Thursday, 5 June 2008

Red Plastic Chairs

The kids both have their own kiddy chairs. Red plastic chairs. Both
are almost the same except that Naina’s chair has a
Mickey Mouse on the back of the chair.

They are always…..

..standing on the chair,
...sitting on the arm of the chair,
….throwing the chair across the room,
…..using it as a civil wall for their house-house game,
…...using the chair to climb up somewhere to take something,
…….fighting for the chair “Don’t take my chair, take your chair”
……….kneeling on the floor and drawing a picture on the seat of the chair

I have NEVER seen them sitting on their chairs.

…..ok I’ll cut the exaggeration. They sit on the chairs sometimes, but it is mostly when I threaten to stick them in with glue.

AND I have noticed one more thing…..

……when they sit on it, the four legs of the chair are NEVER uniformly on the floor. The hind legs of the chair are always floating in the air.
If by any chance the hind chair legs are touching the floor then you can bet your last penny that the front chair legs are up.
And sometimes I see 3 legs in the air and almost immediately I find that chair & its occupant on the floor.

I stand there and look…………daring them to cry.

The individual on the floor start grimacing, looks up immediately to catch the expression on my face and smoothen her facial contours to a “nothing out of the ordinary happened” expression and announce to nobody in particular “It didn’t hurt one bit”.


  1. like i said b4., it must be 24 7 entertainment for u.. :)

  2. Hehehe...i love reading about your kids, they seem to be really fun to be around

  3. Prakhar: Yeah its funny when we look back at it as a memory:-).

    ISH: 24/7 tension too, u mean:-). I live in fear when they r going injure themselves:-S.

  4. our kiddie chairs at this moment are lying face down in the backyard as one of their many uses..

  5. Sunshine: Thanx.....I think:-P.

    Lan: Yes I can just picture the scene:-). Just out of curiosity, are all 4 chair legs on the floor when they sit in the chairs?

  6. I think God has wired all these kids alike. Else how can they think the same. Neha also has red plastic chair at her grandmother's place. Same activities. More often it is upside down and she tries to do gymnastics on it. Same with her Barbie chair that came all the way from America.

  7. Bindu: quite relieved to find out that my kids are not doing anything out of the ordinary:-P.

  8. Winnie the Poohi: Thank U:-).

  9. lol sounds like fun :) say hi to them from me wil ya? i think i might be related to them :P

  10. g-man: will convey ur regards and will tell them abt a relative who also never seemed to have sat on his chair:-D

  11. I always adore little kids, specially other's::))


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