Tuesday, 22 November 2011

My weekend went like this, what about yours....

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Naina drew this picture from one of her story-books
Nikita: u should have come for the movie with us Mama, u really missed it.
Me: I know but I got you some good books didn’t I.
[Raising voice slightly]Nainaaaaa, have u kept your timetable for tomorrow???? And Nikita, what about you????

Nikita: I already kept mine Mama. Captain Haddock was too good, he made us laugh soo much, I had the best time of my life today. Papa when is the next Tintin movie releasing???? You must take us for it. 

Me: Naina  what are you upto….have u or have u not kept ur books ready for tomorrow??? And you have to go for your bath after that. U know[directed at better- half] if I had hung around for some more time I could have met Shobha De & MT Vasudevan Nair. And Shashi Tharoor is going to be there tomorrow.  [After a pause]Gimme a word for ‘one of the radial rods which form the centre of a wheel’???

Naina[a faint impatient voice from another room]: I’m keeping, I’m keeping it in a moment.

Better-half: How many letters??

Nikita: Mama, Naina cant find her Science project book, that’s why she’s taking so much time. Snowy was really cute but he doesn’t talk like how he does in the comic books, he doesn’t even have speech bubbles with his thoughts in it and Professor Calculus wasn’t there at all in the whole movie.

Me: 5 letters & ends with an ‘e’.  What about Thomson & Thompson??

Better-half: Try Spoke

Nikita: Oh yes they were there, they were soo silly & made us laugh so much. Papa got us nachos with cheese & salsa & also a huge bucket of popcorn. It was so yummy. 

Me: Righttttt ‘spoke’ fits in perfectly. I suppose you are full now after eating all that junk.  NAINA if I get there & find out u haven’t started on your time-table.......

Nikita: Look mama I know how to wipe a smile off my face…look, look.....

Nikita plonks herself right in front of mama & smiles widely. Then places her hand on the top of her face & brings it down sharply to reveal a face so very serious. She did it 2-3 times[up, down, up, down] in quick succession making us shake our heads in amusement.

Me: Now u go change & come back to clear the table for dinner. And check what Naina’s upto…its awfully quiet in there.  The Arabic books aisles were so empty whereas the Indian stalls were so crowded.  And you know, there was  a cooking demonstration by Sophie Grey. She showed us how to make Whoopies from her book. There was a good selection of childrens book also. I didn’t want to pick up the usual Enid Blyton books this time… how are the books I got for the kids??? Good na.

Better-half who was idly scanning through the books nodded.

Nikita: MAMAAAAAAA…..Naina’s not keeping her time-table, she’s sitting here and reading a bookkkkkk.

Me: Nainaaaaa…..u have 5 minutes to pack your school bag, have your bath and present urself at the dining table otherwise no dinner for u. I’ve finished the crossword, hopefully I’ve got all of them right, don’t forget to fax it tomorrow.

A loud THUD & sounds of a scuffle reach the living room and the better-half goes to investigate. Loud protests & complaints were heard before the matter was sorted out and peace restored.

Conversation resumes during dinner.

Nikita: And u know mama Tintin screams ‘put out the fire, put out the fire’,  Captain Haddock pours some water from the bottle he was holding & it goes BOOOM. You know what he did, he poured whiskey instead of water……hahahaha.

Naina: Look at me I’m a Walrus.

Everybody turns to look at Naina who had 2 rib bones from the mutton curry sticking out of her mouth. She really did look like a walrus.

Better-half: Stop playing with your food and eat Naina.

Nikita: Papa what if we watch the movie on our TV…will we still need 3D glasses???

Papa: If we buy a 3D copy then we’ll need 3D glasses but I’m sure they’ll sell normal copies where we don’t need 3D glasses to watch them.
Naina: Whats the meaning of 3D????

Nikita: 3D is when the cartoon figures are life-like….

Papa: They'll have depth.

Nikita: yes…and 2D is like Tom & Jerry…they are flat figures….we cant see their backs....no depth like papa says.

Naina: What about vondy???

Nikita: There is nothing like that Naina.

Mama[who had blanked out the rest of the world to concentrate on her dinner suddenly came to life]: Yes there is,  Vondy means vehicle in Malayalam.

The family burst out laughing. U see Naina was asking if there was anything called 1D.

[Incase u r wondering what all that was about……Nikita was discussing the Tintin movie she and Naina had seen at the cinemas along with their father. I was talking about a book fair in Sharjah my friend & I had gone to. Time-tables, crosswords, arguments, walruses all comes with the territory]


  1. firstly-that's one super drawing by Naina..awesome!
    lol @ vondy..
    as usual, you have captured the conversation beautifully!

  2. a cousin of mine had put up pics on fb, of her posing with shashi tharoor, shobha de and chetan bhagat and of course lekshmi nair, the one who cooks..so im presuming its the same thing ure talking about :)

  3. Uma: Yeah I was pretty amazed too when I saw it first. She's just 7 yrs u knw:-).
    LOL@first really....maybe 2 yrs back getting the first comment in was a big acheivement...but now...like they say in tamizh " andha kaalaam yellam poyichee";-D

    An Open Book: Yup the very same....ur cousin posed for pictures with all of them...cool. I wish I got a chance to pose with Ruskin Bond....hrd he'll be there one of these days;-).

  4. A real thundering applause to the tender hands that made that perfect a picture. Naina, I am grinning wide as I comment....

    Nikita is visibly smitten with Tintin. Loved the conversations, N! I am tempted to stay in your house for a month for conversations as these;)

  5. I have a better idea RS....I'll be glad to drop them off at ur place for a month, what say;-D????

  6. Oooohooo,this seeems like a great idea? When????? But, why only drop. You are welcome to stay as well :)

  7. Because my dear RS u will change ur mind after 2 days with my kids & I dont want to be around then. I plan to go on a looong romantic holiday with the better-half;-D

  8. Ha ha, come over with your kids, I will show you what angels they are :)

    This will be a great plan N: You drop our kids in here and go on your looong romantic holiday around Sg. Sounds great? Trust me, I will not complain :)

  9. only nance can write this smatter of everyday conversation so well to make complete sense! naina's drawing is just beautiful. we r biding our time till we see tintin. wiping the smile off is a good one:-)

  10. LOL thats an awesome family conversation and the pic looks perfect ! Please give her an extra hug for that ! 1D ! I never thought of that ...now what will 1D look like. hmm.

  11. Naina's drawing is so beautiful..specially the little girl, she is looking so cute:)

  12. RS: Sounds marvellous!!! It's a deal then;-D!!!!

    Lan: Thanks:-))!!!! Tintin's good...according to the kids;-D!!!

    Anita JS: Easy.....1D looks like a blue second-hand fiat[my father's old car];-D.

    Renu: Thanks;-D!!!!

  13. :) that was good, the general banter and mummy-moods and winding up on a hilarious note with the 'vondy'!! :))

    lucky you, getting to visit such a huge book fair with all the celebs thrown in! :(

  14. Naina's drawing is really pretty... and, I too always wonder about 1D:P.

  15. Vaidegi: Hehe...the celebrities are there only late evenings and I went sometime after noon...so missed it;-(. Guess wht my kids school is taking them there tomorrow to meet Ruskin Bond...too good huh.

    Laila: Thanks I'll take the credit, being mama & all u knw;-D
    And 1D....thts easy, its the red colored BTS bus I used to travel daily to college in;-D

  16. what an absolutely GREAT post!!!!! You had me laughing right out loud with the vondy!! I'm still snickering.

    What great dialogue!!

  17. Ok first and foremost, i want to want to see a snap of Naina the walrus!! God, that must have been so hilarious!

    And your interpretation of'wondy' was classic! Were you chammi-fied when you got to know what Naina actually meant?? :P

    Loved this post, Nance!

  18. Naina s talented :) and so is her mummy who always has such witty posts :)
    Loved Ruskin Bond and his humorous anecdotes at the fair. Were you there too :)

  19. Anjuli: Thanks, glad u enjoyed it;-D!!!!

    Deeps: Hehe yes it was...really funny I mean but I hid my smile coz if they saw me amused then for the rest of the meal they wd have been competing with eachother who can make funnier faces with bones;-P.
    Yup quite chammified;-D!!!!

    Elizabeth: Awww...thanks;-D!!!
    U met Ruskin Bond...oh u lucky girl, got lot of books autographed I bet...ooooh I'm so J;-D. Nope I didnt meet any celebrity...I was there last saturday mid afternoon for a few hours.

  20. Super giggling happened! Man! did I tell you? i simbly adore your kids. and you too.. vondi mami ;)

  21. nance, reading your post i thought tintin was released in the US too and promised the kids we will be seeing it this long weekend. just found it will be released here only on Dec 21! they got the better end of the deal though with HUGO now and tintin later:-)

  22. woah! how do u rem conversations so perfectly???
    lol @ the vondy!

    the kids are adorable!!! :))

  23. Winnie the Poohi: ;-D

    Lan: Seems like Tintin is popular everywhere else other than the US so Speilberg decided to release it internationally first & then cash in on it by releasing it in the US during the christams season;-D

    Sunshine: Hehe normally I dont but if its for the blog then I go back & try to recall everything;-D.
    btw congrats *wink**wink* ;-D

  24. A-d-o-r-a-b-l-e
    no more words!

  25. hahaha!! came here from 'Deset Trails' blog.
    the artist shows great promise. my compliments to naina!!
    This is a typical scene from my household. only thing is my girls are 20 and 18.
    loved this post
    malathi S

  26. such constant entertainment in your house huh? :)
    always fun to read about your kids.

  27. Malathi S: LOL inspite of the age difference nothing much is different eh;-D
    Welcome to my space Malathi:-))!!!

    limelemons Hahahaaa reality tv stuff I tell u;-D

  28. haha thanks! commenting is not gonna let u off hook for replying to my email madam! :))

  29. Ofcourse I'm going to be replying to ur mail Sunshine, its just tht we've had a loooong weekend[with a few national holidays thrown in]:-).

  30. I love reading your posts & I truly have become a fan of your kids :)


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