Monday, 14 November 2011

Cold light of day

Been neglecting the blog I know. But you know what, for the first time I have not been overly worried about it. Earlier if I didn’t update atleast once a week my mind would have been preoccupied with it. Time to take a break u think;-o????

Thanks everybody who messaged and mailed me. I’m good, doing good, sorry about disappearing like that, been busy…..not the rushed busy but sort of the ‘occupied’ busy.  Have been reading a lot of books, tending to my plants, gone back to solving crosswords & Sudoku, baking a lot…..basically doing a bit of everything except blogging. To be honest haven’t looked into my blog for the past 1 week. No particular reason I can think of. Been sort of just pottering around and taking it easy.

And guess what, the weather has changed for the better out here finnnnally though the papers say that stating today it's going back to warm for another 10 days. But that’s ok…after 9 months of blistering heat & humidity, 10 days of moderate heat is like….like a breeze:-).  Just like the British, we here in the Middle East also obsess a lot about the weather. The other way around but. While the people in UK keep hoping to catch a glimpse of the sun we longingly wait for the drop in temperature. The sun which rose at 5.30am now shows itself only around 6.45 and the darkness which set in after 7pm envelopes us around 5pm itself. We just love it.
A slight drop in temperature and the whole lot of us are out in the sun. The parks are filled with families and kids running wild, the roads jam-packed; simply nobody wants to waste a day sitting inside the house. It’s another matter that some of these people maybe heading to the nearest hospitals & clinics as all sorts of infections viral and otherwise are dutifully doing their rounds. But that doesn’t stop any of us from making the most out of 'winter' we so affectionately term it as.

I have started going for early morning walks again. I had missed them so much. Nope not because I’m a health freak. No way. Oh alright initially I had started going for them thinking I’ll lose some weight. But now after 2 years I know better. It will take more than walks to shrug off the lard clinging so faithfully to me. I love my morning walks for many reasons; I walk to breathe in the crisp morning air. To watch the early morning rush swirling around me….just imagine in slow motion & the rest of the world in fast-forward. To watch a fat cat[no, it’s a really a FAT furry cat] sunning itself on the balcony. To not feel guilty about investing in a pair of expensive running shoes. To feel the cold air stinging my skin…..yesss that’s the real reason, to feel the morning chill biting into me. I just love that.

Was planning to post something here yesterday. But on a sudden whim went shopping. All alone. Leisurely checked out the whole store. Picked up a few items and brought it till the cash counter. Hesitated. I didn’t really need any of it did I. Went and kept them back in their proper places. That’s it, didn’t buy a thing. I just loved it. I saved so much money. Makes me wonder why I don’t do these things more often. Have it all planned out, I’m going again next week.

Please tell me I’m not crazy.


  1. Good to see this update- but am also glad that you got a bit of a break. Loved this blog entry - and as I have said- you always write so beautifully!

    Funny that you were talking of the weather...dropping from hot to warm...and here we are wishing it would go from cold to hot :)

    Also good to hear that you had a nice shopping day. You need more such days...enjoy!!

  2. okay, can I say I'm stunned and in utter shock that I got to be FIRST ....YAHOO....first to comment...doing a little dance here :)

  3. aah..Nancy..ur back..pls pls don't go on a blog break...err..its ok if you post sporadically..but at least be there!
    now on your post. Good that you're getting to enjoy the "winter". And the thing about the shopping bit..:-)
    I was all about to buy a lovely looking bag yesterday..then mulled and mulled over the price and kept it back..:-)

  4. and..second is not bad too!

  5. Thank God you went on a blog break when I was on one..
    And that shopping thing. I do that often. Going there, lazing around and buying nothing :)

  6. Welcome back Nancy. I missed you (I miss Bins too, what the hell is she up to???). Somebody is updating Scribble's blog but I am not convinced it's her... maybe someone got her old URL?
    I love weather talk Nancy. I'd love to walk the streets of Dubai in the mornings with you. We could stop at the Coffee Beans and Tea Leaf first, get some iced coffee then watch the city wake up... sounds heavenly actually.
    Maybe next time I'm there...

  7. Sulo the one n only :)14 November 2011 at 19:16

    Hugs :)

  8. If u r crazy, I am too! And cheers to us :D
    Pls dnt take a break, and show us all that u baked!

  9. You ain't crazy. See, I told you!

    It is fun to imagine you walking in slow motion and the rest of the world in fast-forward. And I can see what pleasure it is to 'live' life like that. Here's to more and more of such liveliness :) :)

  10. :) yay! 'winter' is here too! and yes has risen up a bit again the temperature, but thats fine.

    nothing like that morning walk, do it only in India. Here if the company is good enough mebe! ;)

    this 'detachment' from the blog seems too unreal!!;)) but truly good for you. yes we cut down on so many other zillion things, while sitting at our laptop! so u can now suggest some tips as to how to wean ourselves away from this oc addiction!! :)

  11. Yay winter is here. About the weather bit, ditto here. :) But for me , if I place something in my cart, there is no turning back. Although I have kept it back once or twice. Its good to go shopping alone, u know? No hungry baby, no husband who keeps giving missed calls around. Hmm. That itself is like the early morning walk you just mentioned. Refreshing.

  12. You ARE crazy :):)

    Crazy enough to be the nicest, friendliest, most likeable, most missed, most visited, blogger of all.

  13. not at all..been there done that so many times (still do) :)

  14. so nice to read about your random day!! i can so relate to the morning walk/run.. makes u feel so very fresh and energetic and hyper!! i go out as a sleepy-head and come back like a chirpy squirrel hehe you're simply the best! even such a random post makes me feel so good. you're my feel-good blogger! :)

  15. You are Crazy!
    You are Crazy!
    You are Crazy Nancy!

  16. Anjuli: U r sooo kind really....such lovely compliments tht I dont feel at all like arguing with u;-D.
    ...and here we are wishing it would go from cold to hot :)
    LOL give us 2-3 weeks & we'll be wishing the same;-D.

    Uma: Yeah thts what I tell myself too....the last break I took did me in totally & I know how difficult it is to get back so thts why I keep persevering;-P.
    U shd have picked up the bag....I bet u r sooo regreting keeping it back now;-D

    Tharani: Sheesh I never knew it was soo much fun otherwise I wd have started off looong back;-D.

    Agnes: "I love weather talk Nancy."
    U do it soo well Agnes, what I took 2 pages to say u wd have conveyed in 4 lines & it wd have sounded poetic too:-)).
    And I had no trouble imagining the both of us walking together soaking in the calm of the morning:-).

    Sulo: Hugs back:-))

    Swaram: Hip, hip....;-D

    RS: Awwww....thanks:-))!!!!U knw the fast-forward reminds me of the song "pehla nasha" in Jo jeeta wohi sikander;-D.

  17. Love the idea of morning walks...Don't take a break please. just show up here whenever you feel like it so it will be a pleasure for you as well. And you are definitely not crazy. Following your heart is never crazy.

  18. well..i might have regretted more had I bought it home..I sometimes get the 'think later act now' syndrome during shopping in a way i was glad..:-)

  19. Vaidegi:this 'detachment' from the blog seems too unreal!!;))
    Know wht u mean....all I can say is tht no idea how long it will last & draw hope fr the fact tht I knw it is not going to last forever;-D.
    Blogging sure has been the longest & stable interest for the past 3-4 yrs now & I honestly cant see myself being away from blogging for too long;-).

    Anita: Haha hungry babies soon turn into hungry toddlers....children, teens. Hate to burst ur bubble but they are always hungry;-P. And as for husbands & calls/missed calls....thts going to be around for a lifetime;-P. So u see we have to work our way arnd it;-D

    Ramesh: U r just too good.....u say exactly what u think and manage to make it sound like a compliment, thanks;-D!!!!

    An Open Book: Really....looks like I've been missing out on a lot of things;-o.

    Snow: Awwww....thanks for making ME feel so good, u r MY feel-good commenter;-D.

    Maddy: Haha....too late, u've been out-voted;-D

    Lan: Following your heart is never crazy.
    Awww...U always know the right thing to say to me;-).

    Uma: Hawwww u sound exactly like me;-o

  20. love to read ur blog...u r an amazing blogger!

  21. Awww....Pria thank u!!!!
    Glad u delurked:-)).

    p.s: where's ur link????

  22. I do it all the time:)

    It will take more than walks to shrug off the lard clinging so faithfully to me...agree whole heartedly.:)

  23. Glad to see you back. And hope to read more :)

  24. Hey Lakshmi.....Good to see U back;-D!!!!

  25. hey nancy,
    finally started a blog. had been lurking around for quite some time.


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