Wednesday, 7 December 2011

As far as I can see...

I’m checking mail, commenting on blogs, playing christmas carols…….the sunlight is pouring through the window and my screen was reflecting some of the light.

I couldn’t see clearly. Sighing in irritation I go to the window to block the light.
I pause while drawing the curtains…
And see….
The blue sky…..
The plants bending in the direction of the sharp wind…
The birds huddling together to keep warm…
It was cold….
And I think...
I’m so blessed…
To have a roof over my head….
To be able to serve hot meals for my loved ones….

To have a family who loves me….

Friends who care….

I have a laptop…
An internet connection…

I can read….
I can feel….

I have a body which follows my bidding…
I can sing…

I may not have seen the world…

But I can dream…
I can see.


  1. Yeah...often we fail to see the small joys of life when we are busy going behind the BIG ones.

    We should take effort like you have taken to see these small blessings :)

  2. Wow. A philosophical N waxing lyrical. May you always see everything this way and never have to wear glasses !

  3. Lovely... Sometimes in life we need such reminders to understand how blessed we are :-)

  4. A nice read in the morning ! :) :)

  5. Tan: "The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings". Dont remember where I read this but it sure rung a bell:-D

    Renu: :-))!!!!

    Ramesh: Thank U!!!! I have been wearing glasses for a looong time now....rose colored ones, according to my husband;-D.

    Preeti: Honestly sometimes I wish I was reminded every moment.....thank U:-)!!!!

    Hitchwriter: Glad u like it:-)!!!

  6. I can't am all of a sudden feeling very grumpy!! But yes thank you for reminding us of our blessings in such a poetic way :)

  7. Ofcourse u can sing...everybody can sing...the fact that u cant hold a tune is besides the point[err...I'm talking abt me here]...singing loudly can be so uplifting an experience:)

  8. And I wish I keep this in mind all the time! How we forget to relish the simple things!

  9. I too have all these things, but never realised before! I feel I am blessed to have the taste to appreciate good music and good books...

    Nice to know you, reflections!

  10. Lovely post! :) I am blessed beyond measure.

  11. Swaram: By saying tht u r downplaying urself girl....I'm so proud to know somebody who has left her regular & wellpaying job to join an NGO to give back to society what she has received:)).

    Agnes: Thanks:))!!!!

    Sandhya, Aubrey: Thanks & welcome to my space:))!!!!

  12. How simply you told this Nancy...

  13. Kitchu, Elizabeth, Anita: Thank You:))!!!!

  14. Yes Yes Nancy.. Very Very True. :)

  15. Totally agree with u girl... I was thinking on the same lines....

  16. Jyothi, Cocktail party: Thanks, I love it when people agree with me;-D

  17. So beautifully expressed! You truly are blessed, Nancy :)


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