Monday, 23 June 2008

TAGging along

I am: an Aquarius

I think: aloud sometimes

I know: my limitations

I want: to stand on the table in my office and shout "I want a RAISE"

I have: a salwar I bought 10 years back & I still fit into it(so what if it was a bit loose then)

I wish: my kids would stop jumping into my lap everytime I sit down

I hate: cockroaches

I miss: my husband everytime there are household chores to be done

I fear: God

I feel: under my pillow before I go to sleep

I hear: the AC straining to keep the room cool

I smell: conspiracy all the time…….yeah the kids

I crave: chocolate. I’m worse than the kids.

I search: for my keys all the time.

I wonder: if my husband will find out that he gave me 500dhs extra last week by mistake.

I regret: hurting people by saying the wrong things

I love: coming to office…yes really

I ache: when I see another person in pain

I am not: a fair-weather friend

I dance: with the kids when they get bored and cranky(the wild elephant stampede kinds…thud, thud, thud)

I sing: familiar tunes with my own made-up lyrics

I cry: whenever I see Kamal Hassan trying to make Sridevi remember him in the movie Sadma

I dont always: understand Rocket Science

I fight: with words

I write: my father’s name after mine……yes even now.

I win: bets, most of the time

I lose: track of time when I’m having fun

I never: eat Idlis.

I always: lock the door when I go to the loo

I confuse: the world by acting confused

I listen: hard when the kids are very quiet

I can usually be found: ROFL

I need: to stop believing in fairy tales

I am happy about: the normalcy in my life

I imagine: how life will be once the kids get jobs & start giving me pocket money

I tag: Bins, ISH, Lan, Prakhar, Shades of Grey, Sunshine, Wannabe, Winnie


  1. i'm a gemini :)

    i hate cockroaches too, but they love to sit on me!

    i cried when i saw taare zameen par the first time :|

    i despise idlis!!!

    and i doubt you'll need pocket money lol

  2. Nice one..did you make this one up? its really good

    will post the tag as soon as possible

  3. I hate u for this! This is going to take up a chunk of my time. But I am going to attempt this nevertheless!

  4. G-man: Yeah i cried for Taare Zameen Par too.
    And hate is too mild a word for what i feel about cockroaches.
    U knw the cockroaches here(once in a while they crawl in thru the drain), they stand up on all their legs & walk uuuurrrggghhhhh. I DETEST them. My husband for all his faults is a sweetheart soon as he hears me scream, he comes immediately & finishes the bug. Yes, really even after 10 yrs of marriage;-P.

    AND who doesnt like to get pocket-money;-P?

    Sunshine: I got the tag from G-man. Actually I forgot to put that up in my post. And waiting to read urs:-)

    Bins: Whats life without a bit of spice. so hate away:-P

  5. then you'll love this little story of mine. one night, i decided to sleep on the floor, in the hallway of my house. i woke up to find a cockroach sitting on my chest and staring at me. there are various other instances of cockroaches finding me to be the perfect thing to perch on. well i flick them off me and then finish them off. i prefer giving them a gruesome death by a rolled up newspaper.

    i hate spiders though, i don't exactly mind the cockroaches that don't sit on me

  6. phew! Done it! It was tough! :P

    You smell conspiracy? Poor kids... they don't know they have a mom who has done it all!!! hee hee...

  7. G-man: Gosh G-man I wd have freaked. Brrrr....
    I dont mind a snake even but not a cockroach. Spiders are not exactly in my favourites list but yeah i can swat them with a newspaper like how u do but cockroaches...I dont even try to kill them coz what if they escape & jump straight at me......
    "Nancy shrieks & jumps out of the nearest window"

    Wannabe: The kids already have me all figured it is my necessity to stay alert

  8. yea, well, i was freaked too. the cockroach looked bigger in the moonlight :| fortunately, my heart didn't give out on me :D

  9. g-man: Dont, I beg ur mercy, dont continue.......u r putting all these images in my head. I cant bear it.

  10. hey that was beautiful. really.
    and i am coming here rather late., if i knew there was a tag, i wud ve posted this first..
    and kamal hasan made me cry in that movie too, i guess i will have to copy that one:)
    LOL@ missing ur husband

  11. And I wish H was as forgetful :(
    he remembers the 100 buck he gave me extra some months back..well not that i pay him back.. hehe

  12. ISH: hehe, waiting for ur Tag to be put up:-)

  13. Yippeee... m first tag...thanks :)


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