Saturday, 14 June 2008

Birthday Blues

We went to the hypermarket yesterday, to do our weekly shopping. As I was picking up some doughnuts at the bakery section, I could hear a strain of “Happy Birthday to U” being sung in one of the lanes by some kids.

Smiling, I walked towards the sound of music to see who was singing it. The voices were gaining in momentum at every step I took & a sense of familiarity overcame me. I quickly turned the corner and came upon 2 children ……my own flesh & blood, belting out the Happy Birthday song.
Kids of all ages were rushing towards the area to catch a slice of the action.
Parents of these kids & other people were grinning at each other in amusement.

And my kids……they were standing in front of a yummlicious Birthday Cake on the display stand and giving it the respect it deserved.


  1. ha ha! And did they convince you to buy the cake?

  2. :D Cute kids
    Did you end up buying the cake? I am sure it would have been hard to refuse. But then come to think of it kids will do this kinda stuff for anything they like, that does not mean you will get them i right? :P

  3. wannabe, g-man, sunshine: Well, they didnt budge from there for 10 mins.
    Finally I gave them a choice - "I'll get u the cake now, but then there will be no cake for your birthday"....mean trick I know, but I had no other choice & anyways it worked:-P.
    Actually I wouldnt have minded buying it if I was sure they will eat it. But they'll just have 2 pieces & then refuse to look at it. The rest of it will just be wasted(my husband & I'll eat but it was a 2kg pastry:-P)

  4. kids do the darnedest things. don't they? i love these little incidents that you portray. it is a great way to treasure those memories.

    btw, the kiddie chairs here are not lucky enough to be sat upon and so they are always up in the air. well, u know what i mean:-)

  5. Lan: I used to maintain a diary recording their milestones but after a while I kept forgetting to update it:-P.
    Here I just pen a few of them down, in the fond hope that maybe in the future they may read & relish them like I did:-P.
    About the kiddie chairs....LOL, the situation is not so different here.

  6. haha..ur kids are adorable!
    and yes, ur trick was indeed mean :P but i guess i am going to jot them down, will come handy some day :)

  7. ISH: U can make all the notes u want but they wont get u anywhere. believe me I speak from experience:-P.

    WTP: Thanks:-)

  8. Ha ha! What a spectacle in must have been! Ofcourse there are those moments when I would like to stand aside and say: "I wonder whose kids these are?" For eg: when my kid has done something and has run for cover!

  9. Bins: Heeeheee, I can just imagine.


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