Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Hah....tagged ya:-)

It’s been a looong time since I attempted a tag & so when I came across this somewhere on the web I felt like taking it up. Its called the 7 meme post. Basically it’s all about the different types of posts you have on your blog…..and a chance to show it off;-D. I thought it would be fun to to take a walk down memory lane remembering times when I put up like 8-10 posts a month[hawwww…..;-o].
What this is about:
To unite bloggers (from all sectors) in a joint endeavor to share lessons learned and create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again.

1) Blogger is nominated to take part

2) Blogger publishes his/her 7 links on his/her blog – 1 link for each category.
The links are:
- Your most beautiful post
– Your most popular post
– Your most controversial post
– Your most helpful post
– A post whose success surprised you
– A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved
– The post that you are most proud of

3) Blogger nominates up to 5 more bloggers to take part.

4) These bloggers publish their 7 links and nominate another 5 more bloggers

5) And so it goes on!

Only after cutting & pasting & writing the intro and formatting the text to my liking did I realise how tough it was going to be to choose for each category. No not because I have so many options but because I didn’t feel any of them made the cut.
Since I spent 45 minutes already on this I can’t think of back tracking & scrabbling around around for something else to post;-P.

So here goes…..

Your most beautiful post- The Unwanted Third
I wrote this in my early blogging days so you may find the words & sentences not so coordinated but I chose it simply because it was a post written from the heart. It is about my neighbours who’ve moved away now… is about a little baby whose face still is so clear in my mind even though I haven’t seen her in years.

Your most popular post – The baddest word of them all
I got over 100 comments for this one but that’s not why I say its popular. Every single day my stats shows me keywords like ‘baddest word’ ‘world’s baddest word’ which have been typed into google and reached my page. But I doubt my post satisfies the curiosity of the people who are searching for whatever they are searching for;-D.

Your most controversial post – Hot and Happening
Controversy and me…..hilarious*Nancy wiping tears off*. I never deliberately go out of my way to court trouble either here or real life. I do realise putting up a controversial topic on my blog can get me a lot of comments but it goes against my grain. ‘Judge ye not’ is my motto. Life is too short reallyJ. Even here in this post I was just talking about the weather…..atleast I started out saying it was too hot for words & the rest just happened;-D

Your most helpful post – How to Blog
I’m this really very helpful person in real life….so helpful that people start doubting my intentions after sometime;-(. So nowadays I act most offhand when people ask me for help. And you know what…it works. Everybody is so grateful now even if I just tell them the time. Oh yes my helpful post….I reluctantly direct most of the new, full of doubts bloggers to this post and they rave, exclaim, jump up & down and claim to find it very helpful;-D

A post whose success surprised you
I scanned thru a lot of posts & wasted maximum time on this link……to tell u the truth, the response I used to get for every post used to be surprise me all the time. When I got up in the morning & checked out the number of comments I received I would be like “Wow, do people really relate to it this muccchhh….;-o”[note: don’t go by the present scenario, I’m talking about the golden era when a whole lot of us used to live and breathe blogs;-D ] 
Take the post I have selected for example……even today I shake my head all puzzled when I see the huge response it had generated. I mean how can people can get so excited about ‘How I met my husband" sagas…..;-D.

A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved:
Nope I can’t think of a single one….like I told u I’m always surprised at the attention my posts get that I keep scrutinising my posts to see what is it exactly that all of u find so interesting out here;-P. But since I’m obliged to put one up I’ll choose a personal favourite - My Fathers (S)cars

The post that you are most proud of - Layali Dubai
I wrote this post on the Global village after going through a 100 links[atleast it felt like that]. When I was finally done it was time to make lunch and so closed the word document WITHOUT saving it……I had absent-mindedly clicked on the ‘don’t save’ option and the whole post just vanished. I stared stunned at the monitor in shock and then just put my head down on the keyboard and wept. Unlike most posts this post had not come out of my head, it had taken me 3 hours and then some more to get 2 pages of material.
The next day I sat down and waded through pages and pages of information again….can u just imagine how boring it must have been. Under any other circumstances I wouldn’t have bothered & would have convinced myself “Maybe it was not meant to be…”. Not really proud of the post as such, more proud of my determination to see it posted.

And that’s it guys, I really hope you’ll go thru the links…esp the old posts…..I really feel I had written some of my best posts then. Unlike now I had soo much to say thenJ.

The 5 bloggers I’m going to nominate here all have been in the blog world for more than a couple of years now and so surmising that they have enough material to choose from…

Anjuli – One of my favourite bloggers…..we go way back in cyber years and haven’t looked back sinceJ. Her posts make me go all wistful…….did u know she has done this overland drive from India to England in 1985 in a 1958 Morris Minor.

Kala – She’s Indian, born & brought up in Malaysia & lives in the US of A. She makes handcrafted jewellery especially with beads, also makes beautiful paintings and…yep very artistic and her writing reflects her personality.

Preeti Shenoy: She needs no introduction….writer, artist, mom, blogger all rolled into one. I love all her posts except for the ones where she posts her pictures. I tell you nobody has the right to look so sexy when they are touching 40;-(. And nope, before u ask..nope she wont be mad at me for telling her age. Atleast I think she won't. She's not like that. I'm very sure she won't. Oh dear.....

Roshan: The resident Doc. And writer. And philosopher. And Aquarius…like me;-D. Don’t tell anybody I told you this…*nancy furtively looks around & whispers*….he holds full-fledged conversations with God.

Smitha: She’s so darn friendly that when you read her posts it’s like having a face to face conversation with her. Anybody can make out when I’m reading her posts….I’m like nodding and nodding my head all the while:-).


  1. Wah Nancy! that's a cool tag..
    I was actually eager to scroll down first to see who you have tagged..was hopeful of finding my name you knw..but...sigh! *goes to find some tissues*
    Ok, jokes apart, this is a good way to bring out the old and the gold for your newer readers..
    How to blog is a great post (well..others are good too). Humor is one thing that suits all wonder you are one popular blogger I know and am proud that you do visit my space too..which means maybe am good too???

  2. LOL Uma...I'm soo sorry but I thought I'll target bloggers who have been in the blogosphere for a couple of years;-).
    this is a good way to bring out the old and the gold for your newer readers..
    Exactly....exactly what I thought bcoz I feel my old posts had some crazy things to say;-D
    Awwww....u give me too much credit Uma and say the sweetest things:-)).

  3. That is a cool tag, Nancy :) Thank you for tagging me and for the compliment :) It has been ages since I took up a tag. I will try and do this tag quickly :) And now off to read all the posts you have linked - I have a feeling that I missed some of them :(

  4. well..c'mon on over..what are you waiting for :)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. heh heh heh...yeah am touching forty this year! and no i dont mind..

    and thanks for the tag..
    it is such a hard tag!!!

    Now if only you had asked me to post a link to my pics..sigh!! :D

  7. Commented earlier from wrong id :P hence deleted! :)

  8. you didnt tag me ! x-(

  9. A wonderful tag Nancy..It was fun reading the posts you have tagged. You have such a way of writing that I just get into the visual mode as soon as I start reading. I could picture the car story, complete with the railways gates and the priest pushing the car. And could soooo visualise you with a bucket full of water and shampoo to scrape the paint off the car...

    I wish I can write like you.. :)... When I started reading your blog, i started out reading from the first post u did and worked my way up. And I really did miss reading the posts you have put up here. How??? I am puzzled myself :)

    Yet again, a wonderful wonderful read. Thanks for keep us entertained :)

  10. looks like season of tags is starting again:)

  11. Smitha: Waiting to read urs:)!!!

    Doc: Done dana done;-D!!!

    Preeti: LOL;D.....waiting to read ur tag!!!

    Hitchwriter: I'm soo sorry Hitchy an unforgivable mistake by me...please maar kar do;D.

    Anusha: After a long have u been???? Such a nice comment girl...till now the only person who has gone thru the links by the looks of it;-P. Thanks:-))!!!!

    Renu: Hehe...just what I was thinking too when I was working on it;-D

  12. Yeah a long time. Have been reading yours religiously, just haven't gotten around to comment. :). I am fine, been held up with a lot of work. That's one of the reasons I couldn't comment on so many of my fav writer's posts too. This I couldn't resist or miss. Can I?

  13. Can you do a minor edit and tag Bins? Why is she not posting?????

  14. Hitchu, she said pls maar do actually :P And I join u :( Lke Uma, I scrolled down but she hs not tagged me too :P Only tells me she is scared abt reading thru my archive :P :P

  15. Nance, ahem! U nw know and believe what a loyal reader of ur blog I hv been no ;) Hv read all of them before except the beautiful one :D ANd I did that nw! So there ;)

  16. Anusha: Good to know you are around. And busy is good...u pen a line whenever u can:-).

    Agnes: I'm being attacked from all sides for not tagging the regulars and u r complaining tht I havent tagged Bins;-o. Bins doesnt need a tag she needs a good....but I'm too far away to administer it personally;-/.

    Swaram: ROFL I noticed it only if Sakshi finds it she's going remind me till the end of days;-/. LOL @ the last bit;-D. U just wait, it will come to u in less than 2 weeks...meri baat yaad rakhna;-D
    And ofcourse I know u've always been here's a promise, in my next tag ur name is going to be on the top;-D

  17. tag done madame! :) (yeah that was quick i know ;-) )

  18. Very nice. Many if these posts are from the time before I started following you, so reading them was a special bonus.

    Without a doubt, The Unwanted Third is a beautiful beautiful post. Chuckled non stop on How I met my husband. You recent series on questions must have been a close competitor for Most popular - after all to get drooling readers for a whole month was some achievement.

  19. @Nancy: We can pay Neha to do the deed.

  20. This is a cool one, Nancy! Will be fun to do, let me try this one, thanks for taaaa...oh wait, I've not been tagged..waaaaaaa! :O

  21. Ha it was such a pleasure to go through your links.

    I shed a tear or two (can't still figure out if it was happy or sad ones though) for the first post.

    I must admit I signed in relief when I saw my usual 3 para comment on your second post. But still, I relived those hilarious moments with Naina and her first brush with "I Love You".

    You squashed my expectations for the 3rd post...I mean how in the heavens was i thinking you would actually write about someone/something in that light? I mean the "hot and happening" weirdos like me associate with? Nevertheless, Dubai is indeed hot hot hot....too much that I hated it and used to eagerly wait for summers to fly back to Kerala.

    ahem! How To Blog? I think the only thing that might work for me is some kind of brain transplant :(

    Oh boy, I feel like running myself over by a truck for not being a blogger and reading your How I met my husband sagas way back when you wrote it. I mean you have now blurred your photo and I will never ever know you even if I bumped into you in the Global village *cries uncontrollably thinking of the missed opportunity that might never come her way* Btw you did mention in the second part of that post that photos can be exchanged through is that offer still valid? *eyes glistening not with the before said tears but with new found hope*

    Oh I loved reading about your dad and his (s)cars. I was beaming throughout the post.

    One more feather in my cap as I have read and commented on the last post. But I can see I failed to answer the question you asked through the comment section. Yup, I lived in Dubai almost all of my childhood and freaky teenage years. That city is solely responsible for my weird ways ;)

    phew!! Hope this longgggggggg comment proves how much I love your blog and how I spent half of my friday evening to go through every link. I am pretty sure this comment will take the place of my longest ever comment if someone tags me, to write about comments I spew around everywhere!!

    Ps: I am more than happy that you didn't tag me for obvious reasons you are aware of? :)

  22. Preeti Shenoy: And I've commented....yeah yeah totally unlike me I knw[abt being as quick I mean];-D

    Ramesh: Thank U for the lovely comment...I'm so pleased u liked the 'beautiful' post:-). As for the question series I claim no credit, it was all of U who made it so interesting:-)).

    Agnes: LOL u r hellbent on getting Bins back huh;-D. But thru Neha. Bad idea. Bad, bad idea. Alright I'll intercede on ur behalf. No need to thank me*Nancy waves her hand airily*.

    Deeps: Very funny....all my blog 'friends' are bent on making me feel guilty;-/

    Sakshi: And may I return the compliment, it was such a pleasure to read ur comment girl. Finally....finally somebody who took the trouble to go thru the entire links.
    U dont need something as fundoo as brain transplant, there's a simpler method if u r interested....just sit in front of ur blank 'new post' page every 2 days, words will automatically pour out;-D.
    Hah u dont have to cry copious tears[you drama queen you] at the thought of bumping into me at GV & not recognising me...just mail me when u r coming & we'll meet;-D*Nancy promises rashly fully aware that Sakshi wont do any such thing*wink, wink**

  23. nancy it was fun to go through the links. the beautiful post is indeed beautiful! driving with your dad reminded me of my determination not to learn driving from mine since I saw my brothers do:-) consequently i had a very understanding brother who took up the mantle. and yes on trips it was way better when it was the driver behind the wheel and not the father, bless his heart:-) other posts were familiar from before. 'how you met your husband' takes the cake because you shared this personal story with your readers with grace and humor.

  24. I too, like Uma, half-expected my name to be there in the list of tagged people. Anyways, I wonder how you chose these posts because I feel that all your posts are absolutely fantastic :)

  25. Thank U so much for the beautiful comment Lan!!!!

    Tan: Thank U:-))!!!! And next tag ur name will be on the list, promise;-D

    Kitchu: Thank U for tagging me but I cant enter ur says profile not available;-(

  26. Nancy, I did it - finally :)


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