Monday, 16 June 2008

Compliments Galore

Everyone loves a compliment. Especially if the compliment is sincere and is based on something they are really good at.

Management studies have shown, for example, that one of the greatest motivators for employees is to be complimented in front of their co-workers for a job well done.

For many people, a compliment in front of their co-workers motivates them more than a cash reward. It gives them a feeling of accomplishment and a validation of their own work. It makes them feel good and helps them feel better about coming to work each day.

When someone delivers a service for you—like a bank teller or a grocery clerk—paying them a compliment costs you nothing, but can mean a lot to the person you’re complimenting. They might remember it for weeks. It helps them take pride in their work and makes them feel good about their jobs. And, in return, they’re going to be more likely to remember you and give you good service in the future. It’s a win/win situation.

When you compliment someone on a job well done, it tells that person that you saw something special in them. It says you paid attention to something they do well, and that you valued that skill in them. If they’ve spent time getting good at something, it reinforces their belief in themselves when someone else notices and compliments them on it.

In personal relationships, compliments can play an even more important role. When you pay a compliment to your spouse or significant other, it communicates that you value them as a person. It tells them that you’re paying attention to them and you’re noticing them.
  • Couples that compliment each other help bring out the best in each other and they bring out the best in their relationship.
  • If you have children, complimenting them helps show your approval and helps build important self-confidence in them.
  • Complimenting your parents helps build your relationship with them and communicates how much you love them. Imagine how a mom feels when one of her children says, Mom, I just want to tell you what a great mom you’ve been! Thank you!

So why don’t we compliment people all the time? Why don’t we take advantage of this simple, free way to help build our relationships? Well, most times we just don’t think about it. We’re busy and on a tight schedule and we don’t take or make the time.

So here’s a challenge: For the next 30 days, make it a practice to pay someone a compliment each day. Be disciplined and don’t miss a day. It’s not hard and you will be surprised at the benefits and reaction you’ll receive.

And after 30 days, you’ll find that paying compliments is more natural and easier for you. You will have developed the habit of paying compliments to people. You will have developed the habit of looking for things in people to pay them a compliment on.

And what you will probably find is that the person who gains the most from the compliments you pay is ................YOU.

Compliments: Author unknown


  1. " reinforces their belief in themselves when someone else notices and compliments them on it."

    This is SO true. When I went into teaching at a high school, I was at a difficult period in my life and my students bore the brunt of my temper tantrums. It was supposed to be a temp post but it went on for 10 months - and when it was finalised that I was leaving, I didn't think anyone would care. One student, wrote me a 2 page letter about the difference I made in her life. ONE out of the approx 150 that I taught. Some dint believe that I was actually leaving. About 5 of them told me they'd miss me. But what this one said was that I made her understand all her other teachers and that she would try harder because of it (she was considered a bit of a trouble-maker at school). Even if it was just one student it was the best feeling in the world.

  2. let me first compliment u on ur blog and ur writting:)
    but thankfully this is one area where i need no improvement, complimenting something/someone comes quite prompt to me.. now what am going to do is make H read this post.. he so needs to :(

  3. Shades of Grey: What a lovely example. It must have made u feel so good.
    It reminds me of a mail of appreciation a student had sent me af ter I left a training institute......hmm must hunt it out. Long time since I read it:-D.

    ISH: Thanks, I feel so good;-).
    And u r so right, all the H's(here the H means hubby) in our lives need to read it:-P.

  4. yea, it is amazing when someone compliments you. i remember my old english teacher. i was in the 10th and had entered the inter-class short story writing competition. she complimented me on mine even though i did not win a prize. that meant a lot to me, and that is pretty much what inspired me to start writing occasionally.

    oh, and when i start working, i think i'd prefer a raise to getting complimented in front of everyone :) though i wouldn't complain if both happened :D

  5. thank u thank u YAY!!
    looks like a good day fr me.. and u know what.. H got his licence today.. in the first attempt itself. we were so worried abt this as we have been spending like crazy on cabs.. anyway just wanted to share the news with u as i am sooooo happy :)

  6. G-Man: High Praise indeed from an ENGLISH teacher. U must have savoured that compliment:-).
    LOL about the 2nd part of the para

    ISH: Gosh Dubai DL in the 1st attempt. Practically unheard of these days:-O. Can be taken as an achievement in life. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Compliments for collecting gems for us to read through.. which we might not otherwise...

  8. Wud Like to add though.. Compliments must be sincire and heart felt.. else It leaves a bitter taste.. around and with in you too

  9. Thank you for blog rolling me :) I take that as a great compliment! :))

  10. Winnie: Yep cdnt agree more. And Thank U:-).


  11. Nice. very nice. I put it to use right away. Airtel called me to check on their services. I respoded sweetly to all her questions. Told her the service was wonderful and all thanked her and wished her a good day. She thanked me 5 times. I could just hear the happiness in her voice!

  12. You did it again...another great post..Your blog is one of the NICEST, it shows a lot of simple yet important things that matters.
    I personally loooooove getting compliments (well who doesnt?) specially early in the morning it really makes my day :P

    btw i think 'Reflections' is better than NT or maybe you should use your pet name if you have any...anyways it doesnt matter wat you call yourself people will still read your blog ;)

  13. hey thanks for the blogroll

  14. Bins: Thanks:-).
    After hearing complaints from almost everybody, ur replies must have come like a cool breeze on a balmy day......I'm talking about that Airtel customer care person incase the above sentence didnt make any sense:-P.
    And the best part is I can imagine how good it made U feel.

    Sunshine: Compliments.....and that too so early in the day. Well I for one am not complaining:-D.
    Hmmmm......even I'm leaning towards Reflections

  15. yes, this so tru and I completely beleive in.Sometimes when i appreciste a taxi driver for a good drive or something like that I get strange look from them as if I have gone mad, but they are happy:)Even when my maid is looking good someday I never forget to tell her that.Normally what happens that people are very liberal with criticism but stingy with praise.
    And for a change my husband also appreciates me NOW:)

  16. Yeah same here. When we get out of a taxi, my kids always thank the driver & they are so surprised, almost immediately the grumpy face breaks into a smile.
    And when my maid does her work well I'm always liberal with my praise.
    But u r one up on me coz I can rarely get a compliment out of my husband:-(


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