Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Sister Symphony

I’m at the bus stop watching my kids alight from the bus.

Nikita walks up to me and says excitedly “Mama, meet my new sister” pointing to her side where I can see only empty space.
I’m puzzled and turn to look at Naina who is walking behind us at a snail’s pace with a very grumpy expression on her face.
Not again I think to myself wryly. They’ve made it like a fashion statement to fight in the school bus and come home with grouses.
“Mama, mama, look at us…..my new sister is waiting for you to say hello” says Nikita tugging at my arm insistently.
“Hello new sister” I say obediently and wink at Naina at the same time.

Naina marginally brightens up at my expression and joins us.

“My new sister is the best. She listens to me and likes everything I have to say. She doesn’t argue with me or fight over silly things. I’m going to have a great time with her” announces Nikita with a quick sideways look at Naina.

“What’s your new sister’s name???” I ask.

“Pakoda*” says Nikita grandly. “I have named her Pakoda and she’s going to be my bestest ever sister.”

I coughed to hide my laughter and even Naina  couldn’t help but grin.
As we walked up the stairs Nikita was very dramatically showing off the neighbourhood to her imaginary companion.

“Pakoda, this is where we live, this is how we walk up the stairs, see this is our front door and this is my living room…….come on I’ll show you all my toys and we are going to have lots of fun together”.
For the next 1 hour she didn’t let up…….it was all Pakoda this and Pakoda that.

And inbetween she’ll look at Naina & me and say with the most innocent expression “Pakoda is the best sister I have ever had in my life. She is so much fun and I JUST love her”.
I found the whole thing amusing but couldn’t help feeling sorry for Naina who had no sense of humour when she needed it most.

Naina who was silent all this while couldn’t bear it anymore and announced her decision to have her own imaginary sister.
Nikita who was acting like she was super busy with Sister Pakoda had her ears trained in our direction all the while.

She was at our side in a flash and firmly stopped Naina’s plans from taking wings.

“The imaginary sister thing is MY idea. You can’t copy MY idea” she says authoritatively.

“Yes I can”
“No, you cant”

“Yes I can”
“No, you cant”



“Stop it u twooo…”

“Naina if u copy my idea then I’ll copy ALL ur ideas for the rest of our lives and you will not able to stop me.” says Nikita resourcefully.

Nikita leaves the room leaving Naina to mull over the statement.

Naina who knew the consequences of that left it wisely alone.  She retreated for the moment and sat down to think of new strategy.
 Just then Nikita calls out “Naina, can u get me my library book, it’s on the bed”
“Ask Pakoda to get it for you” says Naina without missing a beat.

There was a resounding silence punctuated by me trying to muffle my laughter.
And for the rest of the day Nikita was royally ribbed by both Naina and me.

 “Nikita, ask Pakoda to get me your lunch-box from your bag”.
“Chechi** will Pakoda play with me if I ask her nicely”

“Pakoda lay the table for me please”

“Pakoda I like u more than my real sister”

By the end of the day Nikita looked like she wished she’d never started it  but very good-naturedly endured all the teasing;-D.
The next day the teasing continued and in desperation Nikita put Pakoda to sleep from 2 to 6pm.

Naina & I were so bothered about Pakoda ‘s sleeping pattern; we kept urging Nikita to wake her up because she won’t get any sleep at night if she slept too long.

And the next day when no mention was made about Pakoda till evening I was dying of curiousity.

“Where’s Samosa??? Errr....I mean Pakoda" I ask.
“Oh Pakoda stayed behind at school to help with the chartwork. She’ll be there till night” says Nikita very casually avoiding our eyes & had a small smile playing on her lips.

Naina grins at me from behind Nikita.
And that was that I thought with relief. The better-half when he first heard about the imaginary sister had reacted very differently from me. He was very upset and asked Nikita why she felt the need for an imaginary sister when she had a real sister who was so much fun and who thought the world of her.

Nikita who looked guilty and mutinous at the same time said that Naina was not treating her with respect and not listening to her or doing anything she asked her to do. So then her father gently explained that only if you treat her well and give her respect will she also give you the same. Just because she is your sister she can’t be expected to obey you blindly. And even after that Naina treated her with disrespect she was to tell us about it & we’ll soon set her right. I don’t know how much Nikita gleaned from the conversation but she didn’t argue anymore. Naina was also given a warning that she was not to forget that Nikita was her elder sister and that she’s not to get over-familiar with her especially in front of their friends and schoolmates.

After a few days we forgot all about it and then yesterday….

Both get off the school bus and run up to me….

“Mama, may I introduce my sister to you” says Naina excitedly pointing to Nikita.
“Meet Pakoda, my new sister!!!!!”
 Chechi stayed back in school to help with the chartwork”

And they walk off hand-in-hand talking excitedly about their plans for the afternoon.

Here we go again……

@picture above: Nikita’s new found hobby. She found an old church directory and decided it was going to be her comic book. She stuck colored paper on the front & back and illustrated it on her own. At the end of each day she cuts out the cartoon section from the newspaper and sticks it in the book. Initially the book had only her name on it but one day when Naina was sad about some incident which happened in school, Nikita magnanimously added her name below. I was sooo touched.

p.p.s: Before you go all awww…..
…when Naina does anything to irritate her the first thing Nikita does is threaten to scratch her name off the comic book;-P

*Pakoda: a small, spicy fritter containing pieces of vegetables, made usually with a batter of chickpea flour and deep-fried.
**chechi: elder sister in Malayalam


  1. FIRST!! I read the whole post and went awwwwwwwwww

  2. The comic book is oh-so impressive. And what an attitude? No wonder, given that she is your daughter! You have two lovely daughters, Nancy. God bless the family!!

    So, how is Samosa doing now? I find it surprising that most of us are so very attached to an imaginary character than to the real-world ones. Maybe because, the imaginary characters do not retaliate, or disappoint?

    PS: Had to run for a work, so commented in haste earlier. :)

  3. I love the idea of an imaginery sister :)Naina and Nikita are so adorable! You have full time entertainment there, don't you :)

    And the name! Samosa! Of all the things :) Makes me want to eat a samosa now ;)

    That comic book is so creative! And Nikita is so sweet to add Naina's name to make her happy! Such sweet sisters they are!

  4. Loved the way everythign worked out in the end. In fact it was good that ur hubby went into the issue to know the prob :)

    But yes your daughters have a creative & imaginative mind, I guess going on you ;)

  5. @everyone: I dont know how I got it wrong;-(....it's Pakoda, not Samosa. Anyways I changed it in the post now. I suppose I can blame it on the flu which is doing its rounds and has made a stop at our place;-P.

  6. RS: Yes the comic book is really nice and I was very impressed when Nikita set about making it;-D.
    Yes I remember now how I used to make up stories about an older brother...his name was Nicholas;-D. He stayed in the States and brought me lots of chocolates every year;-D

    Smitha: Oh yes full time-pass vonly;-D.
    Aiyoooo it's Pakoda....u knw I used to tease her by delibrately calling Pakoda Samosa and when I wrote the post I suppose I automatically wrote that. Only when the kids said something about Pakoda just now I was like "Oh nooo" and came running to make the changes;-D.

    Smita: Hehe hubby is a very sensitive person & I suppose had never made up stories about imaginary siblings or friends whereas I have had many...imaginary companions I mean;-D. But yes I too loved the way he addressed the issue:-)).

  7. Awww ! Sweet little girls ! You must be waiting so much for evening to come after they're off to school, na? I can just imagine that...what else would you do with such cute n innocent kids ! Muah 2 both of em !

  8. I have an elder sister too..and whenever we had a fight I used to tell her that my cousin was actually my sister and she is nobody to me. I totally regret I said that, but as a kid that was the most evil thing I could think of to hurt her . I dint know any bad words !

  9. Oh yes I wait for them to come back home but once they are back I regret it in like 10 minutes and wish that schools were open till atleast 8 in the night;-/
    Cute...innocent...hmmm...maybe when they are asleep;-P.
    Will pass on ur ummahs;-D

  10. Do N Jrs read this blog. Wonder what they have to say -- can you get N jrs to comment please :)

    Now we have to give you an appropriate nickname too :)

  11. Awwww.....Anita, I so know how it feels...esp when we are so faar away from them now. I have a younger sister and I used to bully her so much. But now I openly sing "Phoolon ka taaron ka sab ka kehna hai, ek hazaaron mein meri behna hai" without feeling a least bit of shame;-D. My kids hear it and go like "Cheeee";-D.

  12. Ramesh: The kids know I have a blog and they also know I write about them sometimes...like by accident[they find tht out by peeking over my shoulder when I'm posting something]. So they see only bits 7 pieces. But nobody in the family reads my blog;-(. Sometimes I wonder if Biju reads but I never ask[old story] and my sister thinks I'm still on the blog break that I took last year;-/. So u see, all of U are my vonly solace;-D.

  13. That's the sweetest post I have read in a long time... Your daughters are adorable!!! They remind me of my nieces all the time.
    Please hug both of them on my behalf :-)

  14. I understand where they got their humour sense and sportiness from. Aakhir betiyan kiski hain??? ;-)

  15. awesome Nancy!..after a long time i read a pot from you which is what I started coming to your blog....you have a knack for such writing..

  16. Laila: Hehe I'm glad u liked it, will pass on the hugs;-D.

    Tan: *gulp* vahi tho...usee vajah se tho mujhe bahut fikar hoti hai;-P

    Renu: Thanks...tho I have to admit that I did think a bit before posting this....well u knw my kids dont come out looking too good do they;-P.

  17. How's Pakoda doing now? Does the name have anything to do with how delicious pakodas their mom makes? ;)

  18. Haila.....!!!!
    Look who's commenting...eid ka chand and all that;-D

    Pakoda is lying low as of now;-D
    According to the mother the pakodas she makes are delicious but no point asking the kids their opinion...well they have to taste to comment right;-/

  19. hahahahahah..Too good this post is!
    I had a big smile after I read it and it refuses to go away!

    Now not only do I want pakoda, i want samosa too!

    I am so so so glad you came back to blogosphere--love reading your posts :)


  20. Wow! Such a beautiful post!! Missing my sister now... :(
    The relationship with your sister is always special and this was demonstrated beautifully in this post. :)

  21. Sisters are the best! I had always wanted to have two daughters. Very smart girls you have Nancy. God Bless them. :)

  22. haha i almost spilled my juice at this "They’ve made it like a fashion statement to fight in the school bus" looool such a cute and hilarious post, luv luv luv reading your unique stories :) when you write the book, place it in the feel-good section! :D

  23. I warn you, if are not going to be nice with her, you can expect.."Meet my new mumma KuppaMeencurry".

    Hahahah! thanks for sharing the happiness

  24. Thanks Preeti, felt good when I read ur comment;-D

    Divya is tht u....Bins cousin....long time no see;-D

    Jyothi 2 daughters sound good on paper but they are a handful in reality;-P

    Awww Snow tht was such a feel good comment, thanks;-D

    Hahaha Maddy, they may introduce a new mommy but it will never be the kappameen types, more like schezwan mama;-P

  25. LOL...awesomely cute.

    Where've you been? Nice to be back here, R.. take care. :)

  26. charming and humorous as always. loved nikita's ilustration! now if only i could get pakoda to read this withe me:-)

  27. Phatichar: Thanks, good to see u too;-D!!!!

    Thanks Agnes:-))!!!!!

    Hahaha Lan U gotta be kidding me....I take great pains to keep the blog away from the kids, imaginary and real;-D

  28. Yep, its me..Bin's cousin. :)
    I took a break from reading blogs when you took your break from writing blogs. ;D

    So glad you are back!! Loving your posts. :) :)

  29. Nancy, I absolutely love Nikita and Naina's stories....definitely a book in the making:):) Adorable!

  30. LOL..simply loved this..
    as an aside, am sure it is your sense of humor that helps you to see the better part all the time. Else, am having a taste of what it is to have two kids at your head all the time..and definitely I cannot always laugh..;-)

  31. Haaaa Divya....good to see u back;-D
    And no-no-no I'm not going to take this anymore...everybody who takes a blog break is happily putting the blame on me...too much i tell u;-S

    Kala: Thanks;-D!!!!
    A book...u r making me blush;-D

    Uma: SOH is the only emotion which sustains me thru this....u'll think it gets better as they grow up, nope it doesnt;-(.
    And heyyy thanks;-D

  32. how cute! kids surely add entertainment to our lives!

  33. Nice to hear about your kids nancy..

    I am coming to your blog to find a new post, why you making delay dear...post something.Hey, are you doing well...?well na?

  34. Lilac: U bet;-D!!!!

    Kitchu: Oh I'm good thank u...just tht Christmas brings with it its own responsibilities;-).

  35. Hey hey Nancy, Happpppy Holidays!!! :D :D :D

  36. Happy x-mas to you and your family....

  37. Yours is the only blog where I LOVE reading long posts !! Your kids are soooooooo adorable, it is so much fun reading about them. You almost feel like family to me!

  38. Hi Nancy...
    Nikita & Naina s anecdotes reminds me of my sister & me may be 2 decades ago..
    the traits are still the same however, mum is still a permanent referee even during web chats & long distance phone calls..
    so u can look forward for that too!!
    behen-behen ki kahaani! :P

  39. Kitchu: Sorry I dont knw how I missed ur comment, thank U:-)!!!

    S: Awww...thanks and where r u girl;-))????

    Swathy: Brought back memories huh....haha more like behen-behen ki maha-yudh ki dastaan;-P.
    Good to see after a long time:-))!!!!

  40. And Swathy....where is ur link???
    ....ur blog...where is it;-(????

  41. Hahahhaha!!! Hilarious!! Iam crazy about kids and your 2 darlings sound like they know a thing or two about having fun:-)

  42. Hi nancy! Your kids are so adorable, i couldnt stop lauging reading your post.

    1. I find them adorable too esp when they are sleeping;-P. I'm soo tickled u found it funny;-D.


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