I hate to make dinner. Is that an addiction? To find out if it was, I tried to imagine how I wd react if I had to cook on weekend nights….my mood changed immediately…the eyebrows lowered dangerously & I even stopped typing for a few minutes trying to control the urge to throw a chair across the room. The withdrawal symtoms were quite clear......yes, that decides it,…it is an addiction.

3. Arrrghhh....this is getting tough…..I don’t drink tea, coffee, alcohol, so what else..….oh yes I just remembered I have to have pepsi with biriyani & need to have ice-cream after the biriyani….ohhh yess it is an addiction.

4. Spider Solitaire was an addiction at one time. But once I cleared the difficult level, then the interest just cooled off. Ditto with Minesweeper. But this happens only with some games, all other stuff just don’t interest me to begin with.

5. Ummmm……..does opening the fridge, standing there looking into it & deciding what to make for dinner, be called an addiction coz I do that a lot.

I found this TAG quite difficult to do coz I had to think a lot for this one. Long back I wasn’t able to have coffee one evening & had a terrible headache. I didn’t like the idea of being addicted to anything & so quit the habit of coffee that day itself. I guess I don’t quite like the idea of being dependent too much on anything

The rest of the instructions..........
The persons who have been tagged have to link the blogger who tagged them and also extend the tag to five or more bloggers and link them too.

Now I tag......

Abraham Menacherry


Goofy Mumma

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  1. Hey thanks for the tag!I will do it asap! I can already count 3 addictions for sure :)

  2. Hey should i just pick it up from here, or will you be leaving a comment? Its a cute tag, and I loved your addictions, so cute.

  3. u dont have serious addictions, which is a good thing!
    and i have to have diet coke., with biryani!:)
    and difficult tag, not bcus i dont have addictions, but they are immensely boring ones:)

  4. I also dont cook dinner in the weekend, and I am NOW addicted to spider solitaire. I am envious of you not having any addiction to tea coffee, I cant live without my 4 cups of tea.

  5. Deeplydip: Dont mention it:-D. Put it up soon.

    goofymumma: I'm supposed to be tagging u at ur blog but wht the heck...whichever way, it just has to reach u:-P

    Ish: Pepsi, coke, diet's the same thing....we share the same taste;-D.
    Boring....huh u gotta be kidding. Just put it up & stop showing acting pricey.

    renu: Yeah I knw we get into the habit. Infact on fridays, I very carefully make sure there is nothing left-over after lunch;-D(just incase)

  6. It's nice to know that you were very frank with your answers. I guess I have something in common with you on your first item on the list.

  7. Nancy, I would hardly call these "addictions" -- you must be a very happy girl.

    No, seriously, it's great.

    I don't smoke, don't gamble, don't drink, never played a computer game in my life, don't do drugs but I most certainly love coffee and tea. Not black tea though.

    Oh. One more thing. I am addicted to your blog ;-)

  8. Yayyy!!!! Love this stuff.....thanks!!!! And btw, we share an addiction in common - I get hooked to games too every now & then - its back to Spider Solitaire now :D

  9. :) wow! that practically counts as no addictions...

    im pretty sure i can have more addictions than u!! :)

  10. Thanks for honest confessions. In fact i was in the same dilemma that what my addictions are. Then i tried to define addictions in my mind. I don't know what is written in the dictionary but I think an addiction is the one which if not fulfilled will hold you and your near and dear to ransom. Your not cooking dinner on the weekends qualifies that definition perfectly.

    Though i did not add in my blog but this blogging is becoming another addiction for me. I keep opening my blog even on my mobile phone also, attracting frowns from Jeet. She rarely visits my blog. I tell her to at least read the poem that i have written for her.

    Good job done. Thanks, once again.

  11. sukku: Thanks!!! About the 1st addiction...any solutions u can think of???

    agnes: Wow!!! Do u feel like the 'odd one out' like how I sometimes do:-P
    And thanks tho I cant for the life of me see why:-P

    shalom: hehe..waiting to read urs.

    sunshine: Really....I thk u r humouring me:-P

    balvinder singh: U put it just like how it is:-D.
    Yeah I knw, I do tht too...& my better half also keeps giving me pointed looks:-P

  12. I guess it is something that is hard to get rid of unless you decide to be totally...internetless...can you just for a your wildest imagination; fathom the idea of not having internet and if you can live through that then I guess you can get rid of this addiction...which I guess in highly impossible...

  13. SORRY I've been like a chicken without a head- so busy lately- AND yes- I received the postcard and was soooo happy-- grinning at the card until I think the neighbors thought I was crazy :)...

    have now caught up with your posts- and will try not to be so scarce next time.

    Thank you again for the postcard!! Lovely- absolutely LOVELY!!

  14. Be looking for your postcards (yes I sent to- because there was one I couldn't resist!!)-- you'll understand when you get it. I just sent them off today.

  15. gulp!! trapped!

    Hmm... One part of this tag is very easy for me. I know my addictions, but the second part is well, horribly tough. I dont have the courage to tell my 5 true addictions in public...:( I humbly request thee "if it be possible, let this cup pass from Me"
    But if you insist, I will.

  16. sukku: no doubts abt it.....its like going cold turkey. Am totally addicted to the net:-(

    anjuli: Hey no issues....just wondered if u got it since the others got it.
    And u sent something back....awww u shdnt sweet...will let u knw as soon as I get it:-D

    abraham menacherry: I didnt have to think too hard abt this...u got me totally curious. So, u have to drink it.....(didnt know the biblical version of the saying:-P)
    I INSIST!!!!

  17. reflections: Hmm... I guess i have to accept defeat now.

    Fortunately there was no time line specified for the tag, so I will "fulfill" it about a decade from now when my addictions are more publicily state-able(hopefully!)

  18. u ddint tag me :(((

    I will still do it anyways :P :P

  19. points 1 and are the same with me as well :)

  20. Abraham: Aaaah I understand.....ur mama huh. Cool, take ur time:-D

    winnie: I thot u had already done it:-P

    piper: I thk its the same with most of us:-P

  21. Ditto abt the fridge one; can plan the menu only then :P


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